May 30, 2013

Concatulations to the Scottish SPCA !

Yep, that's right the SCOTTISH Society for the Prevntion of Cruelty to Animals is the group to receive the mom's *coppers*  from our contest!   That's right everyone,  thanks to all your comments, Mom has to get rolling and send off that donation.

The Scottish SPCA was nominated by our randomly drawn  commenters, Red, Magic and their typist RedSetter of  Pepsi Max Addict

The lovely Miss Magic
Speaking for Red and Magic, RedSetter writes:   "I am totally surprised at being the winner and would love the *coppers* to go to the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Scottish SPCA)

Magic came from the Cardonald Branch in Glasgow one snowy January day ten years ago and brought joy back to our hearts after Cat died aged 16 and a half. The very last cat we wanted was another Tortie girl as the pain was just too raw. However, our hearts were captured by sweet baby Magic who was a picture of misery with her little ears shaking with fear in this big scary shelter even though the staff were taking great care of her and all the others. They dont put healthy animals to sleep which is very important to me. I think it would be lovely to add them to the Shelter Blessing Roll.

The snuggle-icious Red
Before Red came into our lives I'd always wanted another cat but the time just wasn't right so I started up a regular donation as my way of having another 'virtual cat'. Although Red came to us nearly four years ago I've kept up my regular and one off donations to them in recognition of the great work they do."

What a great thought, a regular donation to a virtual cat.  A great option when the house won't fit one more! 

But the biggest and bestus news came a little further on...

I think kindness should always be shared and love the whole Random Acts of Kindness ethos so in return, on behalf of Red and Magic, we'd like to do a reciprocal donation to a charity of your choice. If you'd just let me know who you'd like it to go to I'll arrange this. 

Wha????  WOW!  How pawesome is that ?????  It's like pennies from heaven!  AWin-Win if we ever heard one.   UN-Cats will be thrilled!

So on behalf of Red, Magic, Harry, Dexter and Tipp mucho purrs and headbonks to each and everyone.  Your comments made this all possible.   Please stop by their blog and thank them as well, we couldn't have had a more Thankful Thursday without them!


  1. How great the money is going to the Scottish Branch of the SPCA - we didn't realise there was just a Scottish Branch too - the English one is RSPCA and that is where we came from.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Great news - concatulations to all involved!
    Purrs ... Rainbow

  3. wow - how nice of them. Plus we hadn't met them before, so we are going to check our Magic & Red. very cool.....

  4. We agree concatulations to all involved. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. That is SO awesome! I love our blogosphere friends!

  6. That is great news. It should go to your own local chapter or whatever it's called instead of being world wide. We love your pictures - so pretty.

  7. Wow, that is SO cool! Congratulations to the Scottish SPCA, and big paws up to Red, Magic and Red Setter for making that reciprocal gift to the UN-Cats. Awesome, all the way around! :)

  8. We are jumping for joy (or at least, I am purring and mommy is smiling). We hope you also vote for Top Dog and Cool Cat (see my posts) cause today is the last day to vote for them, and it will give more shelters (2) extra help.

  9. We are sure the Scottish SPCA will love this!! :)

    Mom hasn't been on hers e-mail in a few days, but I am feeling better! I am even eating all my dinners again!! Thank you sooo much for the healing energies :)


  10. ConCATtulations to the Scottish SPCA, and big paws up to Red, Magic and Red Setter for making that reciprocal gift to the UN-Cats :)


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