February 28, 2013

Our Angel Squillions

Hi all!

Today is Squillion Day and we'd like to introduce our first two angel Squillions to everyone.

First is Angel Yuri.  Yuri was mom's boy, he was a big chunky barn cat with lots of love to give.  When mom would hold him, he would snuggle up, make biscuits on her sholder (ouch) and purr and DROOL! Yep, whenever he was happy with mom, he would drool on her... and she never minded.
Yur's last picture, sleeping on Mom's pillow
Yuri in his younger days


                                           Yuri had a bad heart murmur and mom knew from the begining that he might not be with us long.  He was pretty much  an outside kitty, but one winter, he started to want to come in the house at night.  Over time, he stayed in more and more, and eventually was inside mostly.  Mom says one day in the spring, she went to let him outside, and she just knew it was the last time she would see him.  And sadly, she was right.  We think that he knew it was his time, so he went off, like they say the Native Americans used to do and died in peace.

Second, we have Angel Sophie.  Sophie was dad's kitty.  He found her one February, when the temperature was 10 degrees BELOW zero.  He was out feeding our sheep and she came out of the barn.
He got our mom and little Sophie just went "belly up" for loves, and they brought her to the house and there she stayed.  She was a feral kitten and the      v-e-t lady said that she could tell her mom didn't have good food when she was pregnant and Sophie wasn't quite ok. Her head was small and her front legs were kind of short , but she got along really well for a time, and she was especially close to Harry.  She went to the bridge one day, curled up like she was sleeping peacefully.  Dad misses her very much.

Sophie and Harry

We encourage everyone to visit the Squillion Shelter at:
http://virtualsquillionshelter.blogspot.com/   and see all the work that has been done to find these wonderful Squillions furever homes.  Thanks to all the shelter keepers, we are happy to have our angels with us.


  1. Aw, sweet stories of love and heartbreak. Will go visit squillions.

  2. what sweet angels.....and a lovely tribute

  3. veree nice ta meet ewe yuri N sophie...wanna meet up over at boe boe's fish N fry N we can meowz bout how kewl R peepulz iz... while munchin on ham samiches !!??

    dude k, rainbow bridge cloud 777313

  4. Sweet stories of those who came before.

  5. My friend, I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please visit the link http://witchcatsblog.blogspot.com/2013/02/the-versatile-blogger-award.html



  6. What a lovely way to remember the ones that came before.

  7. We loves your Squillions!
    Thanks for telling their stories!


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