January 18, 2014

Bomber's identity released to the public...

Thank you all for visiting and trying to guess the identity of Harry's nemisis... Funny thing is, in reality, these two are the best buds.  
So who is the "mad bomber" that spoiled Harry's day in the sun???

It was Tipp!!!

So while he devilishly spoiled Harry's glamour shot, here's how you will most often find them, especially on chilly winter evenings...

and while there were many correct guesses, there can only be one winner... Concatulations go out to...


Our mom recently found another copy of a book she loves and will send it out to lucky Mommy Cat's mom Jacqueline...

We hope you enjoy it!

 Have a happy weekend all...

pee ess:  Please help by sending your purrs and prayers to our honorary brofur "Moosey" of Animal Shelter Volunteer Life 
He is in the hospital right now and we are sending our love and purrs and ask all his many friends to send the same.  We love you brofur Moosey!!!!!


  1. Concatulations to Mommy Cat ! What a cool gift ! Purrs

  2. Faraday: Tipp dood, I try to photobomb Allie at every opportunity. I just love watching her fur get all ruffled. *snicker* GOOD JOB!

  3. YAY!!...I am so excited to win such a wonderful gift for my Mommy!!...What a great photo of you two handsome boys!...Mommy Carolyn, you can contact my Mommy Jacqueline at Callehugs@aol.com...Thank you very much!...My whole family is purring loudly for sweet Moosey to get better soon...xoxo...Mommy Cat

  4. ConCATulations to Mommy Cat's mom Jacqueline !

  5. Concatulations to Mommy cat. Have a serene Sunday and get on some big easy today.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Mommy Cat! Woo Hoo! She deserves a win! xxoo

  7. Congrats to Mommy Cat for winning.

    Did you receive the questions for the Mousebreath interview in December?

  8. Phew. We sure are glad we guessed right, because it would've been embarrassing to not know our honorary brofur's tail. :)

    ConCATS to Mommy Cat for the win!

    Thank you so much for purring and praying, and for the Reiki Mom Carolyn has been sending Moosey. He's holding his own, and even more importantly ... he's home! :)

    We love you, family! Hugs and headbonks to you all!

  9. So adorable. And funny! Congrats to the winner, looks like a good book. Yes, prayers for Moosey!

  10. Way to go Tipp! You two are just so cute cuddling up to each other. Hey bro, I didn't know you was a Squirrel Nutkin...does that make it Harry Petrushka Squirrel Nutkin?...has a nice ring to it!

  11. BIG conCATulation to Mommy Cat !!



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