December 25, 2013

Touched by an angel...

Tipp asked if he could do our Merry Christmas post this year.  He is the hardest cat for me to photograph, because he is a.) black  b.) shiny and c.) doesn't like the big one eye looking at him.  But yesterday, I caught a special picture...

 Tipp:   Mom, don't use that one, you got a big spot on my head!

Mom:  Oh, but honey, that's WHY I want to use it... did you know that it's a special spot?

Tipp:  Special?

Mom:  Definitely, I think it's a halo.  You've been touched by an angel!

Dexter:  Yeah, Tipp, you're touched alright, touched in the head!

Mom:  D !!!   It's Christmas, do you think you want to be naughty?

Dexter:  uh... oops... sorry Tipp.

Tipp:  Sigh...

Mom:  Anyway, I think what it means is that at this special time of year your angel brofurs and sisfurs are watching over you.  They brought you a day of wonderful winter sunshine and happiness ( I know you're happy, I can hear your purring from here).  I think it's there way of telling us Merry Christmas.

Tipp:  Wow... how come no one else has one of these halos?

Mom:  I don't know Tipp, I guess today is your special day.

Tipp:  Mom, I wish that all the kitties everywhere had angels watching over them and making them feel special...

Mom:  They do honey, they do.  We don't always see it, but they are always there.

Tipp:   Wow...  hey mom?

Mom:  Yes Tipp?

Tipp:   Merry Christmas!

Mom:  Merry Christmas honey,  and Merry Christmas to everyone!

Tipp:  Merry Christmas Blogosphere!!!!

December 24, 2013

To my 'lil bean at Christmas time...

To my dear 'lil bean...

I know you have been a very good girl this year, so the guy with the sandy claws will probably bring you lots of presents, like springy things, and maybe some nifty noms or a new blankey to snuggle on...

If I had my way, I'd put a big purple bow around my neck and hop onto his sky flying thing and have him deliver me straight to you!  We would have so much fun!  I would love to explore your house, and I could wear my cool blue harness and me and Quint could take a stroll outside... I know it's probably kinda dull and the flowers are gone this time of year, but at least it wouldn't be all snowy and stuff.  I would have to wear my Michigan mittens on all four paws if I went outside here.  You could watch us explore from the window, so you could stay nice and fluffy and warm.  I promise I wouldn't be gone long.

It would be fun to meet everyone in your house "nose-to-nose".  I would be on my best behavior, and especially give Miss Ruby all the space she wanted. And I'd shake paws with your Dad Steve so he would see that I'm a really good guy (wink,wink) and I'd sit with you if your mom Carole wanted to read us a story.

But sorry my sweetie, but it's not to be.  The miles are just to many and Sandy Claws is just got too many other stops to make to bring me along for the ride.

So since mom has your picture up on the computer for me to see, I thought I'd send an updated one for you.  I snuggle here in bed with Mom and Dad every night for awhile and dream a little dream of the sweetest girl I know... yes you, my 'lil bean.  I hope you're thinking of me too

All my purrs and nose kisses... your D.

December 11, 2013

December 4, 2013

While Mom's away...

Dad's in charge!

"Now if you kitties promise not to tell mom about me putting my feet up and watching a bunch of football games on the TV while she's gone, there will be tunas, and nip cigars enough for you and all your blogosphere friends... deal ?"


Feel free to stop on by and hang out until Monday night, we'll make sure Dad gets to the store early to stock the fridge.

Oh yes, and we'll take volunteers for the clean-up crew before Mom get's home Monday night... this one could go into overtime!

ssshhhhhhh..... don't tell Mom!

December 3, 2013



Doods, I just had to bust the busted today!

My grey Clooney-Clone-Cousin, Spooks posted on our Aunt Susie's FB page about getting busted getting into her tea.  Her CATNIP tea.   Seriously, what was she thinking?  Leaving a box of A1 primo teabags within reach of a discriminating feline?  What did she expect?  They came from the health food store, so we know it was the GOOD stuff.  

Sure Catnip tea is great for humans... it can help them sleep, and calm the digestive system, but c'mon, we all know what Catnip is best for...

So here's Spooks post, looks like "all's well that ends well"!


"So if you read my moms fb status from this morning you'll totally know I got busted getting into her catnip tea bags she left on the counter... the good news is she didn't waste an ounce of it she totally made me a sock toy full of it!!... my mom rocks.... totally.. ( I'm so high... can you hear what I'm thinking??)"


November 28, 2013

Thanksful Thursday

Seems doubly appropriate that we send our purrs, headbonks, love and gratitude to our friends all over the world of the Cat Blogosphere.  You touch us deeply, make us laugh, shed a tear, fight the fight, support a cause, care for each other and for those less fortunate.

