December 31, 2012

To our friends...

We sure have gotten to know a lot of new friends since we arrived to the Catblogosphere in July.  There are lots of things going on around here, happy, exciting, funny, political,beautiful,caring, and occasionally sad.  But we are proud to be a part of them all.

We wish everyone a joyous New Year, full of purrs and headbonks, lots of nip and stinky goodness (or the nom of your choice... or trout...)  We hope your humans, beans, hoomans, personal assistants/servants remain at your beck and meow, and if you have 'em, that you get along better with your brofurs and sisfurs. (or pea-eyed maniacs...).  

And finally, for everyone we support, may all the kitties in all the shelters, sanctuaries and rescues, find health, a roof over their heads and the love of a furever home.


Happy New Year to all...                   NOW BREAK OUT THE NIPTINIS!!!

Your pals,   
Harry, Dexter and Tipp      

pee ess:  There is still time to vote for Carol's Ferals to win a $10K prize... They have the narrowest of leads and need our help.
Visit the video of  "Bow"s Story on YouTube  and "Like" it and/or leave a comment.  Each counts as a vote, and you can "like" it as many times as you care to.  Muah! and Purrs  H,D &T


  1. A perch in everee pocket
    A salmon in everee sock
    Hope yur new yeerz eve
    Trooly doez rock
    A whitefish in everee wagon
    A bass in everee bowl
    Hope yur new yeerz day
    Trooly doez roll
    A herring N everee hammick
    A trout in everee tanx
    High pawz N headbonkz
    For yur friendship we due thanx

    We hope everee one haza pawsum
    awesum soooper grate happee healthee
    2013; may yur lives bee enriched with
    loves N thanx for putting up with all
    R burd non cents de live long yeer

  2. We are so glad you joined us here on the interwebs!!! Have a great 2013!

  3. We are so glad to have become friends with you this year! We hope your 2013 is filled with happiness, love and joy, and look forward to following more of your adventures. :)

    Happy New Year!

  4. Happy New Year and hope 2013 is good to you all.. Hugs GJ xx

  5. Wishing all you guys lots of nice treats in 2013!

  6. We're glad to have met you this year! Happy New Year! We wish you a blessing-filled 2013!

    Pip, SMidgen, minnie, Hollie

  7. Happy Mew Year from all of us at The Katnip Lounge!

  8. Happy New Year, dear Harry, Dexter and Tipp.
    Special purrs ... Rainbow

  9. Happy New Year to all of you! We're so glad we have met you...our fellow Michiganders!

  10. HEHE=great photo!!...Happy 2013, wonderful friends=wishing you all a New Year filled with great health and lots of fun!!!...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

  11. Wishing you the very best Happy New Year! Thank you so much for all your help. May good karma find and keep you in 2013! Purrs from Seth, Maxx, Miss Newton, Tessa, Pia Bean, Olivia, Quint and new Ruby.

  12. Happy New Year new friends. We hope it's a great one for you.

  13. Wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR !
    See you in 2013 :)

  14. Good health and happiness in 2013! xxoo Patty & Bhu

  15. Happy New Year from all of us to all of you!

  16. Happy New Year!

    We've enjoyed your friendship as well!

    Tom, Mom Julie & kitties

  17. Happy New Year! I shared Bow's video on my Facebook page, and asked people to go vote!

  18. A furry Happy Mew Year!!!
    We wish you great happiness and health!

  19. HAPPY NEW YEARS, my friends! It's so nice to have met you, here's to an even better 2013!!

  20. May 2013 be a year of happiness, peace and laughter for you and yours.

  21. HAPPY NEW YEAR! We shared your post thru tweeting and on Facebook, we don't see you around much so we aren't sure that you saw it. Just wanted you to know we did!

  22. What a lovely post - so heartfelt, warm, and well said. Happy New Year to you and yours from the Zee/Zoey gang!

  23. Happy New Year to all of your family! The BEST is yet to comE!


  24. Happy New Year, my Sweet Furiends! May 2013 bring you the best of treats and pettings and brushings and nappies, too ;-)

  25. Happy New Year 2013 to you and your family from ours!

  26. Hello, thank you for visiting our blog. Have a nice New Year 2013 !

  27. Happy New Year. I hope all your wishes come true in 2013. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.


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