October 1, 2012

Black Cats Rule!

Especially in October!

Hi all, Tipp here.   Ok, so searching the intertubes, I can't make heads or tails of it, but every month seems to be black cat month SOMEWHERE!

Which is great, because everyone needs a black cat in their clan.  So there is never a better time than now to adopt one of us!  Some people may ask ..."What's so special about a black cat?  Why not a grey cat (ok Harry, you're special in your own silvery way) or a Ginger Tabby (Dex, you have your own club even, how special is that?)  Well, I found this cool poster of what makes us so cool and why every home needs a black cat of their own!

Pretty cool, huh.  Now I know that some of you don't quite have room in your clowder for another kitty just now, but when you do, I urge you to consider one of MY bretheren (or you can just have one of my brothers...heh,heh,heh) to join your family.

And just a note, the Momma loves October best of all the months so we will be bringing you some cool and beautiful (and scary) things to celebrate, oh yeah, and more black cats!  So...



  1. We love black cats! At the moment there is not one in our clowder, but who knows what the future holds?

  2. One of the first cats Mummy knew (Angel Swithun (Swithy)) was pure black so black cats are very dear to her.
    But, Tipp, you must never forget how special my dear Harry is - you are VERY lucky to have such a splendid brother.
    Purrs ... Rainbow

  3. Please tell Harry how much I have been missing him ...
    Special purrs ... Rainbow

    1. Why Miss Rainbow, I have been missing you too. And Tipp should realize how special I am... he may be shinier than I am, but my coat is like chinchilla and... oops, I don't mean to sound to uppity...

      When your mummy is feeling better, have her email my momma at: cherrycitykitties AT yahoo DOT com. She would like to talk about something special.
      Purrs, your Harry

  4. I've had black cats, I love black cats, black cats rule!

  5. My human's first cat was black too and we love them! You rock Tipp!

  6. Love the thirteen reasons! Austin says he would have opted to be all black except he didn't have a choice for some reason!!! lol

  7. Mum was owned by an all black cat once- enough said about him. He always scared off any dogs that approached her in the street!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Black cats ROCK!! Shadow told us to say dat acuz he's black but we'd say it anyway. House Panthers are the best!!

  9. You furgot: they are so BEWTIFUL! xxoo

  10. yay for black kittehs (and pups too :))!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  11. Black cats RULE! We have some at the shelter, and they are awesome.

  12. Black cats totally RULE! Our sweet Olivia insists they rock hard too! Everyone should have at least one black cat in their clan.

  13. Black cats are great! We have Lucy (all black) and Skootch (tuxedo, almost black). Every family should have a black cat!

  14. We LOVE black cats!!! (L)

  15. Black cats are the best!
    Purrsonalities, shiny coat, beautiful eyes!

    I love my black girl, and tell her everyday how lucky I am to have her in my life.

    Oh, and they're super intelligent!



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