December 25, 2014

And now... the Chris-mouse Miracle!

Purrhaps it's all the "peace on earth goodwill toward man" sentiment this time of year, or purrhaps its the wonderful soft, cuddly, heart covered blanket that came as part of a big parcel of Christmas cheer from our Secret Paws - The Harris Cats, Alice, Russell and Scooter.  We may never know for sure, but for the first time, in like, forever....

well... see for yourself....

The beautiful blanket they sent shall now be known as
 "The blanket of the Chris-mouse miracle".

It's been a long time since all the boys have curled up together. Usually Tipp and Harry will share space, but Dexter is the odd man out. (I heard mumblings about "girlfriend" and "cooties" or some other jealous talk like that...)  but maybe it's all the love that came along with this soft, snuggly blanket that finally did the trick.

Whatever it is, we send our thanks to our new friends, The Harris Cats, and peace, joy and love to all our friends in the blogosphere.

Merry Chris-mouse Efurrybody!

Harry, Dexter, Tipp and Willow
Mom Carolyn and Dad Mark

December 13, 2014

A rare moment...

 A very rare moment in time...
A winter sunpuddle and Harry and Dexter "snuggling"  (almost) ...

Happy Caturday!

November 10, 2014

Missing all our furiends!

Hey everyone!  

We just realized that it's been nearly elebenty squillion days since we had a blog post  (MOM!!!!!!!!  Seriously!  This is BEYOND embarrasing!)

We could fill our page with Mom's lame excuses, but legitimately, her computer crashed and burned and because her work computer belongs to the government she can't blog stuff on it, and the old machine that our super genius dad cobbled together is older than dirt, (and a bunch of other blah, blah, blah stuff), including that she can't get pictures from her camera to the computer (and a bunch of more excuses...)  WE have had no voice in the blogosphere for ages.

Well, we want everybody to know that we do still try to keep up with everyone, and we are definitely doing Secret Paws and Christmas cards this year, so you'll be hearing from us for sure!  Mom and Dad are asking Santa for a new computer for Christmas, and we've been EXTRA good (wink, wink) so we know we'll be getting one by then if not sooner!

So our apawlogies, but know that you are all in our hearts and minds (and on Mom's facebook page) and we do miss you all tons.  Please grant us the serenity to not go all whappy paw upside Mom's head, but instead give her purrs of gentle (albeit impatient) understanding.

With love, your pals in the great white north of the Michigan Mitten (where November 9th shall henceforth be known as the 1st day of Winter...)

Harry, Dexter, Tipp and Willow

August 19, 2014

Our very special day...

One year ago today,  I became the happiest mancat in the blogosphere!  August 19th, 2013, Miss Pia Bean Cole of the Colehaus Cats told the whole wide world that she had the loves for me!!!!   It was a Mancat Monday of Summer Love ... but who was to know that I was the Mancat who was the focus of such floofy ginger affection!

Well, even though we live about elebenty squillion miles apart, we manage to keep our loves going through our blogs, but today was even more special.  There was something super special waiting for me when I woke up this morning....


There's a card and everything... just for me!

Mom helped me read it... And it's got something reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaalllllly special in it!

LOOK!  Pia made me a heart out of her beautiful furs!

Oh my, she smells like ginger sunshine!

Then,  mom helped open the package and OH MY COD!  I nearly fainted it was so amazing!!!!!

It's one of Ms Stacy Hurt's (of "on a more personal note... From Ms. Stella O'Houligan" bloggy) beautimus, super special Catnip quilts!  Oh and LOOK!  It's got me and Pia right on it!  How did she do that?  OMC !  it's so AMAZING!  And look she really does only have eyes for me!  I'm so happy!

oh and LOOK!  it says "Love and Kisses"!  ( I wonder if her dad knows she said that... gulp!)

Oh my dearest 'lil bean, once again you have made me feel like luckiest mancat in the whole of the interwebs!  This is the pawesomest gift ever.  Mom says it's to special for me to lay on, an I sure don't want to share with those other doods (you heard me bro's, get your own special ladycat!), so we'll put it up on the wall near our giant tree so I can be near it always.   Thanks so much to Ms. Stacy and especially to your mom (Thanks Mom Cole!) who helpeded you get this super special present together.  Now, I'm just imagining this is truly you as I zoom in for a little kiss!   MUAH!

