April 12, 2015

Easy Sunny Sunday

Mom was just sitting at the computer and she couldn't resist this shot of the three of us enjoying the first really nice spring day.  

Where's Dexter, you might ask? 

He found a sun puddle on the table where Mom was working on her Viking Runes... may be he's dreaming of Valhalla, but more likely, he's dreaming of a certain ginger warrior princess....

Happy Sunny Sunday everyone!

February 14, 2015

Sometimes Valentines are for friends...

Hi everyone, Willow here.

Bet you thought you'd see mushy old Dexter here today, gushing purple lovey hearts all over the interwebs for his true love Pia Bean Cole, but as most of you know, sweet Pia just lost her brother Maxx, who went over the Rainbow Bridge this week, so we thought we'd take it easy and let Pia and her family have some time to give all their love to Angel Maxx right now...

So sometimes Valentine's day is all about lovey dovey stuff, and sometimes it's about just plain love.  You know, like the kind friends have for each other.  Take me for instance.  I while back, I met a very handsome mancat who lives right here in my home state, even though I live up at the tip of the pinky of the Michigan mitten and he lives more down by, well, the base of the thumb.  In case you can't guess from that, it's Cody from Cat Chat with Caren and Cody, and turns out, we have more in common than just living in Michigan!

Turns out that Cody and I are both in the Tabby Cat Club.  And Cody's mom and my dad are both from Cleveland Ohio and like the Cleveland Browns Football team.  And of course we both have a blog, although Cody's mom is a pawesome blogger and my mom, well, let's just not look at the last date of the last post on our blog, eh mom ?


Imagine my surprise when a package came in the mail yesterday...

 SURPRISE!  It was from my friend Cody!   What a great card, Friends really ARE gifts!

What could this be ????

Well, I'll tell you what... It's a pawesome to  efelant  puffalump  pfeffernuese   oh, it's a big pink animally thing with a long nose and it purrfectly matches our "universal blanket of love".  Cody, how did you know it would be so purrrfect????

Aren't I just the luckiest girl to get such a great prezzie ?  Thanks again to my special friend Cody,  dood, you're the best!  Hope you all have a very fun filled Valentine's week end,  I know me and this little pink guy are going to !

December 25, 2014

And now... the Chris-mouse Miracle!

Purrhaps it's all the "peace on earth goodwill toward man" sentiment this time of year, or purrhaps its the wonderful soft, cuddly, heart covered blanket that came as part of a big parcel of Christmas cheer from our Secret Paws - The Harris Cats, Alice, Russell and Scooter.  We may never know for sure, but for the first time, in like, forever....

well... see for yourself....

The beautiful blanket they sent shall now be known as
 "The blanket of the Chris-mouse miracle".

It's been a long time since all the boys have curled up together. Usually Tipp and Harry will share space, but Dexter is the odd man out. (I heard mumblings about "girlfriend" and "cooties" or some other jealous talk like that...)  but maybe it's all the love that came along with this soft, snuggly blanket that finally did the trick.

Whatever it is, we send our thanks to our new friends, The Harris Cats, and peace, joy and love to all our friends in the blogosphere.

Merry Chris-mouse Efurrybody!

Harry, Dexter, Tipp and Willow
Mom Carolyn and Dad Mark

December 13, 2014

A rare moment...

 A very rare moment in time...
A winter sunpuddle and Harry and Dexter "snuggling"  (almost) ...

Happy Caturday!

November 10, 2014

Missing all our furiends!

Hey everyone!  

We just realized that it's been nearly elebenty squillion days since we had a blog post  (MOM!!!!!!!!  Seriously!  This is BEYOND embarrasing!)

We could fill our page with Mom's lame excuses, but legitimately, her computer crashed and burned and because her work computer belongs to the government she can't blog stuff on it, and the old machine that our super genius dad cobbled together is older than dirt, (and a bunch of other blah, blah, blah stuff), including that she can't get pictures from her camera to the computer (and a bunch of more excuses...)  WE have had no voice in the blogosphere for ages.

