August 10, 2012

Flower Essences - Dexter's Paws

Sure, they're beautiful pink and ginger paws, but something hasn't quite been right with Dexter's feet.

Alright.  Here's where I'm gonna lose some of you, and I get that.  When Dexter was about 6 months old, we had him declawed.  And I will never do that to a cat again.  We had rescued kitties living with us over the years that had been declawed and they were just fine, and when Dexter's lack of appropriateness in scratching surfaces led us to literally screw split tree branches to door frames in a last ditch effort to find something he would scratch on that didn't destroy our furniture and window frames, we made the decision to declaw him.  He came through the surgery and recovered quickly and rarely even makes scratching motions anymore anywhere. But I'm afraid that damage was definitely done. Believe me, with what I know now, I am heartbroken to think that I did this to my (bestus) kitty.

Over the last couple years, we have noticed that Dex isn't much of a "run arounder".  He doesn't jump a lot, and is heavier than the vet would like him.  We decided that taking him out for walks might be the way to go and he actually took to the harness well.  But when his feet hit the grass... bam. Stop, drop and roll.  At first we thought it was just play, but I noticed when he did walk, he would take just a couple of steps and then hunker down.  He really looked confused.  He loved the grass and played with the weed heads, but walking on the grass, just looked painful for him.  I thought about myself for a minute.  I am diabetic and have just a bit of nerve damage in my toes.  Energy just doesn't get all the way down there anymore and it made me wonder if Dex had some blockages or residual pain from the surgery.  I had given him some Rescue Remedy when I brought him in and it settled him down, so I thought about trying something specifically for his feet.

I became familiar with Spirit Essences,  a line of flower, gem and etheric essence blends developed by Dr. Jean Hofve and Jackson Galaxy about a year ago. While people can take flower essences, their blends were formulated especially to meet the needs of animals.  I decided to try their Declaw Blend to see if I could help Dee's paws.

When I pick flower essences, either singly or to make my own blends, I look at the overall situation that I am working to balance.  Declaw Blend had some essences in it that to me, spoke to the issues I thought may be a part of what Dex was dealing with and many more that were supportive of this type of surgical trauma.
Observing him over time, relating behavior or lack of behavior to something out of balance, intuitively feeling what might need to be addressed, I was particularly drawn to these essences in this blend.

Diatoms: (a single cell, silica based organism from the sea) :  fosters healing on a deep cellular level, regenerative energy - this felt right for redirecting neural energy.

Sulphurflower:  for healing old wounds - pretty much speaks for itself

Kaikoura NZ: (an etheric essence)  Freedom through forgiveness - yes, I feel guilt, I hope if there was any emotional hurt over what was done, he would let it go.

Scleranthus:  For balance, stability, inner strength and confidence - something inherent in cats, but maybe a bit lacking in our boy.

Cat's Claw: (a plant, seems appropriate, yes?)  for grounding and reconnecting to the earth.

So we will start giving him the essence four times a day.  He will take essences sprayed on the top of his paws, I can spray my hands and pet him, especially around his ears, and I will spray is soft food dinner.  He has taken essences these ways before, as well as he licks my hands when I am done petting him.  Every person/animal is different in their reaction to essences, so we will check back in a few days to see how things are going.

If you ever have any questions about essences please email me at cherrycitykittiesATyahooDOTcom.  I will start a page soon to answer the most FAQs.

Disclaimer (s)
The information shared in these posts are designed to enhance the well-being of animals and their human companions, and do not replace traditional medical or veterinary health care, medical diagnosis or medical treatment for illness. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The preceding statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Please refer to a licensed physician or veterinary practitioner for medical care.

I am not employed by Spirit Essences, nor have I received payment for using them for my cats or featuring them in my posts.  I have chosen their blend based on my experience and the blend of essences in their formula. Click the link at the top of my sidebar to go to their website for more information.


  1. We won! Thank you so much kitties! World Cat Day is now even more special to us! Purrs.


    Taffy is an older rescue cat who had been de-clawed when I adopted her. She "scrubs" her feet vigorously several times a day on one of the scratching posts I have (never had a declawed cat before), and although she "pats" her front paws several times before settling down, I haven't seen any sign of pain or discomfort. Has your vet evaluated Dex's paws for (possibly) reversible physical damage? I have read of cases where the surgery was not done properly and repairs needed to happen for the cat to be comfortable again. I am in favor of energy medicine; have used it myself for many years for emotional issues, but sometimes it's not the (whole) answer. Jackson Galaxy's techniques are impressive and he has shown some good results with the essences.