Love always from your ginger prince... Dexter

pee ess:  Make sure to visit the Tabby Cat Club today... there's another little something special going on over there in honor of our special day.... heh, heh, heh....

July 26, 2014

Teeny Tiny Tabby

We don't know exactly when this picture was taken, but Mom comed across it in the wee hours this morning when she couldn't sleep.  Judging from some of the other pictures in the file I was about 8 months old.  This is the youngest picture mom says she has of me and I was her teeny tiny tabby back then.  Now she calls me her "giant puma kitten" on account of I'm a big ginger grown up mancat!

Also, here is a picture of my Angel Brother Yuri in his young an handsome days...

Mom says she misses her "Yur" tons... he was a barn kitty, but he was also her lover boy.  She would hold him and he would purr soooooooo loud and then shower her with drool.  She said she never minded because he only drooled when he felt like the happiest cat in the world.  She gots a little teary eyed missing him, so I'll sign off now and snuggle with her so she's happy again. 

Love you Mom, miss you Angel Yuri 
(and pee ess,  love you 'lil miss pia bean!)


July 13, 2014

Post-a-Thon on the Catnip Harvest Fest!

Please join us today over at 

Help Oui Oui's fellow Tabbies raise money to benefit the Cats of PAWS in Norwalk, CT
(our honorary brofur Moosey's family's favorite cat charity too!)  and check out our extra special post about...


See you there!

July 9, 2014

June 13, 2014

One Lucky Guy!

So imagine my surprise when Mom, blog slacker that she's been told me that  she was going to do a post today... just for me!   She said it was a very special day because of 3 things.  She said it was my day to be on the Cats of the Cat Blogosphere calendar, AND it was Friday the 13th and I was Black Cat, AND it was adopt a shelter cat month, so it was kind of an "all about me" time. 

 Ok, so I know I'm not ALL black (they wouldn't call me Tipp otherwise), but in my heart I'm all House Panther!  

Here's a little something for you,  it sounds like a joke, but it's not funny, it's a great suggestion...

"What do you do if a black cat crosses your path 
on Friday the 13th ???"


It wasn't on a Friday the 13th, but that's what my Mom and Dad did with me, they adopted me from the UNCats Feline Rescue, which is a group that has a sanctuary for FeLV and FIV+ kitties.
Mom said it was a lucky day for all of us!

Which reminds me...

While some folks think that black cats on Friday the 13th are unlucky, sometimes black cats are lucky indeed!  Did you know....
In Australia and Britain and other parts of the world where black is a protective color, black cats are though to be lucky. It was believed that their color gave them the power to ward off negative forces.

Stroking a black cats tail can cure a sty in your eye?

A black cat in the audience of a play means a successful run?

If a black cat greets you at the door it is a lucky sign?

In the south of France, black cats are referred to as "matagots" or "magician cats." According to local superstition, they bring good luck to owners who feed them well and treat them with the respect they deserve.
Fisherman's wives kept black cats while their husbands went away to sea believing that the black cats would prevent danger from occurring to their husbands. These black cats were treated like royalty and were considered so valuable that they were often stolen. At one point, they became so expense that few fisher folk could afford them.

Advocates of Feng Shui remind us that cats are drawn to harmony. Therefore a happy cat is the sign of a happy, harmonious home. A figurine of a black cat is often placed in the home, facing north, to ward off evil.

 In Finland black cats were thought to gently carry the souls of the dead to the other world.

See, we're awesome! 

 Anyway... I'm feelin like a pretty lucky guy today, so Happy Friday the 13th everyone, and I'm glad to be crossing paths with you all on this very special day!

Purrs and love, 

June 4, 2014

Pia Purple

My girlfriend Pia's brother, Quint the Artist Cat from Colehaus Cats finds his colorful inspiration on walks in the garden and you know what?  It works!!! 

Mom took me out for a walk with her and I found some colorful inspiration too.  The color that inspires me most is, of course, the beautiful color Ginger, the color of my true loves (and my own handsome) floof!  But what I happen to know is that her favorite color is Purple, and when we got outside the back door, and around the yard, and the cottage, and by the fence, and the birdbath, and the garage.... well, it was EVERYWHERE!

Mom calls them Violets... but I know from purple.

I like to hang out in all these purples while mom picks them.  They are in so many places in our yard and there are even some in our woods too!

Look Pia! I picked these just for you!

