November 28, 2012

A truly talented Artist

Hi everyone, Carolyn here.  The boys are giving me a chance to blog today because I got something very special in the mail yesterday.  The boys bought me an early Christmas present, a piece of original artwork. Now my brother-in-law has done some sketches and prints and paintings, but quite so unique as this.

It comes from a new artist, Quint Cole.  Now for those of you who don't know Quint, he is one of the gang of rescued kitties at Colehaus Cats.  He is one of the newer members of the family and it wasn't to long before it was discovered that Quint has a very special talent.  You can read the story from the beginning, to his process, to his finished works , to his gallery opening!  He is one special little guy with a loving and supportive family willing to help his talents bloom.

I was so happy when my package came!

And there it was... a Quint original! From his stunning "Winter, Series 1, 2012" collection. I shivered. The way he caught the swirling snow, the icy beauty of a hoary frosted morning... well I just felt like I needed mittens and a scarf just to stay warm!

This beautiful work went with me to my office.  I have a special corner of my desk where the beautiful things are... a vase of bamboo, a picture of my husband, some beautiful healing stones and now, close to a bunch of dried lavender flowers from my summer garden, a very special piece of art.  It makes me smile every time I look at it, it's perfect there.

If you need a special gift for someone, stop by Quint's Art Shop, where his work is available.  I understand that some of the proceeds will help kitties in need, and hopefully to buy some more canvases for future moments of inspiration.  I told Quint that I would love to be a patron, should he be moved to create again.  After all, art always looks nice in a grouping.  And it gives Dexter a chance to visit the Colehaus ladies. ( I think he's sweet on them!)

Please make sure to go take a look. Santa's coming soon!

Carolyn (aka the Momma)

Thank you to the Colehaus Cats for permission to use some of their web photos for this post. Purrs

November 26, 2012

Holy Meow! We gots an award!

We're so excited!   We got an award today!

It came from our friend Basil, the Bionic Cat and it's the ...

 Bring on the Nip! Award.

Now how did he know that 2 out of three of us are Nip heads?  Well, that doesn't matter, it's an honor to be given such a cool award, by such a famous kitty!

Basil has an Purrsonal Assistant ( Hi Ms. Cat!) who has written a really cool book about his adventures.  (Shhhhh... we are putting it on the Momma's Kindle for a surprise Christmas present).  It would make a great stocking stuffer if you need one for someone special (and no, Basil did not ask us to say this, we just know your beans would love it)

Anyway, Many thanks to you Basil

  Now here's some kitties we would like to send this out to:


 So all you gotta do is copy and paste the award on your blog.  Please say thanks to the kitties that nominated you and secondly pass it along to other deserving kitties!  

Oh yeah, and enjoy some nip!

Luv and purrs,
Harry, Dexter and Tipp 

November 22, 2012

We are thankful

Thank you for supporting rescue kitties like me
Thank you for all the fun
Thank you  for special friends
                                                        This Thanksgiving, we are grateful for all our new friends in the world cat blogging.  You are all special to us, and we couldn't ask for more. Happy Thanksgiving!

November 21, 2012


We've been anxiously awaiting our prize from our friends at Cat Wisdom 101, that we won during the Pink Month for Breast Cancer!  AND NOW IT'S HERE!!!

The Daddy helped us put it together, well, ok, he put it together for us so we thought we'd show you how cool it is!
 Oooo, what's in this box ???

