January 30, 2013

Watching the Nature Channel

Sometimes, you just gotta spend the day watching t.v.  At least I'm watching the Nature Channel.

January 28, 2013

January 26, 2013

Photohunt: KNITTED

The Photohunt today is KNITTED.  We couldn't find any pictures of us on the blue knited blanket, and Tipp wouldn't wear his Dr. Who scarf, so we thought we'd show you some old pictures of the sheep the momma and the daddy used to raise when they first moved here.

This guy was named Grackle.  He is an Icelandic sheep.  That means that his great grandparents actually came over to Canada in an airplane, right from Iceland.  And all his relatives are from Iceland, no where else. Iceland sheep are very floofy and you can make tons of yarn balls from their fur.    This grey one is Miss Lizzie and even though she's a girl, she still has horns! Some girls do and some girls don't.  She is only 1 years old here and has this much fur... here's another picture..

Oh yeah, and she's pregnant too!

Just another pretty picture so you can see they come in all colors, spots, patterns, etc.  This is Noisette.

And last is Loeki.  She was the momma's favorite.  She lived here for 12 years, which is way old for a sheep.  She was very floofy and soft.  She had twins every year, and triplets the last year she was here.  She went to the Rainbow Bridge, our best momma ever.

So the momma didn't ever knit much from all ths fur stuff that they got shaved, but they sold it to lots and lots of people who did.  And we hope they are still as snuggly warm in it as the sheeps were.


January 25, 2013

Fix me up Friday

Slurp, slurp

Gotta get lookin' good

Ooops, missed a spot
Gotta clean the Floof,  don't worry I wont go farther!

One last spot way back....

Aaaaahhhh..... that's more like it!

So now what, all bathed up with no place to go... sigh.

January 22, 2013

Our three questions...

So we heard today was National Answer your Cat's Questions day,  so the Momma agreed to give us each a question, and she would answer them for us today... so here goes...

Harry:  So how come my name is Horatio Petrushka Nutkin ?  I do like Harry, much better.

You did start off as just Harry, but as many parents do, when their children are in hot water, utilize all 3 of their names to call them.  So in case  you don't remember you were a pretty naughty kitten, so the first part you got was Nutkin, because you had big ears when you were a kitten and you looked like Squirrel Nutkin from the Beatrix Potter book.  Harry became formally "Horatio" probably because your dad and I watched CSI Miami a lot and we liked David Caruso.  The Petrushka came from the fact that several of our angel kitties somehow ended up with "P" as their middle initial (Arthur P. Suckboy, Abberita P. Kins)  Somehow, sorry I don't remember more, but your "P" sounded better as Petrushka.  Now if you would be a good boy more often, you could just be Harry, or Harry Nutkin... get my drift ?

Tipp:  So Harry and Dexter got all these cool catnip toys for Christmas... they get crazy for them,  rolling around, drooling, being silly...  Me, when I go to play with them... meh... nuthin'.  What's up with that ????

Don't worry sweetie, lots of kitties could care less about nip.  It is part of what makes you, you.  About 1/3 of kitties don't care about nip either, which works out just right since there are 3 of you boys. ( I know, you don't know math... ask your daddy, he'll explain it to you... at length... until you get sleepy...)

Just remember that you get your excitement from the thrill of the hunt.  You are the bestest killer of feather wands, crinkly balls, squeeky mice (and real ones on occasion) and your brothers are pretty lame in that department.  So be proud of who you are, and remember, if you don't get nipped out, chances are I will take less pictures of you in compromising posititons.

Dexter:  Why am I so snuggly all the time?  I always want to make biscuits and like your hand, I like you to hold and have my belly rubbed... and I get sad a little when you are not around.  Daddy said when you were gone to a trip that I seemed a little lost and lonely.  The other boys don't act like that... why do I ?

