December 31, 2012

To our friends...

We sure have gotten to know a lot of new friends since we arrived to the Catblogosphere in July.  There are lots of things going on around here, happy, exciting, funny, political,beautiful,caring, and occasionally sad.  But we are proud to be a part of them all.

We wish everyone a joyous New Year, full of purrs and headbonks, lots of nip and stinky goodness (or the nom of your choice... or trout...)  We hope your humans, beans, hoomans, personal assistants/servants remain at your beck and meow, and if you have 'em, that you get along better with your brofurs and sisfurs. (or pea-eyed maniacs...).  

And finally, for everyone we support, may all the kitties in all the shelters, sanctuaries and rescues, find health, a roof over their heads and the love of a furever home.


Happy New Year to all...                   NOW BREAK OUT THE NIPTINIS!!!

Your pals,   
Harry, Dexter and Tipp      

pee ess:  There is still time to vote for Carol's Ferals to win a $10K prize... They have the narrowest of leads and need our help.
Visit the video of  "Bow"s Story on YouTube  and "Like" it and/or leave a comment.  Each counts as a vote, and you can "like" it as many times as you care to.  Muah! and Purrs  H,D &T

December 29, 2012

Bow's story and a chance to help win $10K for Carol's Ferals

Please watch the story of Bow, and vote

the Momma here.

For those of you who never heard of (or those of you who have) heard the story of "Bow", the kitty rescued with an arrow shot through his head, a video has been made by Carol's Ferals, the rescue group in Grand Rapids, MI who played a huge part in helping Bow, and other kitties survive and thrive after severe injuries

The video of Bow's story is now entered in the World Animal Awareness Society (WA2S)  contest to win $10K for Carol's Ferals, if it should win.   

"The VISION of the World Animal Awareness Society ( is to focus a lens on a wide spectrum of interactions at the human-animal intersection and curate a detailed filmed archive of behaviors in expectation of observing human evolution.
The moving image is arguably the rawest, most powerful educational tool we have to witness our behavioral patterns, attitudes and interactions and aid us in our continued growth.

By producing compelling documentaries to be shared with the world and providing raw aggregateable footage to educational institutions for further research, the World Animal Awareness Society will accomplish its mission."

We think that WA2S's mission to draw attention to and support animal based non-profits, their work and their volunteers, as well as education through video and documentaries is innovative, compassionate and timely.  We invite you to visit their website to find out in their words, more than we could ever tell you.

Please watch the story of Bow

In the meantime, please watch the video of the story of Bow, and if you would like to help other kitties like him and the work of Carol's Ferals, please click "Like", comment and/or subscribe to WA2S Youtube channel.  Each action counts as a vote and you can vote as often as you like.  

Please share this post, or the post from Carol's Ferals on the Cherry City Kitties facebook page.

Thank you to all our friends for your help.  MUAH!

December 25, 2012

Our Merry Christmas from our cousin Alexis!

the Momma and the Daddy went to see our Auntie Suzie, Uncle Gabe and Cousin Alexis for Christmas early, because the Daddy had to work on Christmas eve.  They didn't take us with them, mostly because we hate car rides, (cause you know where they usually end up... the V-E-T !) but also because we had to guard the house from (as da Tabbies o' Trout Town would say) all "da stoopid burds" that flew in and were surrounding the house!  We were bummed out though, because we always love it when our Auntie comes up here to visit, cause she plays with us as much as we want. She's tons of fun!

 Anyway...  She must have thought we were good boys this year (heh,heh,heh... boy, did we fool her...) cause she sent home a shiny white stocking... and there was something in it!  We'd better check this out further.

 First, there were the cool red ribbons.  She told the Daddy that they were to play with, so we went on the attack... between the two of us, we killed 'em dead.  Harry, missed this fun, he was busy staring at the inside of his eyelids, if ya know what we mean... (zzzzzzzzzzz....)

Oh, but it was another story all together when the Daddy pulled out a bag addressed to him.  His lasers locked in on the bag addressed to him and pulled him in like a magnet.  Forget the mousie on the package, he wanted to  Party wit da Party Mix..right NOW!

Dexter on the other hand thought that the treats sounded yummy, but the lure of the catnip mouse was too much to bear.  

And me... I went back to the cool ribbons, cause I wasn't quite done hunting them yet.  But I will get them and carry off my prize! (and then come running back for the treats!)

Cousin Alexis, you know us so well and it was so nice that you sent us our favorite things!  We can't be with you in purr-son for Christmas, but we send our purrs and all our love to you, and headbonks and nose kisses too.

