March 19, 2014

Spring has sprung!

Even though we have lots of snows still, 
today is the first day of spring!

For now, mom and dad have a garden planted on our window sills and kitchen table, and hutch and soon the seeds will get started in the "land behind the door where kitties don't get to go"

some of our garden, lots of herbs and a couple of horseradish plants!

But have no fear because we are welcoming in spring with a Pinterest board on our farm page called

Harry and Dexter are there, some of our blogging friends like Flynn and Zorro and Loupi from The Swiss Cats, and other cool kitties in pawesome gardens from all over the interwebs.  
Harry, out looking over the garden.. and the indigenous nip!

Handsome Flynn at his favorite watering hole... many thanks to his mom for sharing this photo and more with us.

If you feel like you need a taste of spring, please visit our Pinterest board and do two things...

1.  Follow us on Pinterest!   We want you to do this because when you do, we will follow you back and then invite you to...

2.  Pin your outdoor shots (of yourself or other beautiful garden cats) to our Garden Cats Community Board!


If you don't do Pinterest, we would still love to include your pictures on our Garden Cats Community board.  Just email your favorites to our mom at  cherrycitykitties AT yahoo DOT com  and she will post them with a link back to your blog for all the pinners out there to see and admire !

So happy spring everyone, we're gonna lurk around the kitchen garden for now, but we promise when the weather changes we'll start sharing what's going on around the farm!

pee ess:  as if Mother Nature wanted to play some cruel joke... 
we got about 2 inches of snow last night... 


  1. You garden kitties are lucky - we 1) aren't allowed outside, and 2) my human is like the worst gardener ever. She has a BLACK thumb! I did start following your board, though - at least I can look at every other kitty's nice garden!

    1. Thank you Sparkle! We'll make sure mom puts up great pictures for you to enjoy!

  2. We love your idea of the Garden Cats Pinterest Board ! The planting mess has not yet started here, but Mum is ready for next week ! Purrs

    1. Well you guys just put up whatever cool pictures you have anytime!

  3. Great idea for Pinterest. Happy Spring to you and have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. What a great idea for using Pintrest! Happy spring to all of you.

  5. We're so excited for Spring! MomFOD is already planning. And Rocky insists that she open the door every day and take him for a walk on the balcony. It's his favorite time, even tho it isn't warm yet and there are no flowers to sniff. - Crepes.

  6. Thank you for adding me to your Pinterest page.

  7. We will follow you on Pinterest! We think someone forgot to tell Spring that it is Spring.

  8. We aren't allowed outside (except for when we teleport over to visit you). So we'll just live vicariously through your Garden Cats board. :)

    That extra 2" of snow is SO unfair...

    Love you, Family!


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