October 30, 2012

Henri 4 L'Haunting

We are incredible Henri fans.  the Momma was just on her Facebook page and saw that Henri had just posted Video #4, about Halloween.  The thieving filmaker strikes again, and Henri... sigh... well, take a look for yourself

Thank you again William Braden!

October 29, 2012

Cat Bounce

WE don't think this is funny, but it made the Momma spit coffee through her nose.  Now THAT was funny.


October 27, 2012

Black Cat Saturday!


"A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere."Groucho Marx

 Will you worry the next time a black cat crosses your path?
It may depend on where you live in the world. In Japan, having a black cat cross your path, is considered good luck

  Black cats make excellent project managers...just ask the Daddy.

A strange black cat on your porch brings prosperity. - Scottish superstition

"Sometimes it happens that a black cat lets you pass in front of it." ~ Author Unknown

  Fisherman's wives kept black cats while their husbands went away to sea.    They believed that the black cats would prevent danger from occurring to their husbands.  These black cats were considered so valuable that they were often stolen.

Someone told me I wasn't a REAL black cat, cause I has some white.  Someone get me a Sharpie!

 Q: What do people in England call little black cats?
  A: Kittens!  (duh...)

 Black cat, cross my path
Good fortune bring to home and hearth
When I am away from home
Bring me luck wherever I roam
 - Old English Charm 

 Finally, if you need a dose of ennui...

 or something naughty funny (warning: Sylvester uses bad potty words. Viewer discretion is advised) (but please note, the Momma finds all his videos hysterical)

 Remember : once you black cat, you'll never go back!  

Love, Tipp

October 25, 2012

Feelin' silly

Betcha can't do this ! 

Whoa! Extreme

You want me to do what ?

October 21, 2012

Please go to give love and purrs.

If you can, please go see Brandi's Mom Carol over at Catitude.  Brandi is very sick and her mom is going to have to help her go to the bridge very soon and is heartbroken.  Please go give love and purrs if you can.

Harry, Dexter and Tipp

October 20, 2012

And the winners are....

Thank you all for coming to visit us and especially for all your support of kitty rescues.  We know you all have your favorites, but we thank you for supporting ours!

So now, the winners of our Double Barreled are:

For the Cappucino:   BRANDI !

For the Coffee:  BRIAN !

For the Tea:  OUI OUI !

And, winning the raffle ticket for a chance to win a prize in Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary's Raffle:  RYKER BOYS AND ALLIE !!!


Please get in touch with the momma at:  cherrycitykitties AT yahoo DOT com so we can get your details.
We're so happy you all entered and wish we could give a prize to everyone, but stay tuned... you never know when there might be another giveaway....

Harry, Dexter and Tipp

October 19, 2012

Update on our Momma

Whew!  We are so glad our momma is back home.  The daddy explained to us the v-e-t found road blocks in two roads in her heart.  One was a small footpath and the other was barely big enough for a kitty to get through.  The v-e-t was very surprised because the mommas heart was full of love and showed no other signs of being broken.  Her heart didn't hurt (except when she was sad when our human and fur-ends went to the bridge)  she could breathe fine, it was just so unexpected.  So he put some wiry cat toys in both roads and they opened up really big again, so you could drive right through them, like at 90 miles an hour!

She has to take some more pills that the v-e-t  gave her, we told the daddy to buy some Greenies to put them in!  She's just going to rest a couple days and the doctor said she's all good. and can have her other surgery soon!

We thank you for all the purrs and prayers, they helped make her feel better so much faster and we are glad we have such good friends out there!

Harry, Dexter and Tipp  (and especially me, love to you all)

pee ess : to the Tabbies of Trout Town, the v-e-t said she had to eat more fishes, so when she feels better we'll all come over and you can put some trout and salmon on the grill for her!

October 16, 2012

National Feral Cat Day

Look at me!  Clear eyes, perky ears, a nice set of whiskers perched on some nice humps.  And that coat, have you ever seen something this shiny?
 And you know what?  I was a Feral Cat.  Yep, that's right, me, caught in a trap and taken in by some really nice people (except when they... well... you know what happens to boy kitties) at UN-Cats.  I wasn't feeling too good, so they decided to keep me in their shelter for a while.And when I was used to being inside, I became such a sweet cat, but I was pretty scared of people, until I met the momma and the daddy.  The UN-Cats people didn't think I would let them pick me up, but when the momma did, I liked it and I snuggled right in.  And then she and the daddy wrote on a bunch of papers and they went home to get a PTU and I got 
to go to their house!  It was really cool and I had a brofur named Harry, who was really nice to me, and I got happy and shiny and I don't ever have to live outside and be hungry or cold again.

