September 25, 2012

the Momma and the Daddy are off Rockin'

After a couple of really hectic days, the Momma and the Daddy are off on a mini vay-cay.  They are going to go to see a big concert by this cat lovin' dude!  

The one, the only Peter Gabriel!!!!   He's a great favorite around here.  the Momma has been known to dance with us to his songs.

One of our favorite "dance-tracks"  is  "In Your Eyes"  and here is a version by that ever elusive scientific feline:  Schrodingers Cat !

In Your Eyes -Track #6

.... see if you don't wanna "busta-paw" to the groove.

So off they go, the Grandma will be taking good care of us while they are gone, so we'll see you all in a couple days!

Harry "the Sledghammer" Nutkin

September 22, 2012

A little request for the Momma please ?

Hi all, Dexter here.

So you guys all remember how me and the Momma love the shiny, sparkly, crystal thingies, right?  Well the momma has a super cool opportunity to do something with crystals that she could use the help of  all the kitty humans out there.

the Momma is actually taking a course soon that will allow her to be certified as a Crystal Healer.  She gets CEU's (she said people know about those things, so I don't have to) from an association she is in and it teaches her more about working with the shiny things (which I LOVE) and it will help her work with humans and kitties (oh yeah, and woofies and my nieces pony Pokey and probably the fishes that da Tabbies in Trout Town don't eat and ....) ANYWAY.... 

She can earn a scholorship for these classes and then that would let her use the monies she paid to do the advance classes that they will be doing soon, so she can learn tons more stuff and help more humans and more kitties (and woofies, and...) She wants to take some shiny things over to the cat shelter where we got Tipp and help them with their FeLV and FIV+ kitties too.  And she does Reiki (which I LOVE) with the shiny things too, so the more she knows the better, and the more I get time with her and the good vibrations!

So, finally you say, how can our humans help.  Well,  part of what she has to do to try to get the scholarship thing is to talk like a bird about it.  She says it's "tweeting" on "twitter".  Now I think that sounds kind of weird, cause what can birds do about it, but she says it's something our humans can help with. (ok, if you say so...)

Mom just started on the Twitter thing (thanks for the help Cathy Keisha!) but doesn't have to many humans to "tweet" at.  So, if any of you humans would want to, could they follow the Momma, so she can tweet about this (she said it wouldn't be for only a few days, then she could tweet about regular things).  She is

So if you would ask your human to help that would be cool.  And don't worry if they don't Tweeter, (oops, Twitter) she's gonna put it on our facebook page and you can like it there too (and if you don't facebook, just share the love with the universe!).  She says that she will talk more about the shiny things with us, and maybe your momma will get you some shiny things of your own too.  They are way cool.

Anyway, thanks for considering helping the Momma with this, she says it's a "shameless plug" but hopes you can help.


September 19, 2012

Ahoy Maties!

So we STILL don't have photoshoppy (arrrr daddy, ya cheap bast***)  so we couldn't dress up today, but rest assured earrings are being worn and the jolly roger is flying at the top of the cat castle in our living room.

In leiu of that, we are demanding the cheapos buy us our own schooner ! Ahoy maties, tuna school off the port bow, prepare to plunder!     Have a great day!

We are so sad here today

With much love and purrs to Ann, we are so sad for your loss

September 16, 2012

Best PSA I've seen in a while

So I will be gone for most of the day, so the boys and their daddy have the day off.  Great, I know... manfest coming... football, beer cans, tuna farting contests... they are left with strict instructions to have it wrapped up by 4:00... we'll see.

I thought I would share a little something with you that speaks my language.  I like a fine mix of directness and humor when it comes to getting a message across.  It is ok to be a little "out there" if it makes people prick up their ears and "get" something they might have not have gotten had it been presented in a more traditional  (or boring) way.

In this case, the topic is spay/neuter.  We all know how important a thing this is in making sure that someday there will be no kitties (or woofies) without a loving home.  We know it's healthy, it is safe for our pets and can be often done at a low cost through spay/neuter clinics or v-e-t s who offer periodic "deals".  So how come everyone isn't out there doing it?  Maybe the message just doesn't quite hit home with a high enough impact.  But this one just might...

Enter Best Friends Animal Society.  They have initiated a campaign, "Fix at Four", to encourage pet owners to spay or neuter their companion animals at four months old.  The website provides some great information on the how's and why's, but what caught my eye, one night in front of the television, are the PSA's they have done for the campaign.  Sure, young kittens and puppies are cute and have a real "awwwww" factor, but here is the kitty PSA that may hit closer to home.

I have to say, this ad made me run the DVR back for a second look.  And I loved it.  And I got it.  And, ok, it's not everyone's cup of tea, but if it makes someone think twice about that cute little kitten curled up on the couch next to them (or climbing the drapes across the room) then I'm all for it.  They've also produced a woofie version, which is so right on as well.  You can see it at the "Fix at Four" website as well.

