March 29, 2013

No cat is an island

I trecked my way through inhospitable terrain...

Mom, what is this ???

 My discovery...

 I wonder what lies beyond the snowy sea ???

Maybe Spring???

March 26, 2013

March 24, 2013

Thank you from our cousins...

Oops, we forgot! (MOM!!!!)

After all  your best wishes for our Aunt Alexis birthday last weekend ( which she LOVED)... mom we forgot to show you a few pictures... so...

Here's our beautiful Alexis, getting her Birthday Irish on!

And our cousin Chancey-Boy , we say "boy that must have been some party!"

And our other cousin Thor just moved back from Hawaii, so he got to come to the party too!

What's this ????  Did Harry get to go to the party and we didn't ????

Nope, it's our cousin Spooks, who is WAY handsomer than Harry.  (He is NOT, I am much more better looking...see?)

Anyway... Alexis sends a big Thank You  to all of you for making her birthday extra special... she loves visiting the blogosphere and seeing just what we're all up to!   Cousins Spooks and woofie cousins Chance and Thor thank you for visiting them and send their purrs & woofs to you all!


Auction for ML

Please, if you have anything to contribute, contact Marg, she will be glad to add it to the auction.

Mom donated a gift certificate for 4 distance healing reiki sessions, so if you ever wanted to try it, please bid.  

Best purrs for ML and the whole Giggleman Gang!

March 22, 2013

"Purr" Michigan???

As our kitty friends here in "The Mitten" know, Michigan has had a tourism campaign for several years called "Pure Michigan".  The beautiful photography, delicious piano music... well, here is an example...

Well, now our friends at the Michigan Humane Society have gone one better... we would like to introduce the "Purr Michigan" campaign!

Or how about...

Concats to Michigan Humane Society for giving everyone another reason to visit us here in "Purr Michigan" ! 

March 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Aunt Alexis!

We think mom is really lucky to be able to spend your Birthday with you, but we wanted to send you the best birthday wishes we could.  So.....

Here's a card full of Birthday headbonks and nose kisses...

Harry thought he would howl sing while we cut your cake...

And here's a clover for a lucky year...

We're "beaming" you our best Birthday purrs... we love you Auntie Alexis, have a wonderful day!

March 16, 2013

Photohunt: *FOOTPRINTS*

Harry here.

It is getting closer and closer to spring (which up here doesn't really begin until April...MOL)

I have gone outside (finally) with dad a couple times and here is what I saw.

These are dad's footprints out to the chicken coop  catnip garden.  Unfortunately, it is all "sleeping" right now, but just you wait.  When those first little green leaves come up....

March 10, 2013

Double trouble for Dex

I just noticed something about my brothers, and it's starting to creep me out.

My brothers have become (cue Psycho shower scene music.....)  ALIGNED !!!!!!

Sure, sure, it all looks innocent enough....

Sure, they look all innocent and sleepy, 
but I see Harry watchin' me....

And that word "aligned" sounds a lot like "alliance" to me, 
An evil alliance to be sure.


March 9, 2013

Photohunt: Monochrome... hmmmm

Hmmmm.... well, this kitty certainly fits the bill.   Wonder what this picture is all about???  

No, there is no new kitty coming to our house and no, it is not one of the UN-Cat's kitties.


All will be revealed... soon... but for now.... ooooowahahahahaahahhahaha... (manical laughter) it's a Monochrome Mystery!

pee ess: there is one member of the blogosphere who is familiar with this kitty.  You are hereby notified that you are sworn to secrecy (just because it will build curiosity... a double mystery if you will).

March 5, 2013

Mom has been remiss

Mom has been working on a new website for her business, and she has sadly been neglecting us.  We have been given two blog awards and we told here it was about time she take care of that issue... chop-chop!

The first comes from our good friend Basil the Bionic Cat.  It's good to know that he loves us, cause we sure love him!  In the spirit of brofurly and sisfurly love, we would like to pass this award on to the following:

Kjelle Bus (special from mom...xoxo)  

The next is from The Witch Cats  
What a cool household they are!  The celebrate the old ways, the turning of the seasons, the wheel of the year.  There is some very interesting and beautiful things on this blog, and we love it!

So we are supposed to tell you 7 things about us and the whole family is going to share on this one...
The Daddy:  
1. He likes to kick a football around the yard and into the old pasture for fun. 
2. He eats tons of chick-hen with buffalo sauce on it (buffalo?)
The Momma
3. She is working on her new business as an Animal Reiki Practitioner (don't worry, she still has her day job) helping woofies and kitties and horsies and llamas and sheepies and.... 
4. She is speaking at a big Mental Health convetion in June about Mental Health Research.
5. He tries to pull the Daddy's pants down from behind when he is filling his bowl with stinky goodness! (that's why one of his many nicknames is "naughty,naughty, nutkin)
6.  Kills feathery wand toys and then carries them around like a prize.
7.  Mom wrote a little story about him being her bestest Valentine's present ever and he is going to star on his own deck of cards!

Now, we have seen that so many of our friends have this award that it would be really hard to find 15 of you that don't.  So please, if you don't have it, accept this award on our behalf (wait, that doesn't sound quite right)  and know that we think you are all amazing bloggers.

Purrs to all!



March 4, 2013

Uncle Stephen's Art

The Daddy's brother Stephen went to the people's Rainbow Bridge too early, he was about the Momma's age when he had to go.  But he made pictures and they are all around our house.  Sometimes he made color pictures, but sometimes he did inks or pencils.  This is my favoritest one, it hangs above the Momma's desk where sometimes I like to go sit by it. I don't know who the kitty is, but he looks like he is resting in a sunpuddle.  We miss you Uncle Stephen, but we feel like you
are still around us.

March 1, 2013

Dr. Seuss-ish

We can't really rhyme, but our Auntie Suzie sent us this Seuss-y picture so we thought we'd share it with you on Dr. Seuss Day.   


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