So Quint found his green and it was called Kiwi...  

I found my purple and I calls it 'luv....

Thinking of you my sweet 'lil bean... love, your Dexter.

May 8, 2014

Happy Harry Nutkin Day!

According to the fabulous "Cats of the Cat Blogosphere" daily calendar,  Thursday May 8th is

Harry Nutkin Day!

We know we haven't been around much, but we really are still out here and all of you, our friends, are not forgotten!  We do prowl around when we can, and try to keep up with you on FB too.  We all are well and happy that we can finally see green grasses starting to grow again... man, we thought spring would never come.

Best wishes to all our friends from your pals up north in the Cherry City...

Harry, Dexter, Tipp and Willow

April 7, 2014

Never before seen footage...

... of the magic of sun puddles...

never seen these two together before, may never see it again, but we wanted to share their "magic" moment.


March 21, 2014

Finding Spring

In celebration of the first day of spring,  Harry and I went on an adventure in the back yard... to see if we could actually find any!

We headed to the most protected area, near the chicken coop...

... the dude almost stepped in it

We found some of the first tiny leaves of what will become some beautiful, red Bee Balm... we found thyme, plantain and even a bit of nip right near the wall...

Whew!  There's still tons of snow around here and this weekend is supposed to get down into the teens again, but we have proof positive that spring is here, so we think we'll be alright!


March 19, 2014

Spring has sprung!

Even though we have lots of snows still, 
today is the first day of spring!

For now, mom and dad have a garden planted on our window sills and kitchen table, and hutch and soon the seeds will get started in the "land behind the door where kitties don't get to go"

some of our garden, lots of herbs and a couple of horseradish plants!

But have no fear because we are welcoming in spring with a Pinterest board on our farm page called

Harry and Dexter are there, some of our blogging friends like Flynn and Zorro and Loupi from The Swiss Cats, and other cool kitties in pawesome gardens from all over the interwebs.  
Harry, out looking over the garden.. and the indigenous nip!

Handsome Flynn at his favorite watering hole... many thanks to his mom for sharing this photo and more with us.

If you feel like you need a taste of spring, please visit our Pinterest board and do two things...

1.  Follow us on Pinterest!   We want you to do this because when you do, we will follow you back and then invite you to...

2.  Pin your outdoor shots (of yourself or other beautiful garden cats) to our Garden Cats Community Board!


If you don't do Pinterest, we would still love to include your pictures on our Garden Cats Community board.  Just email your favorites to our mom at  cherrycitykitties AT yahoo DOT com  and she will post them with a link back to your blog for all the pinners out there to see and admire !

So happy spring everyone, we're gonna lurk around the kitchen garden for now, but we promise when the weather changes we'll start sharing what's going on around the farm!

pee ess:  as if Mother Nature wanted to play some cruel joke... 
we got about 2 inches of snow last night... 

March 17, 2014

Grá mo chroí...

To my dearest 'lil bean ... gra' mo chroi (love of my heart)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Le gra' go deo 
(with love forever)

Your Dexter.


March 14, 2014

Wanted: Kitties in the garden photos

Hello friends of the blogosphere!

Our mom is sooooooooooooooooo over winter!   Record numbers of below zero days, over 130 inches of snow, and drifts up to.... well, lets just say the birds on our Bird TV channel didn't have to fly up to get to the feeders, they just walked across the drifts and hopped up.  Enough!

So she's putting out the call for your help.   On our Pinterest boards for the farm we live on, Red Trillium Farm, Mom started a board called "Garden Cats"  and we want help her fill it in.  We are looking for all of our blogosphere friends who's moms and dads take pawesome pictures of them out in nature (or "in" in nature, if you have a great flower bouquet shot) who would like to post a great picture of you on our board. Harry and Dexter are already on board and we'd love for you to be too.

If your peeps have a great photo(s) they'd like to add, please have them email our mom at :   
cherrycitykitties AT yahoo DOT com with their Pinterest name so she can send them an invite.   If your peeps don't Pinterest, but would like us to post pictures for you, we'd love to do that too, so just email them (with a description) to the same email and we'll add them for you!   She'll be away for a couple days, but will get your permissions added by Monday and then let you know you can post to the board so we can fill it up for the first day of spring on Thursday!

A spring full of kitties of the blogosphere... that should help melt the cold frosty heart of the Michigan winter away for sure!