    1. You know, we do have our current vet (not the one who did the declaw) give them a good going over when we go in. She said that she doesn't feel that there is anything out of the ordinary and he actually has what she says is average pain threshold, but does think he's a bit sensitive. She is not a Holistic vet, but she is ok with us using essences and reiki for energy work, as long as we promise to always keep her in the loop (which of course we do).

  2. What an excellent and creative use of spirit essences. We had no idea they had such a blend. We wish we had it for one of adopted cats who was declawed and it was hard for him too.

  3. Please keep us posted n how Dexter does. I'm glad you understand now why declawing is bad - so many humans are not only ignorant about it, they refuse to be teachable and I think that is very sad.

  4. Well he certainly does have nice looking paws!

  5. I think it's wonderful what you're doing to help him.

    Tinker is declawed; was that way when I adopted him and one day I wanted to look at his claws closely and he bit me, so that was that.

    We'll keep our paws crossed that the essences help (both of you) :)

    Mom Julie, Tom, Tinker, Mitty & Anastasia

  6. of course you won't lose us - in fact, this is a wonderful post to spread the word about declawing! Until our mom began volunteering at our local animal shelter a few years ago, she hadn't really known about all the horrors that can come with declawing - nor the bad behaviors like biting that often spring up (thankfully Dexter didn't have that problem too!).

    We agree with Sparkle, please keep us posted on how he's doing - we didn't know Dr Hofvre & JG had this!

    If sweet Dexter still seems to have discomfort, you might ask your vet to xray his paws to see if there is any regrowth or bone shards that might be in there. We had a local shelter kitty that did (you can read about it in our Jan 15th post).

    Hugs to you & Dexter!

  7. Declawing is barbaric - it is fortunately not allowed here but how is a cat that has been declawed going to defend itself if it is attacked. If I knew who'd done this I would like to pull their nail out with pliers.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. "The Boys" and I are sorry to learn about Dexter and his paws. He's sure a handsome dude.

    The information about Spirit Essences sounds very intriguing. Thank you for that.

  9. Our mom is using several of the Spirit Essences on us. Since Zoey and Wally don't get along she uses Peacemaker on all of us. She also uses Scaredy Cat on Zoey and Nervous Nellie on Wally. She says I'm a bit of a bully (I disagree) and uses the Bully Remedy on me. We hope the Declaw Remedy works for Dex.

  10. We hope the spirit essences help Dexter.

  11. Hope this helps Dexter's paws.. they are so sweet and adorable!

    Hugs to him from Xamm and Arielle

  12. Poor Dexter, you didn't know what you did to him ! In Europe and most of the other countries, it is not allowed to declaw a cat, and no vet would do it ! I heard about that for the first time when I started blogging in 2006 and read American cat blogs ! I just couldn't believe it ! I had never heard of declawing a cat !! There are so many things we learn about cats. Some people still believe that a female cat has to have kittens first before you can have her spayed, that's also so stupid !
    Nice to meet you btw !

  13. Very interesting! I hope the remedy will help Dexter feel better. I think Harley might need the Bully Remedy.

  14. We understand that you did not know what you were doing to Dexter, and that you DO know now. Thank you for spreading the word not to declaw. We sure do hope those spirit essences help Dex.

  15. Natural remedies really do seem be more helpful sometimes hopefully this would be good for Dexter and his sentitive paws

  16. I am totally against declawing but accept that you did not realise the implications of it back then and regret it now. What I cannot accept though is the vets who will perform this mutilation. They know exactly what they are doing and that it is an un-natural amputation. Fortunately it is illegal in most of Europe and many other countries. It baffles me why North America still allows it, but I believe it has been outlawed in some states now.

  17. Hi guys, specially that gorgeous ginger Dexter. We don't have all of our claws either. Although mum had nothing to do with it, that is the way our firsted owners did to us. Derby is all four declawed and Ducky just the front. We aren't allowed outside, but we both run inside pretty well.

  18. I know I am writing on the wrong post to thank you for the award you gave me... I was considering getting spirit essences for Quill. He is a bitter right now (I think he is teething) and is still a bit nervous. I wanted something to make him feel more confident but not too bitey. They suggested scaredy cat but I don't know that he is that scared...


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