July 17, 2012

Tipp's Tipp (are you listening Momma?)

Tipp here.

So the Momma provided me with the inspiration for the Tipp of the day.  So she was going to finish up the prize for our giveaway, the ManCat Sleeping Mat, last night. Was.  Gonna. See where these words are going ? Or didn't go?  Welllllll.... seems like the Momma thought she had enough of the squishy stuff that she puts inside these luscious sleeping mats to make them soft and snuggly, but uh-oh...... let's just say, when she got there, the cupboard was bare.  Sigh... really momma?

So we can show you handsome colors of the covers... the grey's and blues of Business Cat's office attire on one side, and for weekends, a softer, more natural look.  1 blanket, 2 moods, who'da thunk it ?  All the woolsey parts come from old clothes (no worries, we wash 'em) from the thrift store sewn like something called a kwilt.  the Momma calls it "upcycled" which I guess means that if this woolsey stuff thought that it was important as somebody's suit coat, it is even MORE important as a bed, for you to lay on!  Anyway, trust me, it will look much better when the squishy stuff is in, you'll see, but you get the idea of it.

So my Tipp for today?  Like those nice boys in uniforms say, "Be Prepared".  You know, like really Momma, how can you finish a ManCat Mat without the filling?  It's like not running a check on doeppler radar, windspeed, temperature and barometric pressure before deciding you want to go outside without an umberella, or in a cat's case, go out at all.  It's like not purrforming a 100 point NASA designed safety checklist before going anywhere in the C-A-R, even though it only ever seems to go to the V-E-T I'm sure that it's a death trap and without these checks would be highly unlikely to ever return me home in one piece.  You get the idea.... Be Prepared, be prepared, be prepared.... besides if you're prepared, you're less likely to get a sneak attack from a kitten, a sloppy lick from a dog, or worse yet... an empty food cupboard. (Make sure your humans are reading this as well.)

Anyway, don't worry, I am in charge of getting the Momma back on track, and Thursday we will give away the delectable ManCat Mat!  

See ya!


  1. Wow - those mat looks great. We just found you all and can't wait to learn more about you (BTW - we is in OhiO but our grandparents are from Ludington/Scottville MI...small world). :)

  2. Those mats look so comfy and we bet you can get a great nappity nap on them.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Well we just found you too! Welcome to the CB!
    Your mats look fabulous!

  4. Kind of looks like my Kitty Kwilt. Well, we have two - since I do not share with tabby brofur. Welcome to CB!

  5. I bet those are very comfy. I prefer things that are not made for me, if you know what I mean...

  6. That's an excellent tipp as you've got to be on top of the Mom to make sure they meet our needs. Love those mat it looks very comfy

  7. The mat looks great, and I bet it will be awesome once it is done!

  8. That mancat sleeping mat looks very comfy even before the squishy stuff is put in.

  9. My Mommie likes to make kwilts also. She makes them from something called yo-yos.

  10. LP helps women in bad situations too. For the past fifteen years a group of us have gotten together every three months to pool clothes we no longer need /wear to give to shelters. We collect bags of clothes!
    LP can't even sew a button on her blouse so she is always very impressed by "sewers"!
    That mat looks stylin even without its' stuffing :)

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  11. Oh, that is so pretty! Your mom does very nice work. You are all so sweet, we gave you an award. You can pick it up and our place!

    1. OMC!!!! really??? Oh wow, we'll be right over.... hurry guys!

  12. Those mats are pawsome!!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  13. we are totally and completely in love with those mats!!! Even if your Mom didn't have enough supplies to finish!


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