August 4, 2012

Flower essences - good vibrations

Today I'm going to start a series about working with our furry families using a form of vibrational healing known as "flower essences".  Flower essences address the energy field of life that is with every living thing and help to restore balance to those fields.  It is believed that imbalances in energy, or energy blockages can manifest themselves in both emotional/behavior problems and physical ailments.  Restoring that balance can help facilitate positive changes in physical and emotional health.

I have used flower essences for my human and feline family over the last 20 years and wanted to share some of what I have found that has been helpful for all of us.  The series is going to address some of my past experiences, but also a current issue that Dexter has and one that Tipp is living with.  I will talk about what I used in different cirucmstances, why I chose what I did, how I used them and what the results were.

So to give you an excellent overview of what flower essences are, our friends at Animal Wellness magazine have allowed me to share this excellent article  to get us started.  Please click to go to their library to read the article, I am working on getting it formatted right so that I can have it here permanently on the blog.

The information shared in these posts are designed to enhance the well-being of animals and their human companions, and do not replace traditional medical or veterinary healthcare, medical diagnosis or medical treatment for illness. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The preceding statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Please refer to a licensed physician or veterinary practitioner for medical care.



  1. I'm gonna have to read that fur sure, thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Our pet communicator has a special line of flower essences that she sometimes recommends. The Woman does not find they are useful to HER but then she says, she has a very dense body and they are subtle. Good articles about using them on pets can be hard to find.

  3. I have heard a lot about flower essences, but my human has yet to try them out.

  4. e just read the article and it is very interesting.

  5. This is great! Our mom has used some flower essences with Rescue Remedy. Lately she's been using the ones recommended by Jackson Galaxy...Spirit Essences. We'll be interested in reading your series!

  6. Hello Kitties! Thanks for visiting me today--it was furry nice to meet you. I luff your picture from yesterday, ha ha meow! Reminds my Human of the 60s. ;-)

  7. Dis will be good, weee luv's learnin about herbs and flowers for there healing powers.. Can't wait.


  8. My woman has used these off and on for a long time. Sometimes they work, sometimes, not. She used the pet version (no alcohol) of rescue remedy on us when we first came here. We were very upset to find a kitty already in residence. We guess it must have helped, 'cause we would only give a little hiss when we went by him.

  9. this bee a grate artycul N thanx for sharin...we loved de storee but de elephant :) cant wait ta reed sum more as R mom bee leeves in alternative medisin for herself N us !!


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