July 15, 2012

The results are in!

Now that my brother is done with his Tabby cat madness (no really, we are proud of him...jealous, but proud...)   I can weigh in with the belated results of our Pizza survey.

Well, no surprise here, but Cheese and Catnip were essential to every kitties idea of a great pizza pie. The catnip essence just makes for self-perpetuating nom nom munchies, the Momma says that back in her college days they used to sprinkle.... what's that ?  Oh... the Momma says that that was a long time ago and things like that shouldn't get out over the intertubes....(but you get it, right???)  Anyway, back to the noms.

Tuna was our top selection for meat, while votes were taken for Chicken, Mouse, Bug and a couple of write-ins for smoked salmon and prawns.  I had to ask the Momma about the prawn things.  She said they are like giant shrimp.  I was confused.  How could a shrimp be a giant?  But I know shrimps are tasty because the Daddy gave me some once, so bigger would be better, right?

So here you have it. A Tuna pizza with cheese and some freshly torn catnip leaves on top (and a little more in the sauce...heh,heh,heh).  Mangia!

p.s. remember that little contest thingy I told you about for Thursday.... come back tomorrow for details!


  1. Oh my, catnip leaves?!?! How darn purrfect is that!

  2. We'll each have a slice, please...

  3. You have created the purrfect pizza for all discerning kitties! Yay! Take care

  4. We're coming right over!

    Thanks for visiting us on our Gotcha Day!

  5. Oh my! Love it!

  6. Hmmm...I can think of what I would have sprinkled on the pizza when I was in college...too bad I didn't think of that back then! MOL!!!

    We have TWO give-aways taking place on Cat Chat right now! One for a children's book that was posted today, and the art kit that was posted last Friday. Hope you will stop by and visit us!


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