March 5, 2014

Willow Wednesday

My dad thinks my tail is pretty... well... pretty.  (He's a man of few words).  I think it's quite unique with it's "tu-tone tabbiness".  Mom caught this picture to show you just how special it is, I held it up there for her just so you could see.  Kinda cool, huh!

Mom put together an ad she's thinking of putting up on the interwebs to help me earn some extra treat money...

FOR RENT:  One Ginger tail tip on an unassuming Torbie,  useful for putting in compromising interweb photos to get naughty Ginger brofurs in big troubles... (tee hee).  Will work for treats!

Any takers??? 


February 27, 2014

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful to have caught Harry on film... geeze, these guys have been tough to photograph lately...

February 23, 2014

He who sits, gets in the blog...

Dexter has been "Mr. Photogenic" lately.  Sorry kitties, but if ya don't sitz, I can't shoot ya, capisce? 


This one made our new facebook page for our farm 
Red Trillium Farm.  Mom got a very special hot cocoa mix from Kings Road Apothecary with healing herbs and mushrooms (yes, mushrooms) in it. It was very delicious and nutritious and took just about a teaspoon of honey to make it sweet.  And don't worry, while Dex enjoyed some whiffies, we all know that kitties and cocoa don't mix so there were no "shares-ies"

So friends, if you want to see more of the rest of the gang, 
leave your words of encouragement for them to get just 
a bit more cooperative with the flashy box.  
I'll be happy to post 'em if they pose !

February 14, 2014

The three Valentine girls in my life...

Valentine's Day is a very special day for me.  You see there are three really important "Valentines" in my world.

The first Valentine girl in my life, was my little sister who the rescue people called "Valentine".  She was a little black kitty with a white heart on her tiny chest.  We were found when we were very tiny, our dear momma had been hit by a car and went to the Rainbow bridge.  We were so lucky that there was a really pawesome lady that took us in and fed us with a little tiny bottle while we were growing up.  Valentine and I , my name was Marmalade back then, played and snuggled and shared a place with some other kitties, but when we were just about 8 weeks old we went to a big place with lots of people and bright lights and woofies on some days and people came to look at us and would give us little scritches under the chin and talk sweet to us. 

It was at this place where I met the second Valentine in my life... my Mom Carolyn.  She and Dad Mark were visiting the big place, it looked like they had a big bag of nommy food with them, so they must have had other kitties to feed.  They were visiting the other kitties, giving them scritches and talking kindly to them and then... our eyes met... I looked at her, she looked at me... Dad Mark said... "do you want to see him?"  Oh, she saw me all right, what she wanted to do was hold me.  She picked me up, I snuggled in and purred and Dad Mark said... "Do you want to take him home?"  Home?  It was too good to be true!  This was the forever home the lady had told us about!  She told Mom and Dad not to worry, that my sister would stay with her until she found a forever home and would never be alone.  Valentine and I looked at each other, I knew she was happy for me and I was happy she would still be looked after, and I was off to join my new family.

Oh, are you wondering why I call my Mom my second Valentine girl?  Because my gotcha day was Feb 14th 2009, and my new Mom said I was the best Valentine present ever.  Of course, the feeling was mutual!

So now we come to my third Valentine girl.   And I think you all already know who that is.  Yep, it's my sweetie, the prettiest little floofy ginger princess in the blogosphere, Miss Pia Bean Cole.   I felt like the luckiest mancat in the world when Pia told everyone of her huge crush on me, and... well... it was no less than my love for her.  She is far away from me, but we hold each other dear... Mom keeps her picture on our computer screen so I can see her,  and we read the Colehaus Cats blog together all the time.  It's like she's right here with me.  

Three Valentine girls,  my sister, my mom and my 'lil bean.  Three special girls that fill my heart every day with all the love I could ever need.  Yep... I AM the luckiest mancat ... no doubt about it!

I love you all my girls!

February 7, 2014

We're in "MOUSEBREATH" !!!

We're so excited to tell everyone that we were interviewed 
by the Funny Farmer Felines for 

We're so honored they featured us and we want all of our friends to drop by and check it out!

Stop by and visit the Funny Farmer Felines gang and help us say thanks for the feature on Mousebreath!

January 30, 2014

Tabby Toes Rebuttal

Who says that Tabby Cats clinched the market 
on pawesome Toesies?

We rest our case!

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