May 31, 2013

Festive Summertime !

We're so excited !   We got our official Quint Cole  Festive Summertime picture yesterday!  Mom whisked it off to work because she said she needed it after the cold, dreary, slushy spring we've had.

It went to the top of her board at work, so everyone can see.

And to our dear artistic friend Quint, we think this card is meant for you...

Want your own Quint Cole original?  Visit Quint's Art Shop and choose the one that touches your heart the most!    Thanks Quint!

May 30, 2013

Concatulations to the Scottish SPCA !

Yep, that's right the SCOTTISH Society for the Prevntion of Cruelty to Animals is the group to receive the mom's *coppers*  from our contest!   That's right everyone,  thanks to all your comments, Mom has to get rolling and send off that donation.

The Scottish SPCA was nominated by our randomly drawn  commenters, Red, Magic and their typist RedSetter of  Pepsi Max Addict

The lovely Miss Magic
Speaking for Red and Magic, RedSetter writes:   "I am totally surprised at being the winner and would love the *coppers* to go to the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Scottish SPCA)

Magic came from the Cardonald Branch in Glasgow one snowy January day ten years ago and brought joy back to our hearts after Cat died aged 16 and a half. The very last cat we wanted was another Tortie girl as the pain was just too raw. However, our hearts were captured by sweet baby Magic who was a picture of misery with her little ears shaking with fear in this big scary shelter even though the staff were taking great care of her and all the others. They dont put healthy animals to sleep which is very important to me. I think it would be lovely to add them to the Shelter Blessing Roll.

The snuggle-icious Red
Before Red came into our lives I'd always wanted another cat but the time just wasn't right so I started up a regular donation as my way of having another 'virtual cat'. Although Red came to us nearly four years ago I've kept up my regular and one off donations to them in recognition of the great work they do."

What a great thought, a regular donation to a virtual cat.  A great option when the house won't fit one more! 

But the biggest and bestus news came a little further on...

I think kindness should always be shared and love the whole Random Acts of Kindness ethos so in return, on behalf of Red and Magic, we'd like to do a reciprocal donation to a charity of your choice. If you'd just let me know who you'd like it to go to I'll arrange this. 

Wha????  WOW!  How pawesome is that ?????  It's like pennies from heaven!  AWin-Win if we ever heard one.   UN-Cats will be thrilled!

So on behalf of Red, Magic, Harry, Dexter and Tipp mucho purrs and headbonks to each and everyone.  Your comments made this all possible.   Please stop by their blog and thank them as well, we couldn't have had a more Thankful Thursday without them!

May 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Harry Nutkin!

For ME?????   Wow you guys, I had no idea!  I guess what happens in the blogosphere stays in the blogosphere!

So for those who don't know, I was born 10 years ago today to a little all grey mom cat along with 5 brothers who looked exactly like me and 1 sister who was exactly our color but was floofier like Dexter.  When mom came over to visit us, I thought she seemed pretty a-ok, so I climbed right up her leg and sat in her lap until she got a clue that she didn't have to look at any of the others.

My full name is Horatio Petrushka Nutkin.  But everyone calls me Harry. or Nutkin. or Nutterkin. or Buttkin. or Horatio Petrushka if I'm naughty (me????).  Mom didn't have a picture of me when I was little, but she said that my ears were pretty big and I looked like some guy named Squirrel Nutkin in these books about a rabbit named Peter.  Obviously I've grown into them nicely, but the name stuck.

I know I'm 10 now... the v-e-t lady said I was considered a "senior" mancat, but don't let the grey hair fool you, I can still chase the rainbow snakey thing  almost as fast as Tipp.  I don't feel a day over 5!   So I'm up for enjoying a great party with all of you, near and far. It's so cool to be a part of the Blogosphere and have friends all over the place, especially special ones who live oceans away, but are always as close as the computer screen.  

 So welcome friends, grab a party favor or two: 

Grab a drink, or belly up to the fountain:

There is food galore:

 And save room for cake:

And if you feel as young as I do, stick around for some dancing!

 (by the light of the Jellicle moon of course!)

Thanks to all for coming, and to mom and dad, my brothers Dexter and Tipp and my Auntie Alexis party planner extraordinaire, for this cool day.  Imagine what it will be like at 20 !


pee ess:  We made it to 50 comments and mom will be coughing up the coppers to a lucky shelter!  We'll share the news with you after we clean up from this shin-dig! Stay tuned!

May 27, 2013

We need a few more.... please!

We really want to give those *coppers* away tonight... but we're still short some comments!   

We know that our US friends are on holiday, but we're hopin' we'll hit everyone by 5pm.  Mom says if we make it to 60 comments by 5pm, she'll bump it by 500 more coppers, so if you haven't told your friends, tell them to hurry and visit the *coppers* post and leave word.  We're gonna take mom for all the *coppers* she's got!

Have a blessed Memorial Day to all our friends in the US, and please remember to send blessings to those who served their countries so selflessly.


May 25, 2013

oh MOM... The real Photo Hunt *Copper*

sigh... that's what you get when you're in a rush... no mom... no lame "I was trying to get this done before your sister got here" excuses... lame is lame, and if you can't tell the word "April" from the word "May".... (see today's previous post *Wither*).

Anyway, here's a quick (albeit cheezy, mom... and lame... and I know you have to take our Aunt Alexis out to breakfast and then to visit the UN-Cats...) *COPPER* contest.

If this post makes it to 50 comments by Monday May 27th at 5 pm EST, Mom make a donation of  2000 *COPPERS* to the charity of the randomly chosen commenter's choice!

