July 3, 2012


Hey, welcome to our blog!

We're the Cherry City Kitties, Harry, Dexter a Tipp.  We live "up north" a place called Michigan.  Mom showed us where on her hand.  She held the right one out like a mitten and pointed to where her pinky touched the finger she had a ring on. So I guess that's where we are.  All we know is that sometimes it's really hot, then it gets really cold and snowy, but since we are mostly in the house, we don't really care.  We have a mom and dad, and there are some big birds outside and one of them is really noisy early in the morning.  I think mom wants to have someone else join our family, maybe a sister for us, but sssshhhhhh... don't tell dad.

So here's a bit about each of us...

Horatio Petrushka Nutkin  aka: Harry, Nuterkin or "GET DOWN!"
I like human noms... whatever I can get away with.  I am like a ninja on the counters and a bloodhound on the floor.  I like the outdoors and right now am the only one who goes outside sometimes.  Why not?  I have my own private catnip patch and I can hunt for presents to bring to my mom and dad (and hope they will give me some of their food in exchange).  While I tend to be the dignified one, I am particularly fond of cat humor, and will be sharing my favorites with you, amongst other things.

Dexter  aka:  Dee or Giant Puma Kitten
I LOVE MY BELLY RUBBED!  You can do it as long as you want, I'm always in the belly rub zone.  I like toys, especially feathery things, and things filled with Nip (Harry is not the only one who likes a bit of Nip around here...)  I also like to talk about cool stuff my mom does sometimes like meditation and energy work.  I like to be around her when she does it, although I think it is hard for her to meditate when I want to play!  Anyway, I'm glad to meet you, and would you please rub my belly now?

Mr Tipp, aka: Tipp, Meester Ti-ip, Tiny Shiny Kitten

Hi everyone.  I am a rescued, feral kitty that was adopted a couple years ago by my mom and dad to come and live in the inside with them and my brothers.  My mom says I have the shiniest coat she's ever seen on a kitty, and I have white tips on my back toes and on my tail.  I love to lay in our window and watch "Bird TV".  It's only one channel, but there's so many birds out there, I don't care. I am kind of clingy and nervous sometimes, I think because I was so scared when I lived in the outside and I think other kitties might feel that way too.  I wish they didn't have to live like that, so I will talk about how people help kitties like me get healthy and find forever homes.  I'm sure I will think of other things, but right now there's a big blue bird on the feeder and I have to go check him out.  Bye!

Come back and see us soon.  We have lots of good stuff to share !

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