June 30, 2015

Tarot Tuesday

Hi everyone!  We sure had fun last week kicking off Tarot Tuesdays, so here we are, back again with another interesting insight into the mysteries of the universe...

Seriously, it's really quite interesting the way that you can connect to the Tarot.  For me it brings attention to some are of life that needs a bit of focus, perhaps something I have an inkling of, or has been rummaging around in the back of my mind.  Drawing particular Tarot cards and letting my mind be open to the first impressions they make often gives me insights at a deeper level.  Of course kitties ALWAYS think and act at a deeper level, so maybe their insights are more of a " well... yeah Mom... doesn't everyone get that?" kinda thing.  Who knows?

So today's deck is  the "Tarot for Cats" deck, by Regen Dennis and illustrated by Kipling West.  These cards descriptions were definitely written with our furry loved ones in mind, but I think we're tricky enough to interpret them in our mere human lives, don't you?

So today Tipp drew the card.  Well... actually, he stepped on it.  But it was the first one he landed on, so I'm good with that.

The Chariot

So this is a card that shows that this cat has arrived.  But how did he get there?  His fancy wheels? Nope. That's not what got this guy to where he is today.  You don't get to be truly the "Top Cat" without intense focus, determination and doing whatever it takes to get to your goal. The Chariot tells you that you WILL get there, but reminds you that there are possibly some distractions along the way.  Notice the deep shiny black car with it's contrasting whitewall tires?  Those opposites may have you thinking this way or that, but if you just keep your wheels rolling on the road without taking detours, you'll get there.  It's about focus.  The single mindedness that you see when your kitty "winds up" before the pounce.  You've seen it.  The intense focus. They are all about that mousey and it is going to die, die, DIE!!!!  I know when Tipp goes into that mode, a stinking bowl of tuna couldn't change his focus and he gets his prey every time.  And then boy does he do the "Top Cat" strut, carrying it around the house, I have no choice but to follow along, stick in hand on his leash!

Has there been something keeping you from your goals?  Now's the time to refocus and get back on the road. The Chariot says you'll get there as long as you are willing to do the work!


  1. I need to get more focused on how I'm gonna get Wally to stop hogging the hammick all the time!

    We're loving Tarot Tuesday. Your Tarot cards are fabulous. ~Ernie

  2. If WE focus on getting more tasty dinners, will we get them????? LOL, Love kitty Tarot!

  3. Great reading! And I love the card!

  4. This was a terrific reading! Our humans are very encouraged by it, as it applies to their work lives.

    Hugs to you, our Michigan Family!

    Moosey, Gracie and Zoe

  5. the chariot is one of Mommy's favorite cards and it (almost) always appears in her readings!

  6. I like these weekly readings, I am learning a lot.


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