March 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Aunt Alexis!

We think mom is really lucky to be able to spend your Birthday with you, but we wanted to send you the best birthday wishes we could.  So.....

Here's a card full of Birthday headbonks and nose kisses...

Harry thought he would howl sing while we cut your cake...

And here's a clover for a lucky year...

We're "beaming" you our best Birthday purrs... we love you Auntie Alexis, have a wonderful day!


  1. Happy Birthday to your Aunty !
    And Happy St.Patrick's day to you all !
    Have a PURRFECT day

  2. Top of the morning to ya! Have a fabulous St Patricks' Day. Make it a good one.
    Best wishes Molly
    PS Happy birthday to Aunty

  3. Awwww, this is soo nice...Best Wishes to you all! Kitty

  4. Happy birthday to your Aunt Alexis! And Happy St. Patrick's Day, too!

  5. I hope your aunt gets something tasty for her birthday, like grilled salmon or maybe chicken! Yum! I guess humans don't eat mice, right?

  6. What a lovely way to let your Aunt Alexis know how special she is. Happy Birthday to her.
    Happy St Patricks Day to all of you.
    Purrs ... Rainbow

  7. Happy Birthday to Aunt Alexis - what a great way to celebrate., Happy St. Patrick's Day.

  8. Happy Bday to your Aunt! ...we love that last photo of the three of you all lined up! haha!

    Happy St. Paddy's Day TOO!
    Katie, Glogirly and Waffles 'O Too.

  9. THREE sets of green lasers! FURRY appropriate on St. Patty's Day! Happy BIRFDAY Aunt Alexis!

  10. Happy Birthday to your Aunt! We hope she had a great day! And Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all!

  11. Although slightly late, Ateret, Livia, Abbi and I hope your aunt had a happy birthday. Please stop by our blog tomorrow to pick up an award we've got for you. Purrs, your friends in SE Michigan.

  12. Eye noe this commint haz nothing ta due with this post, but eye wanted ta stop bye N say thanx... & if eye said thanx a bazillion wood still knot bee enuff...

    thanx for stoppin by... N leevin condolences messagez for me....... N me mom....eye trooly appreciates this.....N me mom doez two.....

    sendin de blessings oh St Francis two all......

    love frum
    sauce of fishbone: 2-6-03 ~~~~ 3-17-13

  13. Can we send belated birthday wishes please - we are so sorry we are late but our secretary is sorely lacking any organisation!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  14. What a purrfect lineup of kitties. Happy Birthday, dear Alexis!

  15. Oops, sorry I am late, but Happy Birthday to Aunt Alexis!


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