July 17, 2012

OMC!!!! Are you serious ???

We are just shaking with dee-lite here!  Our friend Oui Oui at Twinkletoe Tails nominated us for our very first blog award and we are not even 1 month old yet!  We are so proud to have the :

So one thing we are supposed to do is to tell you 7 things about us.  So to be fair, we decided to do 2 for each of us and 1 for the Momma because she helps us do all the typing and stuffs.  So here we go.


1.  I have the ability to detect the scent of Vanilla at as little as 1 part per squillion.  Especially if it is mixed into the frozen form of cream.

2.  I may seem the most aloof of the boys, but I was a special snuggler with a little feral kitten that showed up in our barn one day named Sophie.  She was only 2 when she went to the bridge very suddenly. I still miss her tons.


1.  I don't meow. Ever.  On very rare occasions, I give a little squeak.  But I speak volumes with my eyes.

2.  I used to be a feral kitty, but now I am indoors all the time.  But I still like to hunt and catch the long snakey rainbow toy and the feather toy and I bring them to the door of the Daddy's office because I love him, and sometimes I think he might be hungry.


1.  I love boxes, and bags, and boxes.  My mom says my whole name is Dexter Maru.

2.  the Momma has trouble sleeping a lot of the time, so I tuck her into bed at night and after the Daddy kisses her goodnight, I stay for a few minutes by her pillow and leave some sweet dreams behind for her for the night.

the Momma:

1.  The kitties that have lived with us over the years are very special to us.  We miss our Jenny, who felt it was her time to move on in the spiritual scheme of things, GirlieQ who loved Fig Newtons so much she would practically crawl into the Daddy's mouth to get them.  Arthur, who was the Daddy's favorite old boy. Abby who was so tiny and sweet when we got her that she melted the landlords heart into saying yes we could have a kitten and Sophie our little feral girl who showed up in our barn one February night that was about -20 wind chill.  If we had a bigger home, I would be fostering kittens and have a couple more permanent residents to be sure, but for now we are a happy family and grateful to be making so many new friends in the cat blogosphere.

So that's seven, and now we wish to nominate some of our new found friends who we have met in our short time here.  We think you all deserve it, so if we don't mention you specifically, please, let us know and the honor will be ours.

So here's to:
Gracie at the Tabby Cat Club  for all the help you have been giving us.  You are the best. AND you're a Tabby!

Caren and Cody at Cat Chat - because by the sounds of it Caren could have grown up with my husband in Ohio and I with her husband in Michigan and well, it's a small world after all!

The Island Cats because we used to hang out in the suburbs not to far from their island, a cool part of the "metro" area.

Colehaus Cats because we think Dexter has a little mancat crush on Newton... you know those Gingers....

I Have Cat (s) - because we find the city kitties lives fascinating and Tamar's writing inspiring.

Please visit our friends, heck all of you visit each other because ALL of the kitties we have met in the last few weeks are awesome and we luvz you all!
Harry, Dexter and Tipp



  1. Wow!! Concatulations, Harry, Dexter, Tipp & the Momma - I love your super blog. Purrs ... Rainbow

  2. How awesome that you kitties got an award already! Concatulations!

  3. Aww, well done you guys!! What great facts about you guys.

  4. Congrats!! We enjoyed learning more about all of you! And thanks so much for passing the award onto us downstaters! ;)

  5. Concats on your award - now we know much more about you all!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. We are sorry we haven't been to visit your blog before now! It sounds like your mommy and daddy love kitties very much and it is great that they can help so many babies! :)

    Thank you for sharing about yourselves. We really look forward to getting to know you!

  7. Congrats, we think you are special! Thank you for the kond and thoughtful words on the passing of my beloved Alex. I appreciate you. Sister Gracie from Brian's Home

  8. Congratulations on your award! Best part for us was reading about you all and getting to know you better.


  9. Congratulations on your great award! We hope it's the first of many. :)

    Thank you for sharing those seven things. We always like to learn new things about our friends!

  10. ConCATulations on your award! Twinkle Tales gave one to Dante, as well. Now I'm going to have to think up seven things -- or maybe I'll just ask him.

    It's so great to have something like this early in your blogging career, because then all your readers get to know your kitties more intimately. It sure sounds like you have some sweeties in your house.

  11. Concats on your first award. That was pawsome and we enjoyed learning new things about you.


  12. Congratulations on your first award! It was fun to learn more cool stuff about you all!

  13. Congratulations on your award!
    LP would foster more kitties and even have more animals , if her house was bigger too.But for now , two senior fosters (Tulip and Leo) plus the rest of the gang is all her house and hands can hold :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  14. Those were great answers! We remember those early days (it wasn't that long ago) when we were just talking to ourselves, and we like to encourage new blogs because of that. We are thrilled for you!

  15. OMC THANK YOU!!!!! Did you tell me your husband was from Ohio? I don't think you told me that! What part? I am originally from Cleveland! Too funny!!!!

    We are deeply deeply appreciative of this award and we soooooooo THANK YOU.......but....we received it back in March....we LOVE that you think we are worthy of it and we soooo thank you!!! Here is the link to our post from March http://opcatchat.blogspot.com/2012/03/flattered-friday.html, I choose to pass it on to someone who hasn't had it yet!! Thank you soooo much for thinking of us! xoxoxoxo

  16. Thank you for sharing more about all of you - Harry, Dexter, Tipp & the Momma. Now we know you better. And Concatulations on your first award! It's beautiful!

    Seth, on Dexter, says: Ever since Mom first saw Dexter, she's been going on and on about Dexter this and Dex that. Newton had to check it out. So did my little ginger sister, Pia. Now every morning, it's three gingers in front of the computer. "C'mon Mom, click here -> cherrycitykitties.com." Okay, she says, trying to grab the camera at the same time, and we get our fill of Dexter one way or another.

    Thank you for nominating us and visiting your CB friends!

  17. Hi you guys! We so glad you came to visit us :-) We just wuz making new friends, so we thought we'd come here first to visit. You guys make a beautiful family, and kitties as sweet as it should be! We so happy you gots your award, but even happier to get to know you. We look forward to more visiting in the future. The Cat Blogosphere is great. Daisy sent us straight there when we first started and now we has friends to love too :-)

    We'll see you guys later! Evfurryone has a happy!


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