December 25, 2013

Touched by an angel...

Tipp asked if he could do our Merry Christmas post this year.  He is the hardest cat for me to photograph, because he is a.) black  b.) shiny and c.) doesn't like the big one eye looking at him.  But yesterday, I caught a special picture...

 Tipp:   Mom, don't use that one, you got a big spot on my head!

Mom:  Oh, but honey, that's WHY I want to use it... did you know that it's a special spot?

Tipp:  Special?

Mom:  Definitely, I think it's a halo.  You've been touched by an angel!

Dexter:  Yeah, Tipp, you're touched alright, touched in the head!

Mom:  D !!!   It's Christmas, do you think you want to be naughty?

Dexter:  uh... oops... sorry Tipp.

Tipp:  Sigh...

Mom:  Anyway, I think what it means is that at this special time of year your angel brofurs and sisfurs are watching over you.  They brought you a day of wonderful winter sunshine and happiness ( I know you're happy, I can hear your purring from here).  I think it's there way of telling us Merry Christmas.

Tipp:  Wow... how come no one else has one of these halos?

Mom:  I don't know Tipp, I guess today is your special day.

Tipp:  Mom, I wish that all the kitties everywhere had angels watching over them and making them feel special...

Mom:  They do honey, they do.  We don't always see it, but they are always there.

Tipp:   Wow...  hey mom?

Mom:  Yes Tipp?

Tipp:   Merry Christmas!

Mom:  Merry Christmas honey,  and Merry Christmas to everyone!

Tipp:  Merry Christmas Blogosphere!!!!

December 24, 2013

To my 'lil bean at Christmas time...

To my dear 'lil bean...

I know you have been a very good girl this year, so the guy with the sandy claws will probably bring you lots of presents, like springy things, and maybe some nifty noms or a new blankey to snuggle on...

If I had my way, I'd put a big purple bow around my neck and hop onto his sky flying thing and have him deliver me straight to you!  We would have so much fun!  I would love to explore your house, and I could wear my cool blue harness and me and Quint could take a stroll outside... I know it's probably kinda dull and the flowers are gone this time of year, but at least it wouldn't be all snowy and stuff.  I would have to wear my Michigan mittens on all four paws if I went outside here.  You could watch us explore from the window, so you could stay nice and fluffy and warm.  I promise I wouldn't be gone long.

It would be fun to meet everyone in your house "nose-to-nose".  I would be on my best behavior, and especially give Miss Ruby all the space she wanted. And I'd shake paws with your Dad Steve so he would see that I'm a really good guy (wink,wink) and I'd sit with you if your mom Carole wanted to read us a story.

But sorry my sweetie, but it's not to be.  The miles are just to many and Sandy Claws is just got too many other stops to make to bring me along for the ride.

So since mom has your picture up on the computer for me to see, I thought I'd send an updated one for you.  I snuggle here in bed with Mom and Dad every night for awhile and dream a little dream of the sweetest girl I know... yes you, my 'lil bean.  I hope you're thinking of me too

All my purrs and nose kisses... your D.

December 11, 2013

December 4, 2013

While Mom's away...

Dad's in charge!

"Now if you kitties promise not to tell mom about me putting my feet up and watching a bunch of football games on the TV while she's gone, there will be tunas, and nip cigars enough for you and all your blogosphere friends... deal ?"


Feel free to stop on by and hang out until Monday night, we'll make sure Dad gets to the store early to stock the fridge.

Oh yes, and we'll take volunteers for the clean-up crew before Mom get's home Monday night... this one could go into overtime!

ssshhhhhhh..... don't tell Mom!

December 3, 2013



Doods, I just had to bust the busted today!

My grey Clooney-Clone-Cousin, Spooks posted on our Aunt Susie's FB page about getting busted getting into her tea.  Her CATNIP tea.   Seriously, what was she thinking?  Leaving a box of A1 primo teabags within reach of a discriminating feline?  What did she expect?  They came from the health food store, so we know it was the GOOD stuff.  

Sure Catnip tea is great for humans... it can help them sleep, and calm the digestive system, but c'mon, we all know what Catnip is best for...

So here's Spooks post, looks like "all's well that ends well"!


"So if you read my moms fb status from this morning you'll totally know I got busted getting into her catnip tea bags she left on the counter... the good news is she didn't waste an ounce of it she totally made me a sock toy full of it!!... my mom rocks.... totally.. ( I'm so high... can you hear what I'm thinking??)"

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