February 26, 2013

OMC, We've been LOL'ed!!!

Sorry we've been away all, but some dead mouse was clogging up are intertubes!!!  No, it wasn't a catnip mouse, well it wasn't a mouse really, but we thought it sounded better than the dumb main route-her was messed up down the road, so we blamed it on the mousie.

Anyway, we're all safe and sound, except in our absence, WE WERE LOL'ED.  That darn Wendy got us good.  Especially Tipp.  Apparently he has an "issue" and we think he might be somehow related to Mr. Pooty.. we mean Puddy!

Pop on over to Wend'ys LOL Spot and take a peek.  She does such a good job, maybe we should get her a job called "Crazy Cats of the Intertubes".  We think it would be great on Animal Planet!

Thanks Wendy!
Harry, Dexter and Tipp

 No, as you can tell, this is not one of us, his name is Nei-Haow and he is one of the FeLV+ kitties that mom does Reiki with at the Sanctuary.  She just thought that this was a great picture of his handsome face. 
( never mind the dangly things )

PEE ESS:   Since we were "offline" this weekend... we wanted to concatulate Maxwell, Faraday and Allie on being picked to win the bottle of "Grief and Loss" flower essences.  They so kindly asked us to pass it along to Petie's mom, so if they could get me in touch with her, I would be happy to get that right out.  


  1. We'll hop over and see your LOL. Have a happy Tuesday, furriends!

  2. We'll go over and have a look at your LOL spot - we could do with a giggle.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. doods..yur LOL wuz grate...musket teerz !!!hope Nei-Haow be doin all rite after yur mom gived him hiz reiki session !! him iz one handsome dood :)

  4. Oh I have to head off to see YOU in LOLspot !
    I'm sure I will have a good laugh !!!

  5. I will run over to Wendy´s to see your LOL`s right away :)

  6. WOW you can feel pretty proud yourself for getting a Wendy's LOL. She's very good, and you certainly deserve it.

  7. I'll go over and see your LOL right now!

  8. that's great! your kittys are so cute

  9. So glad you got a kick out of them! Tipp is a natural -- natural gas, that is! By the way, you are now eligible to snag the "I bin LOL'd on Wendy's LOLSpot" badge which you will find on the right sidebar of the LOLSpot.

    And if you ever know of a real job that could use my 'talents' (?), I'm all for it.


  10. ME LOVES the LOLS!
    They always makes coffee come out Mommy's nose!

  11. We are heading over to see your LOLs now! :)

    We love that picture of Nei-Haow. He's so handsome!

  12. Nei-Haow is so very very handsome - we know that Reiki's doing a world of good! Thanks soo much for the flower essences! We'll email you what we know of Petie's contact info now!!


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