To all our friends, we hope you are having a great holiday time, no matter which one you celebrate, and that you got lots of boxes and ribbons and paper (oh yeah, and the good stuff that came inside them...) and lots of tummy rubs (if you like them like Dexter does), chin scritches and snuggling!

Harry, Dexter and Tipp 

pee ess:  We posted about our Secret Paws presents over on the Secret Paws blog site.  Check out the goodies we got from our new friends Baby and Lucky!  We are some lucky kitty boys this year. 

December 13, 2012

Not too much going on round here... MOM!

Hi all, Tipp here. Man, do I wish the bush outside my T.V. window were green like that now, but all the leaves went gone and though I still watch the birds outside, and sometimes the bunny, it's just kinda cold and snowy.  I miss green already.

So lots of you know that the Momma and the Daddy got me from a rescue place called UN-Cats.  Miss Mandie and Miss Amy started it so that kitties with kitty sicknesses and kitties who are lost souls would have a place to stay, and maybe find a forever home like I have.  They go to PetSmart every weekend with some of the kitties and try to help them find forever homes.  It's really hard you know and there is another group of friends that has doggies and kitties that it's helping, and they are all there, trying the best to get us adopted.  Anyway...

the Momma talked to Miss Mandie and thought that the UN-Cats needed a website. So she has been more busy working at the computer on that than typing for us!  She says she has a million cards to catch up on, and she will this weekend she says... hmm... I wonder if it's before or after the bake sale by the Pet Santa, or after... Anyway...

We'll get you updated soon, things are mostly quiet around here, except when Harry wants his stinky goodness, then, well he's a pain in the back of the Daddy's jeans.  Keep watching, we'll tell you when the Momma gets it working, but maybe, we'll start coming first again (did ya hear that Momma, did you ????) 

December 11, 2012

Christmas wishes at the Tabby Cat Club

Today, Dexter is over at the Tabby Cat Club to share his Christmas wish with everyone.  Please come over and visit there today.  Your heart will be inspired.

December 10, 2012

We didn't know we were so sweet!

Oh my!  Our friends Leo and Star from Celestial Kitties, AND the gang from Twinkletoes Tails gave us a really sweet award.  Well of course an award is sweet, but this one is sugar buzz sweet too!

 wow man...
the colors...
just like when i've been
doin' the nip.... 

(Dex, knock it off...)

Well, of course we know that we aren't supposed to eat the sweet stuff (Harry, quit licking the Daddy's ice cream bowl!) so the Daddy will answer some questions, and we'll handle the rest!

Cookies or Cake?     Hands down cake.  Yellow cake, Chocolate frosting tops the list, but cake, please don't put nuts on it. (Harry, see, the Daddy doesn't want your paw prints in his cake!)

Chocolate or Vanilla?       Chocolate mostly, but definitely Vanilla ice cream... for many of you who don't know, one of my nicknames for Harry (besides NO! and GET DOWN!) is "Parts per Million" because all I have to do is open the freezer and reach for the ice cream and he's right there. He can smell vanilla in the next county I think. (Why yes... yes I can)

What is your favorite sweet treat?      It's a toss-up.  I always seem to have Reese's Peanut Butter Cups around, but I am most partial to an awesome, well made Long John donut with cream inside. (I am partial to the wrappers from the Reesy Cups you leave on the table, cause I can play with them... [yes Tipp, and then I have to pick them up...the Momma])

When do you crave sweet things the most?      Night time mostly, as a treat later on.

If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?      Honey.  That is already what the Momma calls me.   (the Momma calls me "Sweet Dee!) (Yeah, but that's because you're a suck up) (ok, Mr. PPMillion) (I want a superhero nickname like "Captain Black Licorice" !) (group sigh... Oh Tipp....)

So now that you know the Daddy's sugary secrets (and Harry's dumb nickname!)  We'll pass this along to some friends of ours who we think are super sweet too!   It's hard to keep up on all the awards that are give and getted in the blogosphere (the Momma's brain won't remember them all, there's not a lot of room in there...) that we know we'll duplicate somewhere, and miss some others.
We'll do our best...  Enjoy, and don't forget to answer the questions before you pass it on.   

Poppy Q - cause she is arguably the sweetest kitty in NZ!

Waffles TOO at Glogirly  cause Waffles tend to have syrupy goodness all over them (and we think he needs help buttering up "Sweet Katie".)

Prancer Pie cause pie is sweet (and so are the rest of the gang+

Kjelle Bus  cause the Momma thinks he's the sweetest (Hey! what about us ? What are we ? Chopped liver ?)

d'Artangan and Diego over at Rumblebum cause the took the lead on the Waffles mystery and they deserve some yummy sweetness for their efforts!