So today is National Feral Cat Day, the day for people to learn about us, and the people who want to help us to live to be happy and healthy, even if we don't have a furever home with a human family.  A lot of the nice people do what they call TNR (Trap, Neuter and Return).  We don't like the Trap or the Neuter part (not the most fun)  but when they fix us up, the let us go back to our village with our friends and we're happier and healthier.  Nice people make sure we have some food and sometimes give us houses for when its cold. And because all the boys (and girls) are neutrilized, we don't make kittens so much and there aren't so many homeless kitties around.

We have another favorite group that does TNR AND takes in kitties that are sick or hurt or injured really bad, and that's Carol's Ferals.  They are down lower in the mitten from us where the momma used to live, and they help A LOT of kitties.  Last night they did a big trapping and took in 30 CATS!!!  The kitties will all get neutrilized, get some shots to help them not get sick, some will get medicine for ear bugs and fur bugs and any of them are really hurt or sick they will stay at Carol's place until they are better.  Then they all get to go back home and Carol's gang will look for more kitties to help.  We are always bugging you to vote for Carol's Ferals in contests where they can get monies, because we bet you guys give monies to help kitties in your area, so all we ask is for votes.  It helps them a lot.

We also have one of our own cat blogosphere friends who is doing their own small scale project right in their back yard.  Au, Target and Guido (and their mom Ellen)  from Katz and Other Tales are selling a cool book about them and then uses her monies to neutrelize the kitties that are in her back yard.  We tell you so that you can go check her books out and help support her efforts AND you get cool Katz Tales to have your human read to you!

As a former Feral, I (and my brofurs) hope we can help keep supporting these groups.  So if we keep bugging you about voting, or reading, you'll know why!  Thanks for caring.
Luv and purrs, Tipp

October 14, 2012

Purrs and Prayers for our Momma

We don't understand it.  The momma told us that Wednesday she has to go to the human v-e-t because something is wrong with her heart.  We don't get it.  Her heart is fine cause she loves us so much right? And she loves the daddy so much and the grandmommy and the granddaddy and the sister and the niecey, so it must be it's working fine.  And she loves all you kitties out there on the intertubes and in the blogosphere too, so what could be wrong.

We can't draw, so we left her this...
She had this test where they made her heart go really fast and they saw something that wasn't right.  She has to go get some colored stuff squirted in there to see where it's broken and then the v-e-t might have to put some tubes in there (we thought it was inter tubes, but she says it's different) and that will fix it.

We hope that darn v-e-t doesn't have to do that cause we know her heart is working fine cause it's full of love.

She says don't worry too much (but we do) and tell you guys that she'll be home to tell you all who won the contest, cause she loves the contests (see, more love).

Anyway, if you can send some purrs, we think it will make her not worry so much and we'll show that v-e-t what's what.

Thanks everyone,
Harry, Dexter and Tipp

October 12, 2012

Double Barreled Give Away !

Tipp here. 

Guess what!!!!!!  The momma went online to the website that sells the good Rescue Roast Coffee for Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary fundraising to order more coffee for the Daddy and his sister (who loves coffee like Harry loves nip), and guess what she found ... they are now selling FRENCH VANILLA CAPPUCINO BLIND CAT RESCUE MIX!!!  And she said... whoa, I need me some of that! (really, that's what she said).  AND, she remembered that some of your humans didn't like coffee so much AND she saw they had BLIND CAT RESCUE "TEA PARTY" ( you can make nip tea, did you know that?)  So... she had a crazy idea.

The momma says the kitties and their humans love giveaways and she figured out how to let more kitties get to know and  help our favorite rescues, like Blind Cats and Carol's Ferals and UN-Cats.  And that's if they know about us and visit us, so we can tell them. 
So we're gonna give away more Blind Cat goodies and we'll raise a couple more bucks for them in the process.

