July 28, 2013

Killer Mancat Monday

My dad took these with our old camera while mom and I played so sorry if they're a little blurry, I am as fast as lightning!

 Look at my fierceness, you are in trouble Burd!

My razor claws are coming for you!

HaHa  Mr. Burd!  You are mine now!

Thank you for playing with me mom, here is your prezzy!

July 23, 2013

Attention all Tabbies!

*SQUEALLY FEEDBACK*   (blowing)   uh... testing...test...1,2... Is this thing on?   Check, check, 1, 2...

Uh, excuse me lady and gentleman cats... ummm... Hi!  This is Dexter and Willow and we are the tabbylicious half of the Cherry City Kitties!  It is with great sense of pleasure, but an even greater sense of purpose that we announce to you all our new role as RECRUITERS for the one, the only....

Many of you kitties out there in blogosphere land know, there is a very fun and special place where the price of admission is some rings on your tail and an "M" on your head, and it's called the Tabby Cat Club.  Now membership does require that certain bit of tabby specialness, but our club house and all the fun are always open to all our friends to enjoy.  If you haven't been there before, c'mon over and check things out... you'll find us out back of the clubhouse on the beach, sippin' meowgaritas and niptini's watching the sun go down.  Ah yeah... it's good to feel the warm sand beneath your pads....

Any way...  we are on a mission.  The Tabby Cat Club's second blogoversary is coming up in October (or as we like to say "tock"tober... but that's another story)  and while we are now 80 Tabbies strong  (my new sister Willow is member #76 and I am #52)  we are shooting for 100+ by the time we get there and boy with there be a PAW-TY then!

So, if you've thought about it, but haven't joined, nows the time.  If you haven't thought about it, ya should have and nows the time.  If you know any bloggin' tabbies who need to know about it and don't,  well just point us in their direction and we'll go knock on their inbox and spread the good word... and that word my friends is TABBY !

And friends, don't be surprised if we come callin' on you soon.... you know who you are.... heh,heh,heh...

Tabby-liscious purrs and kisses
Dexter and Willow

Tuesday tail, nose and toes.

pee ess:  Thank you to all our pals who sent cooling purrs and rumblestorms our way... the heatwave is officially broken, the sky opened up last night and everything got the soaking it desperately needed.  Mainly, we're excited cause that means mom will not have to sleep on our couch anymore so we can stay up late and watch reruns of  "My Cat from Hell"  (heh,heh,heh)

July 18, 2013

Mom has ceased to care...

That I'm on the counter.  It's hot... over 100 degrees, no A/C... we're all melting... so mom says it's to hot to shoo me off.

Don't worry, we're doing all we can.  Mostly we sleep on the tile floor, near a fan, or an open back window if there is a breeze.  Mom rubbed our heads with cold water, which under other circumstances might be frowned upon, but it felt good.  She puts icey cubes in our water and dad gives us extra water in our bowls of stinky goodness.  And there is NO snuggling, not on laps, or on beds or the couch or nothin.  We might all stick together.

We hear things are supposed to break soon... till then, we are channeling Antartica ( or at least Alaska).  Hope you are all staying cool.  

Hot,Hot, Harry

July 15, 2013

What's with these orange cats???

What is it with these orange cats on the blogosphere?  Do you think they have a secret sub-cult in the Tabby Cat Club???  The TOTs?  Touch Orange Tabbies???

I'm starting to feel like Miss Katie... just take a look....

ppppbbbbllllttttt.... Look Willow... I can touch you!

uhhh... maybe from here?

Back off you Giant Puma Kitten!   
No touching me or my spot!  Shoo!

Dad!  Protect me from that wild thing!!!

What do you think... it's the "back off orange cat"  look, isn't it?

Sigh... the things we girls have to go through...

July 7, 2013

Easy like Sunday...

After a long holiday weekend, what's better than an Easy Sunday?

Relaxed purrs from Dex and Willow!

July 5, 2013

Our 1st Blogoversary!

Welcome to our celebration... Cherry City Kitties is 1 years old !

We wanted to say thank you to all the friends we've made over the last year, there are so many, we don't have enough toes to count them on, but we love each and everyone of you.

We've learned a lot about blogging, although Mom still doesn't know how to use Gimp (MOM!!!! when are you going to get with the technology??? Sheesh!)  But we still manage to get some good shots in and we hope you enjoy reading our posts as much as we like dictating them to Mom to type.  We tried it ourselves, but with no thumbs, we could never hit the space bar in the right place... oh well.

Anyway, we just put together a little something for you to enjoy to help us celebrate.
 We sent a gang out into the bay to 
bring in some Salmon and Whitefish

Some nice Michigan Cheese

How bout some nice fresh smelt?

Who'd like a niptini with fresh nip from our back yard ?

And a cat grass party favor for anyone who would like!
Thanks everyone for coming, and thanks for making our first year in the blogosphere so special.  Here's to many more!

Willow, Tipp, Harry and Dexter
The Cherry City Kitties
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