August 31, 2012

I do believe you are mistaken

the Momma loves The Huffington Post.  Especially the Huff Post Cats section.

But we, we have a bone to pick with them.

Recently the HP Cats section had a photo montage entitled.... pardon our French...
Cats: They just don't give a F**k

They then proceeded to show pictures, assumed to be sent in by HP readers of pictures of poor defenseless kitties with "stuff " on them.  And catching them, much like an unflattering tabloid shot, with a look of "I don't care" or worse on their faces.  Some were even abused in their sleep.  We are outraged.... but...

We're cats... and despite what humans think.... we do give a F@#%, a D@#N, a rat's patootie, oh, we care alright, we care... and we don't forget... EVER.

For example: 

This one is a no-brainer... dude, when you start having that nightmare about drowning, or not being able to breathe... better wake up,  I'm gonna bet your kitty is gonna be peacefully curled up on your face, using YOU as a pillow !

And do you really think that the next time you go to play "Grand Theft Auto" or what ever "so-intensely -real-I-don't-even-need-to-go-out-and-interact-with -the-real-world" video game  on your Xbox or PlayStation that you are gonna find a single working unit ?  Cords just beg to be chewed through.  And if you have a dog, so much the better because it will look guilty.  Your cat, will not.

And this?  I think it is all to obvious where this one will go. 

So wise up people,  we are offering you this warning, we do give a @%#$  and as my momma has been known to say  (sometimes she talks kinda like a sailor)

" Paybacks is a B!#@H, and ya gotta sleep sometime!"


  1. I can't believe the Huff would run these pictures! They must be going to the dogs. All I can say is I believe in Karma.

  2. doods...thatz why itz trooly in port ant ta haz stuff like dead mice, 3 week old halibutt, and a good "sprayer" on stand by...( pay bak ) honest lee we haz never hurd oh huffington post...N purrhaps itz a good thing huh .....we say this izzue wood make for a grate litter liner N ya can pee on de main page :)

  3. oh, N sum 3 week old halibutt wuz just fed X ed ta de kittehs seen heer !!

  4. pee ess ess again:)

    haza awesum week oh end !

  5. Oh, that is just WRONG! Yes, kittehs have looooooooong memories, and as you said, they DO give a $#&%^%#. :)

  6. When I am elected Cat Ruler of the World, this kind of small-time abuse will carry big-time penalties.

  7. This is kinda crazy!! We can't believe those cats would put up with that!!

  8. And the HP article was supposed to be what? Funny?

  9. We have to agree, that is all wrong.Why would anyone do that to their kitties. Hope they got their revenge. Have great day.

  10. *shudders* if it is photoshopped, ok, sort of, but that just is not right at all! The Huffington has made me huff!!

  11. If Mum did that to either of us she would have very sore hands as we would do the bitey.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. makes me sick. Sorry, but for me that's a form of animal abuse

  13. *goggle eyed look* They think this is funny? Mommy said it was okay to use an HBO word, so here goes: We DO give a $#!%!!

  14. I agree with Caren and Cody - this is definitely cat abuse. Our humans need to make the HP aware of our feelings.
    Purrs ... Rainbow


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