I encourage everyone to share this great video and help spread the word.  There are links as well as badges at the website, and it is a great place to steer folks who may have questions.

Ok, I'm off before the boys all start their grunting and scratching for the morning... yeesh, what I wouldn't give for a sweet girl kitty around here somedays.  If only we had a bigger house... and I hadn't promised the Daddy that there would be no more additions to the family until we know if we will be moving or not. Oh well, guess I better high tail it outta here. Granted the daddy is the only "intact male" in the household (did I just say that ???)  but hey, boys will still be boys!

September 14, 2012

How the mighty turn into a blubbering pile of jelly...

I am mancat.


Regal even.  

Gorgeous Coat.

Piercing eyes.



Able to kill gophers in a single pounce.

I am master and commander.

A slave to no one.

Fiercely independent.

On top of the world.

King of all I survey.

 Oh, crap.

My dignity has just left the building.

Bravery, thine enemey's name is...

Christine Bruning. DVM. 

No mother.  

You may not bring the camera

 (note from the Momma:  Just time for the king of drama's annual check-up.  Vaccines, lube and oil change, poking, prodding... the usual.  Outcome: Clean bill of health.  Oh yeah, and one very cranky boy)

September 10, 2012

Another way to support Blind Cat Rescue

Ok, not so's we're copying Katie, but we're gonna try to start making Tuesdays  "Rescue Day" around here. We're gonna talk rescue, feature rescue, and mostly show you some ways to help support rescues without spending your hard earned nip money!  (Of course you CAN do that if you wish, but these ways will help too).  We're talking about putting your paw where your tuna eating maw is and VOTING !

Yep, there are a bunch of contests out there for rescues to be able to win money or other stuff.  And all they need to do is get the most votes.  So you can help by doin' a little clicky and those clickies add up.

So here's the first one, and it just happens to be for Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary!

It's called "THE LUCKIEST PET" Contest and they could win 10,000 free meals from Fetch Pet Care!!!

Please help SNICKER win 10,000 Halo meals for the cats!

Vote every 24 hours. (please click on SEE MORE to see all instructions)


1. LIKE the Page

2. click the link for the Luckiest pet contest (middle picture under the big banner)
or if you have already liked here is the link to the first page

3. scroll down to bottom of page and Go to PAGE 4

4. we are in the 6th row (says Alana Miller) You will see SNICKERS smiling face (the same as below) thanks for voting!!!
Make sure your POPUP blocker is OFF or it will not work!

5. Please LIKE & Share
Voting goes through the 15th and you can vote once every 24 hours.  We'll keep the link up on our new page called "Rescue Contests" so you can just go there to vote if it's easiest!
If you know a rescue that is having a voting contest that you would like us to put on our page, let us know so we can help them too!  
Thanks for voting and thanks for getting out there and "doin' it for the kitties!"

September 6, 2012

I wonder if she knows...

I wonder if she knows...

and if she did... would she care?

Would she welcome my purrs

and the dead gopher offerings of my adoration?

Would she see the silver of my hair and nearly 10 years of life

as a sign of age, or a sign of dignity and worldliness?

I think of her and wonder...

would she ever be my very special friend?

September 3, 2012

And the winners are...


Winners of our Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary "Rescue Roast" giveaway are...

CAREN (Cat chat with Caren and Cody... we don't think Cody is much of a coffee drinker)

Concatulations and thank you to all of you who are out there supporting rescues, not just Blind Cat, but everyone who is out there, "doin' it for the kitties"!

September 2, 2012

My Labor Day weekend

Hmmmmm.... what could I be doing ???
I am guest blogging at the Tabby Cat Club today, c'mon over and find out what this Tabby does (and doesn't do ) on a easy holiday weekend !

Visit the Tabby Cat Club !

Luv and purrs,

September 1, 2012

We remember the Daddy's cat - Max

Today, the Momma was showing us some old pictures and we found one of our brother Max who went to the bridge over 5 years ago.

Maxy was a barn kitty.  He never once came in the house, Harry was the only one who knew him and only through the window.  the Momma brought him home, along with our brother Yuri, from her sisters farm.  Her lady cat had 9 kittens!  We had sheepies and chick-hens in our barn and there were always too many mice around, so Max and Yuri got their own door put in the barn and they lived there and ate tons of mousies.  They had a cool special food set up so the mousies couldn't get to it in the barn and they shared water with the chickens and sheep.  They were fat, happy boys!

Maxy was a daddy's boy.  This is him sitting with the daddy one day when the Momma and the Daddy were outside boiling some tree juice into something that they put on their big flat breakfast things.  It was a beautiful early March morning, and the Daddy and Max sat together tending the fire. It looks like it was a really happy day.

The Daddy was happy and a little sad that we found this picture.  He loved his Maxy, but he misses him very much.  The Daddy says he is really glad he has us guys to sit on his lap now (well, Harry won't but...) and we're glad he has a good lap for sitting on.   RIP brother Max.
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