March 21, 2014

Finding Spring

In celebration of the first day of spring,  Harry and I went on an adventure in the back yard... to see if we could actually find any!

We headed to the most protected area, near the chicken coop...

... the dude almost stepped in it

We found some of the first tiny leaves of what will become some beautiful, red Bee Balm... we found thyme, plantain and even a bit of nip right near the wall...

Whew!  There's still tons of snow around here and this weekend is supposed to get down into the teens again, but we have proof positive that spring is here, so we think we'll be alright!


March 19, 2014

Spring has sprung!

Even though we have lots of snows still, 
today is the first day of spring!

For now, mom and dad have a garden planted on our window sills and kitchen table, and hutch and soon the seeds will get started in the "land behind the door where kitties don't get to go"

some of our garden, lots of herbs and a couple of horseradish plants!

But have no fear because we are welcoming in spring with a Pinterest board on our farm page called

Harry and Dexter are there, some of our blogging friends like Flynn and Zorro and Loupi from The Swiss Cats, and other cool kitties in pawesome gardens from all over the interwebs.  
Harry, out looking over the garden.. and the indigenous nip!

Handsome Flynn at his favorite watering hole... many thanks to his mom for sharing this photo and more with us.

If you feel like you need a taste of spring, please visit our Pinterest board and do two things...

1.  Follow us on Pinterest!   We want you to do this because when you do, we will follow you back and then invite you to...

2.  Pin your outdoor shots (of yourself or other beautiful garden cats) to our Garden Cats Community Board!


If you don't do Pinterest, we would still love to include your pictures on our Garden Cats Community board.  Just email your favorites to our mom at  cherrycitykitties AT yahoo DOT com  and she will post them with a link back to your blog for all the pinners out there to see and admire !

So happy spring everyone, we're gonna lurk around the kitchen garden for now, but we promise when the weather changes we'll start sharing what's going on around the farm!

pee ess:  as if Mother Nature wanted to play some cruel joke... 
we got about 2 inches of snow last night... 

March 17, 2014

Grá mo chroí...

To my dearest 'lil bean ... gra' mo chroi (love of my heart)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Le gra' go deo 
(with love forever)

Your Dexter.


March 14, 2014

Wanted: Kitties in the garden photos

Hello friends of the blogosphere!

Our mom is sooooooooooooooooo over winter!   Record numbers of below zero days, over 130 inches of snow, and drifts up to.... well, lets just say the birds on our Bird TV channel didn't have to fly up to get to the feeders, they just walked across the drifts and hopped up.  Enough!

So she's putting out the call for your help.   On our Pinterest boards for the farm we live on, Red Trillium Farm, Mom started a board called "Garden Cats"  and we want help her fill it in.  We are looking for all of our blogosphere friends who's moms and dads take pawesome pictures of them out in nature (or "in" in nature, if you have a great flower bouquet shot) who would like to post a great picture of you on our board. Harry and Dexter are already on board and we'd love for you to be too.

If your peeps have a great photo(s) they'd like to add, please have them email our mom at :   
cherrycitykitties AT yahoo DOT com with their Pinterest name so she can send them an invite.   If your peeps don't Pinterest, but would like us to post pictures for you, we'd love to do that too, so just email them (with a description) to the same email and we'll add them for you!   She'll be away for a couple days, but will get your permissions added by Monday and then let you know you can post to the board so we can fill it up for the first day of spring on Thursday!

A spring full of kitties of the blogosphere... that should help melt the cold frosty heart of the Michigan winter away for sure!

March 5, 2014

Willow Wednesday

My dad thinks my tail is pretty... well... pretty.  (He's a man of few words).  I think it's quite unique with it's "tu-tone tabbiness".  Mom caught this picture to show you just how special it is, I held it up there for her just so you could see.  Kinda cool, huh!

Mom put together an ad she's thinking of putting up on the interwebs to help me earn some extra treat money...

FOR RENT:  One Ginger tail tip on an unassuming Torbie,  useful for putting in compromising interweb photos to get naughty Ginger brofurs in big troubles... (tee hee).  Will work for treats!

Any takers??? 


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