January 30, 2014

Tabby Toes Rebuttal

Who says that Tabby Cats clinched the market 
on pawesome Toesies?

We rest our case!

January 27, 2014

Tuesday Toesies at the Tabby Cat Club

Join us over at the **Tabby Cat Club for a 
Tuesday Toesies extravaganza!!!   

(doesn't Gracie's Mom do the coolest headers for us ???)

**are you a Tabby cat, looking to have a little extra special fun like only a Tabby cat can ?  Contact our recruiters, Willow and Dexter at  cherrycitykitties AT yahoo DOT com  and we'll be happy to help you join the most specialest, bestest club for kitties the intertubes have to offer!  ACT NOW!

January 26, 2014

Sunday on the Nature Channel

This morning on the Nature Channel...

Today's episode:  Frozen Bunnies of the Michigan Tundra... an up close and personal view into the brutal life of survival in the frozen north...

Have an easy Sunday everyone... and stay warm!

January 18, 2014

Bomber's identity released to the public...

Thank you all for visiting and trying to guess the identity of Harry's nemisis... Funny thing is, in reality, these two are the best buds.  
So who is the "mad bomber" that spoiled Harry's day in the sun???

It was Tipp!!!

So while he devilishly spoiled Harry's glamour shot, here's how you will most often find them, especially on chilly winter evenings...

and while there were many correct guesses, there can only be one winner... Concatulations go out to...


Our mom recently found another copy of a book she loves and will send it out to lucky Mommy Cat's mom Jacqueline...

We hope you enjoy it!

 Have a happy weekend all...

pee ess:  Please help by sending your purrs and prayers to our honorary brofur "Moosey" of Animal Shelter Volunteer Life 
He is in the hospital right now and we are sending our love and purrs and ask all his many friends to send the same.  We love you brofur Moosey!!!!!

January 15, 2014

TAILBOMB! (guess the perp, win a prize...)

Here I sat... making beautiful camera art for my mom, 
the sun glistening on my whiskers...

Let me pose like a Greek sun god...

Hey, wha' ...


Great, a guy can't get a break... TAILBOMBED, by a SHADOW no less!!!!

Well, Mom says she'll turn my misfortune into YOUR pleasure.

Guess which of my siblings,  Dexter, Willow or Tipp, tailbombed me and we'll draw a random winner for a special prize from all the right guesses!   You have until Friday at Midnight Michigan time (EST) to place your guess and the winner will be revealed on 
our post on Saturday!

Anyone can enter, anywhere in the world, so place your guesses.  And each kitty in your household can have a guess of their own, 
so enter often!  MOL!

And now, back to my nap...

January 12, 2014

Easing in on Sunday...

Hi all, Mom Carolyn here.

I shocked myself when I looked and saw that i hadn't posted a single thing for the gang since Christmas.  Where did that time go?  I don't know that I have any good excuse at all, (well, Harry just told me it's because I'm a slacker... thanks dude, that's helpful!)  

And I know it's bad form to only read your blogs, without commenting but somedays thats what happens too. I do my best to visit, I will do better to let you know we were there!

SO no excuses, I have promised the gang to get back on track better, but it won't be as frequent for a while still.  Just know we're still here, that we're all doing fine and that we adore each and every one of you!  

Oh... yeah... speaking of slackers... this is how a certain one of my more vocal children typically spends HIS time... sheesh!
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