June 23, 2015

Welcome to Tarot Tuesday

Hello everyone and welcome to Tarot Tuesday! 

As the gang told you,  I have been fascinated by "tools of divination" since the way back, and I have been delving back into working with Tarot cards and Runes in the last year or so, using them primarily for  personal meditation and growth.  I do find them to be great tools to help me "think outside the box" on matters, a card or rune drawn in relation to a matter at hand can offer me a new way to think about the situation, particularly if I am stuck in my head, or going round and round, or if I don't see the greater message in what is going on.  A particular card gives me a focus, and it often gives me a "light bulb" moment and some clarity.  And besides that, it's fun!

I have several decks of cards, including a few different "cat themed" decks (surprise, surprise), so I thought I would draw a card once a week, and share some insights with you.

Actually, I am going to try to get one of the kitties to draw a card for you, and maybe they'll get a clue gain some insight as well.  Regardless, let's have some fun exploring ....

The first card we're going to visit is from the Cat's Eye Tarot deck, by Debra Givin, DVM.  Yep, that's right Dr. Debra is a vet with an exclusively feline practice called "The Cat Doctor" in Maine.  She uses Tarot in the same way I do, as a "tool for reflection and way to think through a situation", and of course she's a cat lover, so how could I NOT have this deck!  Her cards show cats in their natural state, doing things cats do, yet she has related them to traditional Tarot deck meanings.

Dexter was the only one awake with me just now, so I sat down on the couch with him, fanned out the deck and waited. And waited. And... waited.   Finally, when the moment was right  he yawned, and stretched and his paw landed on this card... the Six of Wands!

Are any of us surprised he pawed out a card with a big ol' Ginger Mancat strutting his stuff ?  Well, based on this confident fellow's look, he's just scored some big victory, something was won here.  The it is definitely the card of something successful, but let's look a bit closer...

While this Tom has definitely had things going his way, you have to wonder at what cost.  The other kitties around him are not exactly cheering him on, in fact that Tuxie is definitely flying him the "ears of annoyance".  Perhaps this Ginger boy is a little to cocky in his glory, or perhaps he stepped on a few toes getting where he was going.  The Six of Wands begs us to look at our success with an eye toward humility and how things affect the harmony around us.  While sometimes the Ginger boy wins a spot on mom's lap, it doesn't always mean his brother won't be a bit jealous and it may garner him a whap with a paw or at least a flattening of the ears in disrespect as he hops off the couch in search of dad.  It's not that you can't enjoy the good things in your life, it's just that this card asks the question "at what price, victory?".

I hope you enjoyed this first little taste of the Tarot.  If you haven't already, check out our Facebook page, I'm going to be posting some chances for you to pick a card for your own insights, and in a couple weeks I'll be giving away a mini-reading with the deck of your choice!   I hope you'll enjoy this as much as I will!


  1. How cool that Dexter picked the ginger tabby!!! Mom has the Tarot of the Cat People.

    The Florida Furkids

  2. Wow, what a cool tarot deck! My human has never seen that one before!

  3. Love this and wonder if a certain ginger boy inspired you. Thanks for all your kindness. Talk soon.

  4. SO ... we're wondering if Dexter took any lessons from the card he chose? ;)

  5. So interesting! We're gonna enjoy Tarot Tuesday.

  6. Great post, I love your kitty tarot deck. :)

  7. Great interpretation of the 6 of Wands! Wes LIVES that deck!

  8. WE LOVE TAROT!!♥♥♥

    Your tarot deck is beautiful, we have two cat decks: Pagan Cats and Black Cats, and a third one may be in our future now! MOL ;)


    Basil & CO xox


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