September 10, 2012

Another way to support Blind Cat Rescue

Ok, not so's we're copying Katie, but we're gonna try to start making Tuesdays  "Rescue Day" around here. We're gonna talk rescue, feature rescue, and mostly show you some ways to help support rescues without spending your hard earned nip money!  (Of course you CAN do that if you wish, but these ways will help too).  We're talking about putting your paw where your tuna eating maw is and VOTING !

Yep, there are a bunch of contests out there for rescues to be able to win money or other stuff.  And all they need to do is get the most votes.  So you can help by doin' a little clicky and those clickies add up.

So here's the first one, and it just happens to be for Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary!

It's called "THE LUCKIEST PET" Contest and they could win 10,000 free meals from Fetch Pet Care!!!

Please help SNICKER win 10,000 Halo meals for the cats!

Vote every 24 hours. (please click on SEE MORE to see all instructions)


1. LIKE the Page

2. click the link for the Luckiest pet contest (middle picture under the big banner)
or if you have already liked here is the link to the first page

3. scroll down to bottom of page and Go to PAGE 4

4. we are in the 6th row (says Alana Miller) You will see SNICKERS smiling face (the same as below) thanks for voting!!!
Make sure your POPUP blocker is OFF or it will not work!

5. Please LIKE & Share
Voting goes through the 15th and you can vote once every 24 hours.  We'll keep the link up on our new page called "Rescue Contests" so you can just go there to vote if it's easiest!
If you know a rescue that is having a voting contest that you would like us to put on our page, let us know so we can help them too!  
Thanks for voting and thanks for getting out there and "doin' it for the kitties!"


  1. I seriously do love the rescue and so admire the wonderful things they do.

  2. Blind Cat Rescue is awesome! There are lots of rescues out there for you to focus on in the weeks to come. The one I am backing in my campaign, Tabby's Place is fantastic too. Do check it out.

  3. Done! We love it. hey, could you help us spread the word about our TNR effort? It's our post for today.

  4. Thank you SO much for supporting Blind Cat Rescue!!!
    All of these contests make a HUGE difference for them. Without the generosity of the sponsors, they'd have a very hard time making ends meet.

    ...ok, now for a shameless plug...but you brought it up!!!

    Please vote for Katie & Blind Cat Rescue in the Campaign For A Cause Contest!
    Voting runs 9/11-9/14 but you can only vote once!

    Katie & Glogirly

  5. Voted and shared! Thanks!

    The Florida Furkids

  6. We think Blind Cat Rescue is a wonderful place.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. this iz a grate idea guys but sad lee we iz knot on facebook....


  8. We aren't on Facebook, either, but we were trying to think of a way to support Blind Cat Rescue. We were hoping they had an Amazon affiliate link, and they do.... sort of. It's just not easy to figure out.

    There is a Help Us link on the front page that leads here: In the GoodSearch & GoodShop link halfway down the page on the right, click Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary. From there, you can click Shop and then Amazon. (Other places you might shop online, too.) We will buy stuff from Amazon anyhow, so now we can support Blind Cat Rescue at the same time.

  9. Sadly we aren't on FB but we will try what Sometimes Cats Herd You suggests next time we are shopping on Amazon. We think that's a great idea.


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