Hmmm.... a big black case ???
Wow, how can this be our condo???
 AH-HA, Look what the Daddy is doing
It's getting bigger...
HOLY MEOW! This is amazing!
The building inspector has to check it out before occupancy.
Tipp and Dex get to hang out inside! 
Look in the back, the rooster has his own condo too!
Hmmm... all it needs is a couple beds and snacks 
and we could hang out here all day!
(Only with supervision of course.)
"Don't worry Dad, I'm holding down the fort!"
The Kritter Kondo is awesome! All three of us could fit in and hang out, although Tipp really doesn't like to be out much (he used to live on the streets for a long time, he likes the cushy indoors much better than the outside now), but there is room for some beds, a small litter box and even snack and water bowls.  As you can see, the floor is all attached, and the big double doors (on each end) lock, so we can't go on the lamb, but we know we should never be in here without the Momma or the Daddy's supervision.  But WOW! We can hardly wait until the spring comes and we can hang out by the deck while the Momma sits and reads to us and 
we can all enjoy the great outdoors together.
Thanks again to Merlin, Odin, Gris Gris and Domino 
(and Ms. Layla too) for this great prize. We sure are some lucky kitties to have friends like you guys (all of you guys and gals out there) in the blogosphere!
Love and purrs,
Harry, Dexter and Tipp (and Momma Carolyn and Daddy Mark) 

November 15, 2012

Come Celebrate at the Tabby Cat Club

Dexter here...

While everyone may not agree, 
Tabby is the way to be!  
Just click my handsome face
and you'll go to the funnest place!

Come to the TCC 1st Blogoversary Open House  All colors, markings and breeds and moggies are welcome!  Applications for membership are always available 
(sorry, Tabbys only on this one)

Come for some fun!

November 13, 2012

Call me Dexter the Brave!

Bwahahahaha!    Remember how when my brofur Harry went to the vet ?  Remember he admitted he was a big whiny baby and his knees turned to jello and he cried and cried and hid under the bed for days... (Dex, let's rein that in a bit, I had "some" troubles, but I am NOT a big whiny baby...).... anyway...

So it was my turn yesterday.  I proved my bravery by walking right in to that PTU when mom got it out on Sunday and making it my nappy place.  I went in easy the next morning, and although I didn't like the car ride much... ok, I didn't really like that part at all... I only meowed a little bit, and then settled down to listen to NPR on the way.

When we got there, I was greeted by a pretty girl kitty named Charlotte.  She had been helping Miss Mary with her typing, but she came over to say hi.  She was a pretty, floofy calico girl with big eyes and a pink nose and she made me feel at ease.  Then it was in to see Dr. Chris.  I sat on the table, calm as you please, and she looked at my fierce teeth, my perfect pink ears, my glowing eyes... she squeezed me a bit, and listened to me in a bunch of places, and I must have sounded pretty good, cause she said I was a "happy, healthy boy".  The Momma asked her to check my front feets, where I had that surgery, and it didn't hurt at all, I didn't even mind it. I weighed in at a sturdy 14 lbs, and the Momma asked if I was... well "chubby" (I think she said FAT) and Dr. Chris said no... I was SOLID and a big boned boy!  How bout that Harry? She didn't call YOU solid... did she? (Harry is ignoring me).  Anyway, a squirt of wormy juice (blech) and two shots ( I didn't even flinch or cry) and we were done.  I said goodbye to Charlotte and and then we were home!  I walked in, Harry and Tipp smelled me (what? it's just me, you dufouses) and I went to have a snack.  All done, all good!

So Tipp's turn is Thursday, he seems a little nervous, but he usually seems a little nervous about something.  I told him it was no big thing and he would do fine.  We'll give you a report and see.
Bye for now!

November 8, 2012

The Blind Cats are on UStream

Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary now has a 
live feed on USTREAM!   Stop by and check out the kitty cam and stay tuned for special events like their open house on 11/10  9:57 am EST.  Click the 
logo to visit!

We've just been watching them eating dinner, and man are we hungry for some stinky goodness.... mom??? dad????

Anyway, check them out.  Our flashy box is still broken, but we wanted to post anyway.

Harry, Dexter and Tipp

November 4, 2012

Easy like Sunday...

the Momma isn't sure but the flashy box thing might be broke!  
We have the Daddy on the job, hopefully there will be more pictures of us handsome guys soon!  Have an easy Sunday!

Dexter, Tipp and Harry
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