We wish each and every one of you (humans too!) a very, very heartfelt THANK YOU! for the part you play in our lives.

Your friends in the frozen cherry capital of the world...

Horatio Petrushka Nutkin, esq.
Mr. Tipp

Tiny Little Willow

Your friends at Cherry City Kitties!

November 23, 2013

Easy like Sunday...

We're just gonna hang out today and have an 
easy Sunday while mom and dad do their thing.  
We don't know why they've been soooooo 
busy lately, but we hope they'll join us 
for a snuggle a bit later.

Have a great easy everyone!

pee ess:  Don't forget to join us at the Tabby Cat Club on Monday for our version of the "Soft Kitty" song!

Photohunt *OVER*

Mom says she's so *over* winter in November...  
I think it's kinda pretty.

November 17, 2013

Weathering the Weather

Geeze, November in Michigan...  Wednesday, it was 17 degrees!
 Today, 57 of them.

Hey Mom, it's starting to rain.  Good thing you guys got home and got the car unpacked...


What was that Dex?  I couldn't hear you over the thunder...
 Dex?   Dexter?

Uh... I'm ok mom,  I just thought I'd watch it from down here... a little safer I think!

A few minutes later our phones went off.  The Daddy got on his HAM Radio weather watcher guys station and reported in, and we found out we had Flash Flood warnings, Thunderstorm warning (duh...)  and even this far north we were under a Tornado Watch!  We sure are glad we made it home from my birthday weekend before all this mess hit...  And we're really glad it wasn't 17 degrees when it did.  We might have been digging out until July!


November 1, 2013

It's our Daddy's Birthday!

We just wanted to tell everyone that today, 
our Daddy Mark turns
"The Big 6-Oh"!

We wanted to tell you why we are having such a celebration here today... 

We love him cause he plays and plays with us!

 He lets me help him build things!

Sometimes he shares his snacks!

"Who loves the new cat tree?"
           I do Daddy, I do!                      
He's a pawesome snuggler too!

So we got you a cake... your favorite... yellow on the inside and chocolatey on the outside....

And your favorite... pepperoni pizza!

And we invited all our friends from the blogosphere to help us wish you...

We love you tons and tons!

Your kids, Harry, Dexter, Tipp and Willow

and the other furkids you've had in your life...
Angel Arthur, Jenny, Abby, Sophie, Max and Yuri


October 31, 2013

Perfect portrait

Thanks to our friend Cody at Cat Chat with Caren and Cody  (ok, thanks to Cody's mom...)  my mom found a way to finally get a portrait done the way a black cat deserves!

to all of you from all of us!

Tipp, Harry, Dexter and Willow

October 24, 2013

Our Sattelite Dish must be frozen

Hey mom!   The sattelite dish must be "frozen up" again...  what?  No?   Then this must be a rerun from last season... 

WHAT?   NO?????

*sigh*... welcome to Autumn in Northwest Michigan...

October 22, 2013


Click on Tipp to be transported to Boolatry!

Hey everyone!

Today we are celebrating the upcoming holiday over at
the blog of our friends at Zoolatry!

We are part of the Boolatry hi-jinx today and while we would put our uber-cool badge here, we want you to go over and visit there and see all the cool  kitties participating this year... don't forget to scroll to the posts of the last several days to see all the fun!

Thanks for having us this year, we're so proud to be a part!
Harry, Dexter, Tipp and Willow

pee ess: sorry for the lame quality of this post... mom's computer has been "fritzing"  whatever that means.  All we know is she is using a lot of HBO words when she trys to add pictures and stuff.

October 15, 2013

Join us at the Tabby Cat Club today!

Please join us for another great event at the 
Tabby Cat Club... 

The lovely Miss Oui Oui is hosting "A Few of My Favorite Things - My Way"  so we've warmed up our voices to sing a verse or two!

Tind out which Cherry City Tabby sings about their favorite thing... click on the above and teleport on over to the club!

Oh yeah, and help us celebrate "Tock-tober"  Tabby style!   
See ya there!

October 6, 2013

An award? For us? OMC!

Hi everyone, Willow here!

I'm so excited because I got to make a new friend today!  Her name is Kim and she has a blog called "Witch Cats Blog" and she writes about neat things... and cats of course.  She gave us a really nice award, called the Shine On Blogger award, and it's really, really pretty!

Mom said she was surprised to hear from her, because she has a big sad.  Her own kitty, Mr. Earl Gray (not the Nova Scotia kitty) ran off to the Rainbow Bridge really fast not to long ago.  He was only 2 years old and the v-e-t thought that he must have had heart that stopped working because nothing else was wrong.  So young and so unexpected. And so sad...  I never got to even meet him, but my brofurs said he was an excellent man and constant companion to his mom and dad.  We will miss him.

