August 30, 2013

Paris in the summertime...

We've been visiting Paris this week with our honorary brofur Moosey and Oui Oui and the Twinkletoes Gang!   Stop over to the Tabby Cat Club and see Moosey's post of our adventures!

pee ess:  Are you a blogging Tabby?  Would you like to be part of fun and frivolity such as this?  Please contact Dexter and Willow, TCC Recruiters, at cherrycitykitties AT yahoo DOT com.  The Tabby Cat Club wants YOU!

August 20, 2013

To my special 'lil bean...

It was early in our blogging days, late last summer, I was cruising this new thing mom found called the Cat Blog-o-something getting to know some of the kitties who had been visiting our blog.  There were so many!  Friendly Toms, pretty ladycats, frolicking siblings... but then... one day...

It was only your kitten picture, but my heart skipped a beat.  Those beautiful golden eyes, that floofy tail and that sweet smile... I just knew I had to know more about you... 

Miss Pia, I have watched from afar, admiring your antics, watching you and your loving brothers and sisters, hearing stories of all the kitties that your mom and dad help just like mine do.  Sometimes I stare wistfully out the west window and wonder where you are... what you are doing...

But now I know.  You are thinking of me too and I am so happy and feel like the luckiest mancat alive!   

I remember how purple is your favorite color.  Mom and I went for a walk in the yard and found some pretties for you.  Anise Hyssop, Oregano, Queen Anne's Lace, Star Thistle and Spearmint flowers.  We asked all the nice bees if we could have just some and they said since it was for you they were happy to share. I sure hope you like them.  

 I will sign off for now, but know that I am always nearby, if not in miles, than in your heart.  I know your sisters will probably laugh, this being all smushy and such, but I don't care... the kissies are so worth it!  You are my very special lil' bean.

All my love and purrs,

August 14, 2013

For Abby

I know it isn't shaped quite right, but today I wears my tuxie heart on my chest in remembrance of dear Abby.  I haz a sad that you are gone to soon.  I sends my bestest purrs and snuggles to your mom who misses you so.  Be healthy and run free Abby.


August 13, 2013

Once upon a mattress...

Aaahhhh.... a soft bed, fit for the princess I pretend to be! 

Nope, no peas here....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

August 6, 2013

My first event at the TCC!

Hey everyone, it's my very first event over at the Tabby Cat Club, so c'mon and visit!

And don't forget, if your a blogging Tabby Cat and want to join the fun, leave a comment and me and my official recruiting brother Dexter will come visit you and help you get signed up.  We're trying to reach 100 Tabbies by our 2nd anniversary in October!  



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