September 16, 2012

Best PSA I've seen in a while

So I will be gone for most of the day, so the boys and their daddy have the day off.  Great, I know... manfest coming... football, beer cans, tuna farting contests... they are left with strict instructions to have it wrapped up by 4:00... we'll see.

I thought I would share a little something with you that speaks my language.  I like a fine mix of directness and humor when it comes to getting a message across.  It is ok to be a little "out there" if it makes people prick up their ears and "get" something they might have not have gotten had it been presented in a more traditional  (or boring) way.

In this case, the topic is spay/neuter.  We all know how important a thing this is in making sure that someday there will be no kitties (or woofies) without a loving home.  We know it's healthy, it is safe for our pets and can be often done at a low cost through spay/neuter clinics or v-e-t s who offer periodic "deals".  So how come everyone isn't out there doing it?  Maybe the message just doesn't quite hit home with a high enough impact.  But this one just might...

Enter Best Friends Animal Society.  They have initiated a campaign, "Fix at Four", to encourage pet owners to spay or neuter their companion animals at four months old.  The website provides some great information on the how's and why's, but what caught my eye, one night in front of the television, are the PSA's they have done for the campaign.  Sure, young kittens and puppies are cute and have a real "awwwww" factor, but here is the kitty PSA that may hit closer to home.

I have to say, this ad made me run the DVR back for a second look.  And I loved it.  And I got it.  And, ok, it's not everyone's cup of tea, but if it makes someone think twice about that cute little kitten curled up on the couch next to them (or climbing the drapes across the room) then I'm all for it.  They've also produced a woofie version, which is so right on as well.  You can see it at the "Fix at Four" website as well.

I encourage everyone to share this great video and help spread the word.  There are links as well as badges at the website, and it is a great place to steer folks who may have questions.

Ok, I'm off before the boys all start their grunting and scratching for the morning... yeesh, what I wouldn't give for a sweet girl kitty around here somedays.  If only we had a bigger house... and I hadn't promised the Daddy that there would be no more additions to the family until we know if we will be moving or not. Oh well, guess I better high tail it outta here. Granted the daddy is the only "intact male" in the household (did I just say that ???)  but hey, boys will still be boys!


  1. Hope you enjoy you time with the football times today. If the games don't go the way you like you can always rewatch your video. Hope your favorite team wins.

  2. OMC - that was AWESOME!!!! Thanks for pointing it out to us..... Mom is cracking up (not that the subject is funny per se, but what a way to get it across)

  3. That's great! Very good way to get the point across. Vets used to not want to spay or neuter until cats were more like six months, but it's good to get the word out that times have changed.

  4. Great video - it made our Mum smile.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Yup, totally love that. They have a bunch of others along that same theme too.. they are all quite clever.

  6. That is a great video. The unexpected twist grabs the attention.

  7. This is a really fun way to spread the spay/neuter message!

  8. Ya know... if you love him, you'll have him fixed..
    (lol, sorry, couldn't help it!)

    That video, and the doggie one, cracked me up! That's a great way to get the message across!

  9. MOL @ your comment about your Daddy!!! That video was great! We liked the way their clothes matched their furs!!

    The Florida Furkids

  10. We LOVED that video!!! So clever... what a great way to spread such an important message.!!!
    xo, Katie & Glogirly

  11. Clever. Loved the expression on that girl kittie at the end.

  12. That was great!! Thanks for sharing it with all of us!!

  13. that WAS great! Just tweeted it and posted it on our Cat Chat With Caren & Cody facebook page cause that's how I roll :)

    I believe in sharing good blog posts :)

  14. We love it!
    We also wanted to say that you so much for donating the pawsome charm and stone set to help out our Mini!
    *ducky hugs* and purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs!

  15. 4 months is too young for most boy cats as it increases urinary tract problems in later life. Size is important as well as overall health. We think 6 to 7 months is perfect but then again, we were all small strays so it took us a while to bulk up.

    Meow though for the effort! We are TNR - ing our back lane strays. Ex$pensive but worth it.

  16. Great PSA. I don't think we run enough of them to keep up awareness which is so sad.


  17. That is a great PSA! What a great way to get across a realy important message!


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