July 29, 2012

Lazy Day Sunday

Harry here.

Whew, we're all worn out from visiting with our human family this weekend... our auntie Suzie and niece Alexis.  Their the parents of our guest blogger, cousin Spooks, who promised he will keep us posted on life from time to time.

So mostly, we're sacking out today... Tipp's on the bed, I'm going to join him after this, but the Momma caught a good picture of Dee getting ready to sack out on her bags.... although they were pretty lumpy because the Momma got to go shopping and she came home with some neat rocks for us to play with and Dexter was laying on THIS (ow, pokey!) in the bag.

She waited until he woke up to take a picture for you.  It's soooooooo beautiful and shiny.  Mom likes these things, she calls them crystals, we don't get to play with them so much like the rocks, but sometimes we get to hold them, I always feel like a king with precious jewels! 

Anyway, I'm off to kick Tipp off my the blanket  on the bed,  have a peaceful rest of the day...


  1. Those are gorgeous crystals! My human has a few small ones, but for some reason, I have no idea where she has put them!

  2. We think doing nothing Sundays are purrfection.
    Glad you enjoyed your visitors.


  3. Those rocks are very beautiful!

  4. WOW, those crystals are sooooooo cool!

  5. Those crystals sure are pretty! But we can't imagine they are comfy to lay on. :)

  6. Can you tell the future in those crystals?

  7. Dose are luv-ly wrocks... My Humom would like dose!! :)Enjoy yor lazy nappin day :)
    Big Huggs
    Mollie xx

  8. MOWZERS, our mommy never brings US any cool gemstones...! *huff* MOMMY!!!!

  9. Mom has gemstones too through those are much cooler looking than hers.

  10. Purrrrty! My woman has some rocks like this, just not where we can bat them around. Lazy day Sunday, Monday, Tuesday . . . Oh, you get the idea.

    Furriends of ours have a Harry that looks a lot like you. My woman rescued him from the coooold winter several years ago. He is King of the house. Purrs.

    Laura & Taffy


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