November 10, 2014

Missing all our furiends!

Hey everyone!  

We just realized that it's been nearly elebenty squillion days since we had a blog post  (MOM!!!!!!!!  Seriously!  This is BEYOND embarrasing!)

We could fill our page with Mom's lame excuses, but legitimately, her computer crashed and burned and because her work computer belongs to the government she can't blog stuff on it, and the old machine that our super genius dad cobbled together is older than dirt, (and a bunch of other blah, blah, blah stuff), including that she can't get pictures from her camera to the computer (and a bunch of more excuses...)  WE have had no voice in the blogosphere for ages.

Well, we want everybody to know that we do still try to keep up with everyone, and we are definitely doing Secret Paws and Christmas cards this year, so you'll be hearing from us for sure!  Mom and Dad are asking Santa for a new computer for Christmas, and we've been EXTRA good (wink, wink) so we know we'll be getting one by then if not sooner!

So our apawlogies, but know that you are all in our hearts and minds (and on Mom's facebook page) and we do miss you all tons.  Please grant us the serenity to not go all whappy paw upside Mom's head, but instead give her purrs of gentle (albeit impatient) understanding.

With love, your pals in the great white north of the Michigan Mitten (where November 9th shall henceforth be known as the 1st day of Winter...)

Harry, Dexter, Tipp and Willow

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