Well, we want everybody to know that we do still try to keep up with everyone, and we are definitely doing Secret Paws and Christmas cards this year, so you'll be hearing from us for sure!  Mom and Dad are asking Santa for a new computer for Christmas, and we've been EXTRA good (wink, wink) so we know we'll be getting one by then if not sooner!

So our apawlogies, but know that you are all in our hearts and minds (and on Mom's facebook page) and we do miss you all tons.  Please grant us the serenity to not go all whappy paw upside Mom's head, but instead give her purrs of gentle (albeit impatient) understanding.

With love, your pals in the great white north of the Michigan Mitten (where November 9th shall henceforth be known as the 1st day of Winter...)

Harry, Dexter, Tipp and Willow

August 19, 2014

Our very special day...

One year ago today,  I became the happiest mancat in the blogosphere!  August 19th, 2013, Miss Pia Bean Cole of the Colehaus Cats told the whole wide world that she had the loves for me!!!!   It was a Mancat Monday of Summer Love ... but who was to know that I was the Mancat who was the focus of such floofy ginger affection!

Well, even though we live about elebenty squillion miles apart, we manage to keep our loves going through our blogs, but today was even more special.  There was something super special waiting for me when I woke up this morning....


There's a card and everything... just for me!

Mom helped me read it... And it's got something reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaalllllly special in it!

LOOK!  Pia made me a heart out of her beautiful furs!

Oh my, she smells like ginger sunshine!

Then,  mom helped open the package and OH MY COD!  I nearly fainted it was so amazing!!!!!

It's one of Ms Stacy Hurt's (of "on a more personal note... From Ms. Stella O'Houligan" bloggy) beautimus, super special Catnip quilts!  Oh and LOOK!  It's got me and Pia right on it!  How did she do that?  OMC !  it's so AMAZING!  And look she really does only have eyes for me!  I'm so happy!

oh and LOOK!  it says "Love and Kisses"!  ( I wonder if her dad knows she said that... gulp!)

Oh my dearest 'lil bean, once again you have made me feel like luckiest mancat in the whole of the interwebs!  This is the pawesomest gift ever.  Mom says it's to special for me to lay on, an I sure don't want to share with those other doods (you heard me bro's, get your own special ladycat!), so we'll put it up on the wall near our giant tree so I can be near it always.   Thanks so much to Ms. Stacy and especially to your mom (Thanks Mom Cole!) who helpeded you get this super special present together.  Now, I'm just imagining this is truly you as I zoom in for a little kiss!   MUAH!

Love always from your ginger prince... Dexter

pee ess:  Make sure to visit the Tabby Cat Club today... there's another little something special going on over there in honor of our special day.... heh, heh, heh....

July 26, 2014

Teeny Tiny Tabby

We don't know exactly when this picture was taken, but Mom comed across it in the wee hours this morning when she couldn't sleep.  Judging from some of the other pictures in the file I was about 8 months old.  This is the youngest picture mom says she has of me and I was her teeny tiny tabby back then.  Now she calls me her "giant puma kitten" on account of I'm a big ginger grown up mancat!

Also, here is a picture of my Angel Brother Yuri in his young an handsome days...

Mom says she misses her "Yur" tons... he was a barn kitty, but he was also her lover boy.  She would hold him and he would purr soooooooo loud and then shower her with drool.  She said she never minded because he only drooled when he felt like the happiest cat in the world.  She gots a little teary eyed missing him, so I'll sign off now and snuggle with her so she's happy again. 

Love you Mom, miss you Angel Yuri 
(and pee ess,  love you 'lil miss pia bean!)


July 13, 2014

Post-a-Thon on the Catnip Harvest Fest!

Please join us today over at 

Help Oui Oui's fellow Tabbies raise money to benefit the Cats of PAWS in Norwalk, CT
(our honorary brofur Moosey's family's favorite cat charity too!)  and check out our extra special post about...


See you there!

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