I'm not sure my sweet boy, but maybe it's because you see me as your mom. Your real kitty mom is an angel, she went to the Rainbow Bridge when you were a teeny tiny kitten.  Some really good people raised you and your little sister (remember Valentine?) by holding you and feeding you from a little tiny bottle and keeping you warm and safe.  The people were like your family, like a mom who would take care of you like that.  You were still pretty young when you came to live with the Daddy and I, so maybe I became your mom, just like the other people had been.  I think it's also because you are a sensitive kitty, and that you feel my energy, like when we sit really quiet sometimes together.  But the why doesn't really matter, you are my boy and I love you.  I love your brofurs too, but you and I have our own special ways.  Really, can you see me trying to rub Harry or Tipp's bellies ?  That's your special love and I only do that with you.

Well, thanks mom for answering our questions... we hope you kitties out there take a minute today to ask your humans for some answers to the great mysteries of your lives.  See ya soon!

January 21, 2013

Mancat Monday

OK mom, really, you need me to get off because you NEED a recipe for chicken soup???  Really???  Throw the bird in the crockpot, add stuff, add water... It's not a gourmet kinda thing...

Oh yeah, and don't forget to put some of that meat from the bones directly into my dish... no broth necessary!

January 18, 2013

The straight "dope" about Catnip

Sorry kitties, this ones for your humans...

Have you had that talk with your kitty about  (duh,duh,duh...) CATNIP ???   According to the completely accurate science and terrible side effects of the dreaded "herb", we might want to rethink introducing our precious kitties to something with such... such... well, just watch the video and see for yourselves...

Makes you think, huh?  Could it be that some of your kitties long term "behavior issues" could stem from repeated catnip flashbacks, or brain damage?  Is it worth sending them on a mind blowing trip, just to see them crash and burn, and maybe never recover ????  The facts are here. And they are terrifying.

So consider collecting up those nip filled mousies, kickers, balls, cigars, what have you , and keep your kitties safe from the unknown dangers of catnip...

Uh... well...uh... maybe not....  Anyone up for a Niptini??? There's a good kitty... nice kitty... oh look!  Here's a new mousie for you....

Uh, humans, please disregard this post and delete it, before it's too late....  AARRGGHHAAAAGG...

January 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Betty White!

We're holding the Momma up in her computer chair so she can get back to business.  Frankly we are all getting a bit tired of wearing these little nurse get-ups (especially the hats!!!), but we are doing our best to help the Momma get better fast.  We are also missing the fact that there is currently no "biscut making" on her belly cause it's still oww-wy, and the Daddy doesn't really like it much.  Oh well, what's a kitty boy to do?

We all thank you again for all the healing purrs and prayers.  They help so much.

So we found on the Face-booky thing that today is Betty White's 91st birthday!  She is a raucous old broad, we just love how she seems to get away with making the Momma and the Daddy laugh so much.  The Daddy said that she's pretty dirty for an old girl, but we thought she looked immaculate and clean... we wonder about the Daddy sometimes...

Anyway, Betty White is a big friend to all animals, and, even though we hate a trip to the v-e-t, we agree with her that the best thing to do is to get us spayed or neutered.  It's important that, in these times of too many kitties and woofies desparately waiting for forever homes and having to live in shelters, or worse yet losing their lives because there is no place for them, that we kitties take responsibility to not make anymore. 
Many of us were those kittens once and we know what a hard life it can be, and we don't wish that on anyone.

So we thought we'd show you about Betty's campaign "Betty White's Bucks for Balls" (the Momma says it's really funny, but no one gave us any money for ours!!!).  If we all sent her $1 for her birthday, think of how many kitties could be spayed/neutered and how many less unwanted kittens would be born.  You can visit her at the website "Actors and Others for Animals" to send her a birthday $1 so she can help.

We thank all of our friends who have been missing us, and we're sorry we haven't visited you all more.  But things are getting better everyday, and we'll see more of you really soon.

Harry, Dexter and Tipp

January 13, 2013


You may not know it, but we kitties do have the ability to taste sweet things.  Smart humans have found that some of the taste buds toward the back of our tongues actually do pick up sweet flavors. Whatever the case to many cats and dogs are drawn to the little colorful puddles in their humans driveways that are from the v-e-t transport units, called anti-freeze.  Well, we recently heard some good news...