Enjoy our sweet friends!

December 9, 2012

Easy like Sunday

Look at these bums... they haven't been up but a few hours and ZZZZZZZ...... they're out again.  

WE are good boys and we will help the Momma get even by "messing up" the boxes that the Daddy tidied up so nicely this morning. (heh,heh,heh).

Then, while the Momma is watching the humans running around playing with their ball on the tv, We're going to go over to "BCM Northeast Sports Field" and check out final preparations for first ever TREE CLIMBING COMPETITION.  What?  You don't follow competitive Tree Climbing?  Oh man, you have to go check this out!  You can start with an overview of the competition grounds, and then work your way back through some posts that start with a little kitty called Timbit and a fear of climbing.  We can't wait till the teams are finalized.  The stadium has been prepared, and practice has taken place.  Who will have the "thrill of victory" and who will suffer the "agony of 'da feets"?   Go check it all out on Cattales from Barn Cat Mansion, and stay tuned for the fun!

Have an easy!
Harry and Tipp

December 5, 2012

A cool gift for your beans !

Ok, so I know we don't always want to admit it, but we all kinda do love our humans beans (or in some cases our personal servants, assistants, etc...) Well, I'll admit it, I do, especially the Momma cause she snuggles me a lot and I love it!

Well one bean I really like is the Momma's niecy, Alexis. She is a nice girl and she will play and play and play with me, especially with my feather toys, which I love,love,love!   Anyway, we kitties found a great present to give her and the Momma (shhhhhh....) for Christmas.  It didn't cost many monies and it's really cool.

 We was over looking at the cool "Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide for Cats"  to see if we could find the Momma a nice present.  Miss Sarah does so much to try to help kitties like me, not to be homeless or out there making more little kitties, and she sells awesome t-shirts and hoodies that aren't just cool, but they save cats lives.  If your Daddy bean needs a present for your Mom bean (or the other way around or something for any bean) they could get one of these in time for Christmas if they do it fast!

Oops, I got off track, sorry.  Anyway... she has a list of the stocking stuffers and we were looking and looking and looking, and we got to lucky number 13 and we found it! And better yet we could get TWO for the price of one!  AND we could make it ourselves and it would be different from anyone elses!

It's from a company called "WEAR SHARE"  and they make, well they help YOU make really cool plastic bracelets with pictures of anything you want on them, and then give you "one to wear - one to share" !  It's really easy and really inexpensive. You use your facebook or instagram pictures to create a bracelet of your own. 
Here's a picture of the one I made for the Momma and my niecy Alexis. There's the Daddy, and Dex, our Nephew Jordan, with my niecy Alexis, and one of just Alexis, my Auntie Suzie, Harry and Tipp and my nicies Justine and Courtney.  It's strange, there don't seem to be any pictures of the Momma, pretty much anywhere.  She says it's because it's her family, and she hates flashy boxes from the front side.  (She doesn't seem to care if I like them or not. Good thing I do, mostly).  
Anyway, it's really easy and if you need a quick present for your beans, just take all those pictures they have of you and put them on a bracelet.  I give it 4 paws up!

December 2, 2012

Stars in our eyes

Holy Cod... here we go!

Thank you to our friends at Colehaus Cats who sended us 
the coveted Blog of the Year starry award.  That was
so pawsome!  

But then...

Our friends at Feline Purr-spective, Sherlock, Ash and Traveler, gived us ANOTHER star!
Woo Hoo!  We feel super lucky to have such good friends, we haven't been around so long and we have met SO many awesome kitties (and some ok humans too, and a couple woofies even)

So now we have to give a star to the kitties who gave us a star so:

and share with some other friends.  If you already have it, add a star, and if not, YOU DO NOW! MOL

of course Harry sends one to:
Miss Rainbow at  Purrs, Meows, etc.

Celestial Kitties 

Friends FurEver

Noir's Nook
 Laila and Minchie

Thanks to everyone, have an Easy Sunday...
We're watchin' some beans playing with their ball.
the Momma's hero!


December 1, 2012

Can we be friends ?

our Auntie Susie and Cousin Alexis sent this visit to the Momma today.  We thought we should share it with our friends. We thought maybe the kitty was tasting the dolphin, but the Momma said that dolphins aren't really fishes (uh, they're swimming right?) so it would be ok to be friends.

Our Auntie said when she went to the place in Florida that has the REALLY big aquari-yums that she learned that there is a connection spot under a dolphin's chin for love.  We think this kitty got the headbonks in just the right place.


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