August 7, 2012

Flower Essences 102 - Rescue Remedy

Again, thanks to Animal Wellness Magazine for letting me use their great article to give you an introduction to flower essences.

Ok, so that was cool, interesting, fascinating, kinda far-out-there, confusing.... so now what ?  Well, how about an introduction to the workhorse blend of the flower essence world  - Rescue Remedy.

"Rescue" is a blend of 5 flower essences that work to support a person in illness, injury, emotional shock, and trauma.  Each flower essence offers support in a different but complimentary way.  These are:

Rock Rose:  it is the remedy against terror and fright.  It provides calm and courage

Impatiens:  it is the remedy for frustration and irritation.  It provides calmness from agitated thoughts and feelings and relaxes.

Cherry Plum:  if for fear, particularly the frantic fear of loss of control.  It provides for more rational thought and the understanding that things will be ok.

Star of Bethlehem:  is for shock and trauma.  It provides comfort and healing to the negative experience

Clematis:  Is the rememdy for disconnected, light-headed faintness and fuzziness.  It provides connection to the moment and relief from spacey, disconnectedness

Let's say that your cat was outside and in a fight with another cat.  He comes slinking home, looking rough, scratch on his nose, slinking off to cower in a hidy place.  What might Rescue address for him?

Wow, I never expected to run into that big cat crossing my path, I was just out enjoying my space and BAM! He was on me before I knew what hit me.  I couldn't get away. He was bigger than I am and he was holding me down and hurting me, I got a cut on my nose. I just want to run and hide from him, I don't think I ever want to go outside ever again, in fact I don't ever want to come out of this closet ever again, I won't be safe anywhere.  I'm still shaking and don't feel very good, why did this happen to me????

Poor kitty.  So how could Rescue help this situation. The first thing you want to do is to assess that your kitty doesn't need some immediate medical attention.  Remember, flower essences are not a substitute for medical treatment, and if your kitty needs to you should get him to the vet right away.  But if kitty seems physically ok, but is suffering emotionally, here is something you could do. You sit down with your cat, talking gently and have drops of rescue remedy on your hands. You can gently begin to pet him, and the essences will move into his energy field by being brushed on to his fur.  The Clematis would begin to help settle the shakiness and that overall physical woozy feeling.  The Rock Rose would help the fright of the unexpected attack and the terror of not being able to escape. The Cherry Plum would help the feeling of not being able to be in control enough to ever feel safe enough to trust coming out of the closet.  Star Bethlehem helps to deal with the pain of the scratch and possible bites and emotional trauma of being physically "beaten up".  And the Impatients could address the feeling of why did it happen to him in his territory, when he was supposed to be safe, and quite possibly a bit of irritation he may be feeling over your attention at this moment.  You don't have to do this for long, and so you let him be for now, and put 4 drops of Rescue in his water bowl, and then later tempt him out of hiding, if he hasn't come out already with some drops in a bit of his favorite canned food.  You can repeat this as needed, you can't do any harm and essences won't interact with any medications, such as an antibiotic that the vet may give for an injury.  In fact if your cat is ill, or has upcoming medical treatment or surgery, Rescue can be a big help in helping to buffer the emotions that go along with it. 

And while your at it, put 4 drops in a glass and sip it yourself, afterall, you've probably had a bit of a fright yourself and may be in need of a little Rescue of your own.

Here's a brief article about ways to administer flower essences to your pet from the Flower Essence Society.

The information shared in these posts are designed to enhance the well-being of animals and their human companions, and do not replace traditional medical or veterinary healthcare, medical diagnosis or medical treatment for illness. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The preceding statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Please refer to a licensed physician or veterinary practitioner for medical care.


  1. We do find that we won't drink water with even that little bit of rescue remedy in it--the alcohol is too strong. We have heard you can also put in on the head and massage it in and the Woman has tried that. The practitioners here actually recommend humans just drop the remedy under the tongue as it's more easily absorbed sublingually.

  2. Very interesting! Like Chey, we rarely will drink our water if there's something in it. So our mom usually puts a couple drops on her hands and then rubs us all over...or as much as we let her! She tries to get our ears and paws.

  3. We tried the rescue remedy and unfortunately it didn't seem to work :(

  4. Thanks for stopping by - we understood your comment purrfectly! You've got some interesting information here. We had our Lady read it on account of there's lotsa words and, you span...yeah. Now she wants to know if there's any natural remedy for itchy skin. We've got a problem with that. Yup.

    1. Have your lady email the Momma cherrycitykitties AT yahoo DOT com. She has some questions about your itchies.

  5. another grate post guys, tho we think R mom kneads sum rescue remedee...speshalee de impatiens.....whoa doez her come home frum werk all crazed all da time :0 ...sum pals oh ourz used rescue remedee when they mewved cross de country !!


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