Auto Coolant Manufacturers to Take Steps To Reduce Poisonings From Products 

Just don't lick it!

The Humane Society Legislative Fund and Consumer Specialty Products Association jointly announce an agreement to voluntarily add a bitter flavoring agent to antifreeze and engine coolant manufactured for sale for the consumer market in all 50 states and the District of Columbia  to prevent animals and children from being poisoned by the sweet-tasting liquid. Poisoning occurs because animals are attracted to the sweetness of antifreeze and engine coolant, which inadvertently spills in our driveways or is left in open containers in garages.


“This is a ground-breaking example of what’s right with Washington,” said Sara Amundson, executive director of the Humane Society Legislative Fund. “After years of battling over legislation addressing this important issue, the manufacturers of antifreeze and engine coolant have been working with animal advocates to pass state laws with mutually-agreed on language. Now, the Humane Society Legislative Fund applauds them for taking this important step to help protect our pets, kids and wildlife in every state.”

HSLF estimates range from 10,000 to 90,000 animals poisoned each year after ingesting ethylene glycol, the highly toxic substance used in auto antifreeze and coolant. Ethylene glycol’s sweet smell and taste make it attractive to animals as well as children. The manufacturers are adding bitter-tasting denatonium benzoate to antifreeze and coolant sold directly to consumers across the country.

“Partnering with the Humane Society Legislative Fund in passing these laws in 17 states has shown by finding compromise and working together we can develop sound public policy. It is vital that consumers continue to read the labels and follow label instructions on the proper use, storage and disposal of antifreeze.  Today, all major marketers are placing the bitterant in antifreeze in all 50 states,” said Phil Klein, executive vice president, legislative and public affairs for CSPA.

  • Seventeen states currently require the addition of the bittering agent to antifreeze and engine coolant: Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin.
  • Oregon passed the first state law and it has been in effect since 1991.
  • In one survey, two out of three veterinarians reported that they had treated at least one case of antifreeze/engine coolant poisoning each year.
  • One teaspoon of antifreeze or engine coolant can kill an average-sized cat.
  • Denatonium benzoate has been used in common household products and as an anti-nail biting formula for decades in the United States.
CSPA Website News Release 12/13/12

It's not perfect, but it's a startPlease, when your human buys anti-freeze to put into their v-e-t transport vehicle, have them make sure that they check that it was made in the USA and that it has denatonium benzoate added.  It may not be available everywhere until next year, and it likely won't be in products manufactured outside the US. And even if does have that nasty tasting stuff in it, IT'S STILL POISON so JUST DON'T LICK IT!  

January 12, 2013

Just a quick meow...

Hi friends!

Just a quick meow at ya to let you know that the Momma came through her surgery thing ok.  The human v-e-t told the Daddy that everything went really well for her and she's home now getting better.  We had to learn quick that we couldn't climb up for a snuggle with her, so we snuggle with the Daddy for now, but we do lay around her, especially when she naps in the daytime (like we do!).  It's real hard for her to sit up for very long yet, so we told her we'd keep this short. But we wanted you all to know that your purrs, prayers and reiki love helped her tons and she (and we) are really grateful.

We'll let her rest again now. She promises we'll see more of you soon.

Harry, Dexter and Tipp

January 5, 2013

We'll be gone for a short bit...

First, our Sunday Easy...  

Harry: " Yeah, I know, I'm making up for the Laundry threats..."

Dexter:  "What are those guys up to now???
You'd think they actually liked each other or something..."

Now, dear friends... You may not see much of us in the next week. the Momma is going to the human V-E-T hospital to have a surgery (no, not THAT surgery) and will be gone from us for a few days.  When she comes home she will be on some human "nip" for where it hurts, and we have instructions not to jump on her, even though we will be happy to have her home with us and will want the snuggles we missed out on.

She appologized to us and said she probably couldn't type for us for a few days, and the Daddy, even though he works with computers, does NOT know how to make our bloggy pages.  So we probably won't see you until next weekend.  We might try to navigate around and visit you, but the typing thing is really tough, so we probably won't be able to leave you any words.  But don't worry, we won't be gone long!  We could never leave our new friends hanging any longer than absolutely necessary!

