September 2, 2012

My Labor Day weekend

Hmmmmm.... what could I be doing ???
I am guest blogging at the Tabby Cat Club today, c'mon over and find out what this Tabby does (and doesn't do ) on a easy holiday weekend !

Visit the Tabby Cat Club !

Luv and purrs,


  1. You are sooooo tabby purrfect!

  2. I shall have to wander over and see what you say.I hope you don't mind if I have a nap first though?

  3. Hello ! Thanks so much to come to my birthday : )
    And for sure you are PAWSOME !!!
    And seriously, you are too cute !!!!
    Ps : don't flirt to my mom o.k. .? ; )

  4. Love this photo. What a cutie you are. So glad you are taking things easy on this Labor Day weekend.

  5. Glad you are taking it easy; I hope Harry is having a good rest too. Just popping over to see what you get up to at the Tabby Club!
    Purrs ... Rainbow

  6. I can say one thing you ARE doing, Dex--mesmerizing my human! Yep. The eyes got her--if you were here, you'd get a truck load treats...and you'd share, right?



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