So share this post with your friends so we can make it up to 50 comments and one of you lucky kitties will win a bunch of coppers (no, we won't send all the actual coppers, too much work for the bank) for your favorite charity!  Easy-Peasy!  

Also, if you would like, mom will add anyone who wants to have their charity added to the Shelter Blessing Roll she does weekly reiki for.  Just let us know in your comment, the more the merrier!

Have a great weekend and holiday to our friends in the US!

pee ess: don't forget about Tuesday...  D&T

Photo Hunt *WITHER*

awww..... poor Nutkin...

May 24, 2013

Share the love...

Click here to visit our friend Basil!

Our good friend Basil the Bionic Cat is spreading the love around the Blogosphere.  He has tasked us to share our new award with 5 bloggers.

This is all about the love.  You don't have to do anything, but share.  No questions, no contests, no eleventy hundred bloggers to nominate, just love.

So if our friends would be so good as to share this with 5 of their blogging friends, together we can spread purrs and love throughout the blogosphere!

Our Wunderpurr Nominees:

1. Katnip Lounge
2. Cat Chat with Caren and Cody
3. Colehaus Cats
4. Herman's Hideaway
5. Hannah and Lucy

PEE ESS:  We had mom add this after Harry read it, but we are having a Birfday Pawty for him on Tuesday the 28th.  He will be the big 1-oh !  Our Aunt Alexis will be up to help with his Pawty and she wanted us to invite you all to come!  But shhhhhh.... don't tell Harry!   


May 22, 2013

What is that????

Mom went shopping for us when she went to see Dad's family in O-hi-o... see we only have a PetS**** here and they don't have certain toys Mom thought we'd like.  But in Dad's home town, they have a PetC* and well...

What the heck is that?  It's flying around... it looks yummy....

It flies around so fast, I am a whirl of energy! 

Don't worry Dee, I got it!

Thanks Mom! Da Bird is da word!  We're beat!


May 18, 2013

PhotoHunt *GLASS*

Mom and Dad are away on a little vacation to see Dad's sisters, and Grandma and Grandpa don't hardly do anything with computers, so please stay tuned for a pre-recorded blog post...

Today's photo hunt *GLASS*  

Back when our mom was young, our Grandma and Grandpa used to have "cocktail" parties.  They would serve all sorts of tasty things in pretty colors in cool glasses and everyone would get really silly.  Mom says they used to get "sips" of some of the cool drinks and sometimes her dad would make special drinks just for them.  So we thought, what better way to use a *GLASS* than to fill it with a Kitty Cocktail!  Here's our favorite suggestions 

 NOTE: you must be of legal drinking age in your state to have one of these and always drink responsibly... just like when you are on the nip...

Dexter:  My favorite is the "Cheshire Cat"  

1 1/2 oz each 
Spiced Rum
Peach Schnapps
Orange Juice

Shake and pour over ice with a cherry.

It'll get you smilin!

Tipp:  My favorite would have to be a "Black Cat"

1 oz Vodka
1 oz Cherry Brandy
put in a glass over ice and fill 1/2 and 1/2
with Cranberry juice and Cola


Harry: I go for the classic "Pink Pussycat"

3 oz of Pineapple juice
1 1/2 oz Gin
A dash or two of Grenadine syrup

A classic, like me!

Now if those don't appeal, please join us for a Meowgarita or Niptini  after all,  while the folks away, the cats will play!

May 11, 2013

Photo Hunt *LAZY*

MOM!  Quit being an orange cat and put up our Photo Hunt blog post!!!!

Thanks to our friends at GLOGIRLY for telling us that *orange* is the new *lazy* and letting us show you some of the lazy cats who are living at the UN-Cat Sanctuary, looking for forever homes!

We have Dexter, doesn't your home need a *lazy* cat too? 

Alice - Lazing about on the cat tree

Buddha- Lazes about on his favorite chair

Beatrice- Lazing about in the FeLV Room

Lucy- Lazing about on a window sill

Solei - Lazes about around your neck

Mar - Lazily watching over the big room

Hopper - lazing about on YOUR couch???              

May 8, 2013

Who's king of the forest???

So what if Dexter looks like a lion... I am the great grey panther, stalking my prey in the deep forest...

I could be the cover of National Geographic!

Make sure to visit Mom's other blog for a story about how she became a v-e-t  (sort of) ... Yikes!

May 4, 2013

Woodland Creature

My first walk in the actual woods.  
Feelin' like a jungle beast!

Please visit mom's other blog, Tipp is a part of it this time.  
As if she doesn't say enough about us... sheesh!

May 2, 2013

Tiny Shiny Kitten

Shiny in the dark
So several of you mentioned how shiny my tocks and tail were on Tuesday and if I could blush, I would.  I had a the following question asked of me, I thought I would share the answer with you all.
Dear Tipp,
Your fur is so silky and so shiny, what do you do to keep such a beautiful coat ?  
Signed,  Scruffy P. Envious, esq.

Shiny in the light
Well Scruffy, I don't know what to tell you.  The only "product" I use is cat spit, and the only deep treatment I get is when Harry decides to clean my ears.  It's just something I was born with.   Mom always calls me her "Tiny, Shiny, Kitten".    So sorry, sometimes beauty is just natural ( just take a peek at all the beautiful ladycats in the blogosphere), so unless you want Harry to come clean your ears, I don't know what more to say.  Perhaps some fish oil (nah, then your brofurs will just want to nom you... butter? nope, coconut oil?  Nope, then all those florida, beachie type kitties will want to make fruity drinks out of ya.  Well, any way... Mom, put some more shiny pictures up here and then we can cuddle, K thx bai!

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