Have fun and we'll catch up with you as soon as we can.
Harry, Dexter and Tipp

pee ess: if you do anything really super cool, let us know... we wouldn't want to miss too much fun!

Photo Hunt: ADD

Harry:   "Fine.  If he wants to hog 
my laundry basket, then ADD him to the laundry.  Darks.  Wash in cold water only.

So there. That'll learn ya." 

January 3, 2013

We Are???? Who knew!

Our buddy, Basil the Bionic Cat , star of literature and soap operas...  gived us a new award.   We were so surprised, but he thinks we are worthy of being part of


We're pretty new around the blogosphere, we're just six months old, so this is a pretty pawesome award to get, especially from such a worldly cat like Basil.  So thank you from the bottom of our paws!

Now, as a part of our award, we get to name 5 blogs who we think should be a part of  The Next Big Thing !  So here they are: 

All the kitties at  Cattales at Barn Cat Mansion
The Tabbies at    Whiskers in the Window   
                            Pattyskypants and Bhu

Dexter wants to nominate the Tabby hostess with the mostest
    Miss Gracie at  Goodness Gracie

And fresh off the campaign trail, Miss Katie's second in command
the one, the only Cathy Keisha at  Stunning Keisha

Concatulations Friends!

While we're at it, we'd like to share a new blog Basil introduced us to,  Clawless... a Soap Opurra for Cats!  High drama, thrills and mystery await you !  It is one exciting story after another.  Stop by and check them out!


January 2, 2013

The Power of The Pussycat!

WE DID IT!!!!!

Thanks to the efforts of all of Carol's Ferals supporters, they WON the WA2S 1st Annual Animal Non Profit Year End Video Appeal Challenge !!!!!   And we know that we were all big helps in getting the word out and click'n and like'n and share'n our seeminly incessant posts... well, it "paid off" and in a big way.

We can only imagine what that kind of help that funding will bring (Harry thinks they need to start with a couple grand in catnip toys...) to help their TNR efforts, helping with medical treatment for seriously ill or injured kitties and providing a safe and loving refuge for kitties awaiting their forever homes. In 2012 Carol's Ferals had:

-189 adoptions of our adoption program cats (over 550 in six years)
-1,300+ strays and ferals neutered/spayed through TNR (over 6,300 in six years)
-Live saving treatment to well over a dozen critically injured cats that would have been euthanized at a shelter or died outside without care. Lil' Stevie, Gwen, Ceme, Tary, Faline, Winks, Reeve, Sam, Countess, Bobbi, Ludwig, Marlee, Forrest, Stanley, Biscuit, Barnabas, Madaline, Seishim, Rogue, Brooke....just the tip of the iceberg."

Tipp's rescue, UN-Cats, had help from Carol's Ferals in a TNR project in which they helped a colony of over 20 feral cats in our area.  Their volunteers are committed, caring and loving people, who work tirelessley on behalf of ones with no voice of their own.

As we saw back in the "Cat Ruler of the World" campaigns and on your posts and websites that cat rescues and shelters are a big part of your lives.  Many of us came through a shelter or rescue (Thank you A.C. Paws!... Love, Dexter)  in some cases, whole families! We know that you (and/or your humans) give their time, blog space and hearts to helping shelters in your area and we know how much it means to them, and all the kitties (and woofies) still waiting to go to their forever homes.  We encourage you to keep fighting the good fight and keep giving a little time, money or voice to a group near and dear to you.  Together we can all help!  And we do. And it makes a difference.  And it MADE a difference, a pretty big one at that.  Thank you all from the bottom of our purry little hearts...
We're getting a much needed rest after campaigning!

Harry, Dexter and Tipp
Mom Carolyn and Dad Mark  

 pee ess: Let us know if we can put out the word for a shelter you love... the more of us that meow... well... the more likely we will get some treats to shut us up!  MOL!
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