So here's the way you can help, AND win a giveaway.  This will be a voting EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!

1. Leave us a comment to tell us you want to win.  Tell us whether you want to be in the drawing for the Cappucino mix or Tea or Coffee (BIG HINT:  You can say "ANY ONE WOULD BE GREAT" and we'll enter you in ALL THREE drawings)  There will be one winner for Cappucino, one for Tea and one for Coffee. 

2.  We know that many of you like us on Facebook already and follow our blog, but we would love to meet new kitties, SO ...  If you send a kitty friend (hopefully someone we don't know yet) to visit us, they can leave a comment (like above) and they will get an entry in the drawing.  AND  if they tell us who sent them to visit us, YOU will get an extra vote (Limit 3 extra votes).  Please help us by not sending in each other if you know for sure that someone knows us pretty well.  


There will be a second drawing!!!!!!  We will take all the kitties who comment (only one vote each this time) and pick a winner for a RAFFLE TICKET IN YOUR HUMANS NAME FOR THE BLIND CAT RESCUE RAFFLE!!!!!  There are TONS of prizes so one lucky human will have a chance to win on us.

Can you tell we are really excited ?  Can you tell the Momma wants more kitties to know about our favorite causes?  Well, we are and she does!  So tell your friends and comment away.  Comments will be open until Tuesday October 16th and I will announce our winners on Friday the 19th.

October 4, 2012



October 3, 2012

Just a quick click

A quick click, that's all it takes!  yep, our friends at Carol's Ferals got nominated for another local charitable give-a-way, this time by the Douglas J Aveda Institute (as in Aveda hair care products) for a piece of their holiday proceeds.  The winner will get a full 5%, runners up will get a portion of gift card sales.

This is Lil' Stevie, a kitten that was found by the side of the road.  When he was brought in,   ( I am choosing not to show his "before" picture it is so scary sad) it was thought he would lose both eyes, he had severe ear mites, (chunks coming out of his ears) and an equally severe URI.  He fortunately stabilized quickly enough that they were able to save one of his eyes, and here he is just before the stitches came out.  Believe us, he's a whole new kitty!
 Well, we know the hard work that Carol and her team do every day, and we are always happy to help as best we can.  Yesterday, they took 2 kittens, 2-3 weeks old that were found in the engine of a car at a cemetary, and whisked them off to their vet who has determined that they will both, unfortunately be losing one of their eyes.  They have to wait a bit for the surgery as "Ceme'  and Tery"  weighed only 1 and 1.5 lbs and were malnourished.  This has been a really tough summer at Carols, many kitties needing amputations and eye enucleations as well as countless kittens and  sick and injured adults from their TNR efforts.

So how can you help?   It's easy as a click.   We know not everyone has Facebook, but if you do, please visit this link and vote for Carol's Ferals and keep them in the number one spot.  And then if you would like to see some of the work they have been doing and kitties they have helped and the one's who have found their furever homes, please visit and like their Facebook page as well.

And no worries if you don't do the facebooky thing, we know what big hearts our friends have and love is all ya need!

Thanks everyone!
Harry, Dexter and Tipp

pee ess.   Don't forget that if you have a charity we can promote our page, please send it to us at :
cherrycitykitties AT yahoo DOT com.   Purrs!

October 1, 2012

Black Cats Rule!

Especially in October!

Hi all, Tipp here.   Ok, so searching the intertubes, I can't make heads or tails of it, but every month seems to be black cat month SOMEWHERE!

Which is great, because everyone needs a black cat in their clan.  So there is never a better time than now to adopt one of us!  Some people may ask ..."What's so special about a black cat?  Why not a grey cat (ok Harry, you're special in your own silvery way) or a Ginger Tabby (Dex, you have your own club even, how special is that?)  Well, I found this cool poster of what makes us so cool and why every home needs a black cat of their own!

Pretty cool, huh.  Now I know that some of you don't quite have room in your clowder for another kitty just now, but when you do, I urge you to consider one of MY bretheren (or you can just have one of my brothers...heh,heh,heh) to join your family.

And just a note, the Momma loves October best of all the months so we will be bringing you some cool and beautiful (and scary) things to celebrate, oh yeah, and more black cats!  So...

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