But his mom is carrying on, and we are so grateful to get this beautiful award.  Mom says it must be for me cause I'm a tiny little girl, but I will share it with the boys (if they behave...hee hee).  So I have to tell you 7 things about me, but since I'm not so interesting, I will tell you something about each of us.

1.  I am the talker of the family.  When I want something done, I strut right up and say so.  I kinda have to cause I'm tiny and mom and dad might miss me if I was quiet!

2.  Tipp wants to be a housepanther when he grows up.  He has a little tuxedo on right now, but mom teases him and says someday she'll take a "sharpie" and color it in.  He thinks black cats are "da bomb".

3.   Dexter took my favorite shelf on the cat tree.  'nuff said.

4.   Harry has the longest back toenails ever! He goes "click, click, clickety, click" down the hallway.  He won't let mom or dad touch them.  I say we should sneak up him when he's sleeping and paint them pink!

5.  Mom has left the house almost everyday for 16 years now to go to the same place to get green papers to buy us noms and toys.  She likes it mostly and says she never imagined doing something for so long.  Except being married to dad!

6.  Speaking of Dad,  mom calls him a "hamgeek".  I thought it meant he liked ham (we ALL like ham - except Tipp) but it means he talks into a box and gets to talk to humans all over the world, like we get to on Facebook (note: Dad does NOT have a Facebook page, but we do!)

7.  I guess that brings it back to me... hmmm.... let's see... hmmm.... oh nuts, I can't think of anything very interesting, so for now we'll leave it to passing along this pretty award to some of my new friends on the blogosphere.

My honorary sisfurs Zoey and Gracie at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life

Winchester Feline (he really knows how to handle his humans!)

My other friend Zoey at The Island Cats (cause she has to deal with brofurs just like me!)

And finally, Miss Erinn Zuzu Niblet, at the Colehaus Cats, who deserves an award just for being patient with her foster mom and dad for flashy boxing her all the time.  Don't worry Erinn, I know you're probably too busy to blog, but I wanted you to have something pretty just for you!

Now that mom's done with her turning the ship (???) I'll have time to do more visiting.  When I'm not plotting to steal back my favorite shelf on the cat tree (don't worry Dexter, you gotta use that litterbox sometime!)

October 5, 2013

Fall comes creeping

the Fall comes creeping in...

on little, grey, cat feet...

pee ess:  Concats EZZ on the birth of your niblets! 
For updates, please visit our special friends at Colehaus Cats!

September 26, 2013

We lit our candle...

Please spread the message and make sure that your friends and family dedicate Thursday, September 26, 2013, to remembering the millions of orphan pets who lost their lives over the last year.
We lit ours to remember the kitties who were not given a chance at finding a forever home because they tested positive for Feline Leukemia.  Blessings to all you beautiful souls.

September 18, 2013

A mancats work is never done...

What is it?

I dunno...  it's big...

It's yellow...

It's  MOVING!!!!!

Cripes sakes, you big babies... I'll check it out!

Oh geeze... it's just the Cat's Meow that Mom won for us on Uncle Max Maxx's auction... duh!

See... first you turn it on, here...

And... in for the kill!    Nuthin' too it!

Who's next ???

September 15, 2013

Mom, we couldn't have made this easier for you....

Mom, really, we know you are gone all the time right now, or on the computer NOT blogging for us, so really, we want to make it easy for you... it's Sunday... easy... just click a few buttons... there you go... that's it.. and .........

There.  We're all getting our easy on and you can go back to work now...  not so hard, was it?

(really, mom has been doin' it "overtime" lately.  She is finishing her internship this week and has pages of papers to finish writing about all the kitties and woofies and other animals she's been doing reiki with.  Then she has a couple of students this week and finally her daytime job is getting back to normal pace now that allthe kids are settling back into school.  She swears she'll be back blogging and visiting more soon.  She does try to stop by and visit all of you when she can, and misses you all.  We'll see you all again soon, we promise!)

September 2, 2013

Postcard to Pia

Apparently, burds take a long time to fly across the ocean... I am so sorry this was delayed to you, my little one...   D.

August 30, 2013

Paris in the summertime...

We've been visiting Paris this week with our honorary brofur Moosey and Oui Oui and the Twinkletoes Gang!   Stop over to the Tabby Cat Club and see Moosey's post of our adventures!

pee ess:  Are you a blogging Tabby?  Would you like to be part of fun and frivolity such as this?  Please contact Dexter and Willow, TCC Recruiters, at cherrycitykitties AT yahoo DOT com.  The Tabby Cat Club wants YOU!
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