October 31, 2013

Perfect portrait

Thanks to our friend Cody at Cat Chat with Caren and Cody  (ok, thanks to Cody's mom...)  my mom found a way to finally get a portrait done the way a black cat deserves!

to all of you from all of us!

Tipp, Harry, Dexter and Willow

October 24, 2013

Our Sattelite Dish must be frozen

Hey mom!   The sattelite dish must be "frozen up" again...  what?  No?   Then this must be a rerun from last season... 

WHAT?   NO?????

*sigh*... welcome to Autumn in Northwest Michigan...

October 22, 2013


Click on Tipp to be transported to Boolatry!

Hey everyone!

Today we are celebrating the upcoming holiday over at
the blog of our friends at Zoolatry!

We are part of the Boolatry hi-jinx today and while we would put our uber-cool badge here, we want you to go over and visit there and see all the cool  kitties participating this year... don't forget to scroll to the posts of the last several days to see all the fun!

Thanks for having us this year, we're so proud to be a part!
Harry, Dexter, Tipp and Willow

pee ess: sorry for the lame quality of this post... mom's computer has been "fritzing"  whatever that means.  All we know is she is using a lot of HBO words when she trys to add pictures and stuff.

October 15, 2013

Join us at the Tabby Cat Club today!

Please join us for another great event at the 
Tabby Cat Club... 

The lovely Miss Oui Oui is hosting "A Few of My Favorite Things - My Way"  so we've warmed up our voices to sing a verse or two!

Tind out which Cherry City Tabby sings about their favorite thing... click on the above and teleport on over to the club!

Oh yeah, and help us celebrate "Tock-tober"  Tabby style!   
See ya there!

October 6, 2013

An award? For us? OMC!

Hi everyone, Willow here!

I'm so excited because I got to make a new friend today!  Her name is Kim and she has a blog called "Witch Cats Blog" and she writes about neat things... and cats of course.  She gave us a really nice award, called the Shine On Blogger award, and it's really, really pretty!

Mom said she was surprised to hear from her, because she has a big sad.  Her own kitty, Mr. Earl Gray (not the Nova Scotia kitty) ran off to the Rainbow Bridge really fast not to long ago.  He was only 2 years old and the v-e-t thought that he must have had heart that stopped working because nothing else was wrong.  So young and so unexpected. And so sad...  I never got to even meet him, but my brofurs said he was an excellent man and constant companion to his mom and dad.  We will miss him.

But his mom is carrying on, and we are so grateful to get this beautiful award.  Mom says it must be for me cause I'm a tiny little girl, but I will share it with the boys (if they behave...hee hee).  So I have to tell you 7 things about me, but since I'm not so interesting, I will tell you something about each of us.

1.  I am the talker of the family.  When I want something done, I strut right up and say so.  I kinda have to cause I'm tiny and mom and dad might miss me if I was quiet!

2.  Tipp wants to be a housepanther when he grows up.  He has a little tuxedo on right now, but mom teases him and says someday she'll take a "sharpie" and color it in.  He thinks black cats are "da bomb".

3.   Dexter took my favorite shelf on the cat tree.  'nuff said.

4.   Harry has the longest back toenails ever! He goes "click, click, clickety, click" down the hallway.  He won't let mom or dad touch them.  I say we should sneak up him when he's sleeping and paint them pink!

5.  Mom has left the house almost everyday for 16 years now to go to the same place to get green papers to buy us noms and toys.  She likes it mostly and says she never imagined doing something for so long.  Except being married to dad!

6.  Speaking of Dad,  mom calls him a "hamgeek".  I thought it meant he liked ham (we ALL like ham - except Tipp) but it means he talks into a box and gets to talk to humans all over the world, like we get to on Facebook (note: Dad does NOT have a Facebook page, but we do!)

7.  I guess that brings it back to me... hmmm.... let's see... hmmm.... oh nuts, I can't think of anything very interesting, so for now we'll leave it to passing along this pretty award to some of my new friends on the blogosphere.

My honorary sisfurs Zoey and Gracie at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life

Winchester Feline (he really knows how to handle his humans!)

My other friend Zoey at The Island Cats (cause she has to deal with brofurs just like me!)

And finally, Miss Erinn Zuzu Niblet, at the Colehaus Cats, who deserves an award just for being patient with her foster mom and dad for flashy boxing her all the time.  Don't worry Erinn, I know you're probably too busy to blog, but I wanted you to have something pretty just for you!

Now that mom's done with her turning the ship (???) I'll have time to do more visiting.  When I'm not plotting to steal back my favorite shelf on the cat tree (don't worry Dexter, you gotta use that litterbox sometime!)

October 5, 2013

Fall comes creeping

the Fall comes creeping in...

on little, grey, cat feet...

pee ess:  Concats EZZ on the birth of your niblets! 
For updates, please visit our special friends at Colehaus Cats!
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