August 30, 2013

Paris in the summertime...

We've been visiting Paris this week with our honorary brofur Moosey and Oui Oui and the Twinkletoes Gang!   Stop over to the Tabby Cat Club and see Moosey's post of our adventures!

pee ess:  Are you a blogging Tabby?  Would you like to be part of fun and frivolity such as this?  Please contact Dexter and Willow, TCC Recruiters, at cherrycitykitties AT yahoo DOT com.  The Tabby Cat Club wants YOU!


  1. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. It has been so fun to travel with you all, my honorary brofurs and sisfur! Thank you so much for joining me in Paris. I still can't get over that BIRD MARKET. And Harry pawing at the Venus de Milo's dress. MOL!

    Big hugs and headbonks,

    Moosey :)

  3. What a fun trip! We missed out this time...but we'll make sure we join in next time.

  4. We sure did have a grrreat time in Paris , didn´t we :)

  5. Ohhh Paris! My human wants to go there some day! It looks like so much fun!!!
    -- Nermal


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