July 27, 2012

Our special guest blogger!

Hi everyone,

We want to welcome our guest blogger today, he is our cousin Spooks and he lives in the southern part of the Michigan mitten.  He lives with the Momma's sister and her husband and her niece Alexis.

Oh, hai!
So without further adoo, we'll turn it over to cousin Spooks!

Hai everyone.  So I haz a secret that I cant sharze with any of the mancats around here... they wuldn't understand.  But it iz somthing that makes me furry happy soz my Auntie told me I should sharez it here wit you, cauze you won'ts tell, and I don't think the mancats by me can read anyway ( they're not az smart az me!)

I want to talks about my bestest furreind ever.  Hiz name is Chance.  And.  He'z not one of us.  Sure, he has 4 paws, fur and a long tail, but he's a round-eye.  You know... man's bestus friend... I think you can guess what Iz trying to say...

Yes, Chance is a DOG !  There , I sayed.  And I iz proud to call him my bestie.  He alwaze gives me first crack at the food bowl, (and he knows I likes hiz better than mine, so he alwayz shares) , He gives me the little "flea bite nibble" if he thinks I haz an itch to scratch.  We like to have races outside and he alwayz givez me a big head start and when we're all tired out, I roll on my back and he give's me a good cleaning, so mom won't get mad for me bringing dirtz into the house. The chickens always laugh at us, but we haz so much fun, we don't even care (besides, der just chickens, what do dey no)

The bestus fing about Chancey is dat he makes da best bed ever!  He's warm and he curls up around me so I feelz safe and snug.  We'ze so comfy together.  We haz our own snuggle blanket so we have part of the couch all to our selvz. 

I don't like to admit to my hoomans dat I lubs him.  Dey might laugh, I knowz the neiborhood mancatz would, but I don't carez.  Mom keepz trying to take our picture, but I don't fink she'z got us yet, or maybe she does.  Well, I don't carez anymore, I will Meow it to the rooftops... I luvz my Chancey Dog!!!!!

So thanks to cousin Spooks for spilling the beans, we hope to have him back soon, and maybe Chance will share about his friend Spooks from a dog's eye view.


  1. We reckon we'd be best friends with woofies, we have several woofie qualities ourselves! (Hammy likes to fetch, I LOVE water!)

  2. Spooks, this is a very nice story, very romantic!

  3. Hey!I am a gray and white kitty, and MY bestest friend is a woofie! There's absolutely NOTHING wrong with that! Maggie and I have been buddies for several years, now. She's a cute schnauzer. And we play nice, and besides, she has two feline sisters at home. I think she thinks Maybe she's a cat. But I certainly don't care. She's simply NICE.

  4. That's okay. You can be best friends with whoever you want.

  5. Hi Spooks! We're glad to hear that you are friends with a woofie. It's a cat thing to make your own rules, so we digs it. Woofies are handy to have around; they make great pillows, and can scare off anything that's way bigger than you.

    We were wondering: do you live in the northwest part of the mitt, Tip? We live in the middle of the west "coast'. Purrs.

    Laura & Taffy

    1. Spooks here, I livez south of Grand Rapids, and the Cherry City boys are south of Traverse City!

  6. Hi Cherry City Kitties and Spooks! We live in southeastern Michigan, we being Ateret, Livia and Abbi. I'm a new member of the Tabby Cat Club. We'd like to be friends with all Michigander kitties! We liked you on Facebook. We hope you guys have a nice weekend. Purrs, Abbi from Oakland County

  7. Oh I live your furrend! He sounds like the best bestie ever!

  8. I finks that's great :) Nuffin wrong wiff luvin a dawg...Look how Alfie Luv's meee's...!!!! Hummmmm

    Huggies to you all

  9. Uh, what's wrong with having a woofie as a friend? We're a blended family too.

  10. They are just sooooooo cute!

  11. Hey Spooks! You sort of look like ME and MY best friend is my Sheltie brother DAKOTA!!!! We would sure love to meet you one day cause we are in Southern Michigan too!

  12. Spooks nice to meet you! It's OK your secret is safe with us !!!

  13. Hi Spooks! It sure is nice to meet you. We love your post, sweet one. We think it's great to have a BFF like Chancey!

  14. *goggle-eyed look* Don't look now, Spooks, but there's a DOGGIE next to you in that picture! (MOL!) Mowzers, we're impressed - we aren't much for doggies over here - they SKEER us!


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