July 28, 2015

Tarot Tuesday

Decisions, decisions,decisions.

Sometimes decisions are simple.  Do I want the dry, crunchy kibble in my bowl, or purrhaps a bit of that pulled pork that dad is making a sandwich out of?  Or, which litter box shall I use today?  Oh, well, mom's right here, I'll just nudge her and she'll let me outside where all of nature is available to dig and scratch and bury in.  Easy peasy.

But sometimes, we are faced with more serious matters, and that is what today's Tarot card is all about.

In this deck, Lunaea Weatherstone's Mystical Cats Tarot, the suit of "Sky" is the same the suit of "Swords" in more traditional decks.  The Sky cats are cats who deal with conflict, and lots of it.  They trust little, and operate from their basic instincts and nature as cats.  We've seen the face on this kitty before.  My Dad calls it "Drinking the air".  This kitty knows that there is something out there, and it might not be good.  So he's putting his senses into overdrive, to gather as much information as possible to make his decision on his actions, because this is quite likely a decision which may be over the "lesser of two evils".

If you are drawn to this card, you may be facing a very tough choice, neither of which is what you really want to have to choose, but may come down to what you have to do.  This card is telling you that you alone can make the decision, and that you may have to really dig deep, rely on your own resources, inner wisdom and gut instincts to choose wisely.  This is a big one, and it is yours alone to make.

Geeze everyone, sorry if I seem kinda heavy in this post, but sometimes life is like that.  Mom says I picked the card I picked because someone out there needed to hear the message it has.  That's the way of it sometimes.  I hope if this card drew you in, it helps you know that you have it in you to do what is best.
We'll send along our best wishes for good outcomes. (And hopefully something a little lighter next time around).

~ Harry

July 23, 2015

A new breed of Chick-hen...

Hey, what's THAT out there????

There's some weird, freaky looking new Chick-hen in the back yard!!!!

Oh Dexter, stop freaking out... that's no Chick-hen...

... it's just your brother Harry!

I think it's time for an eye exam, silly ginger man...

July 21, 2015

Tarot Tuesday with Tipp

Hey everyone, it's me, Tipp and mom said it was my turn again this week to pick a card to share with you!

I'm really excited because she said I could pick from my favorite deck,  Maria Kurara's
"Black Cats Tarot"

Now technically, I'm a Tuxie, on account of my white patch, but in my heart, I'm all House Panther. See when you look at me from certain angles, who would know????  Besides, it's what's inside that counts right?

So the card I picked for you all today is....

The Eight of Coins 
That is one talented kitty on that card, and this card has a lot to do with ability, and how you get there.  Very few of us were born with that level of skill and ability, but all of us have the potential to get there.  The Eight of Coins is telling us that such perfection is possible, but it is practice that makes purrfect!  Time, focus, repetition, all play a part.  The number 8 turned on its side looks like the sign for "infinity", but Mom says it kinda is like a cycle, you start something, see it through the process, see a result, evaluate, and return again to the start with the knowledge you gained and can start again.  As we learn, we keep getting better and better, our skills get stronger, our understandings get deeper.  If we mess up, and get a glob of frosting where we hadn't planned, we can take a deep breath, learn from the mistake and begin again.  

Many of you don't know, but I have some trouble jumping sometimes.  Sometimes when I try to get up on the table  bed from a stand still, I don't quite have enough "umph" to get way up there.  I have been "left hanging" sometimes and Mom or Dad would help me, but I learned if I just take a couple quick steps and start with just a little momentum, I can pop up there just as easy as pie (and I look good doing it! MOL).  Sometimes I forget and well, I just learned the best thing to do is to let go and try again.

Mom says to tell your humans that this card can sometimes be about more formal things like school.  If your human has been thinking about learning something new... this card indicates Autumn, so maybe this next school cycle is an ideal time for them to get started, so if they've been sitting on the fence, maybe it's time to commit!

Hope you all liked this card for today,  we are really enjoying doing this.  But for now, back to bird TV,  these summer shows are extra cool because they feature hummingbirds and butterflies!

July 16, 2015

The Big Reveal

Welcome back efurrybody!  It seems like it has been elebenty squillion years since mom let me pick the Tarot cards, and I have be so impatient and such a naughty good girl waiting for the Big Reveal that I just can't stand it any longer!

So here were the cards I drew with Mom on Tuesday...

(I swear that kitty is still staring RIGHT at me!)

I picked card number 2... c'mon mom... turn 'em over... you know I can't wait any longer (and that I don't have thumbs or I would have done it already myself....)


Oooooo.... these are some interesting cards.... each one represents a different mind set or situation. Purrhaps it describes you or another kitty (or purrson) in your life... hmmm.... lets see...

Card 1 is the Knave of Swords. Most Tarot decks call this face card a "Page" for all you Tarot fans out there.  The Knave is often representing a young purrson, a purrson who may be somewhat unskilled or immature (like my brothers) or someone who new to, or learning about something.  And Swords?  Well the Sword cards are all about the mental, internal conflict and change.  What I think this card represents is trying to figure things out. You know, like you know your Mom left out some chick-hen on the counter and you've got to figure out how you're gonna get up there and get it and sneak off without her knowing (hey, no wonder that Knave looks like my brother Harry, that's his style!).  Or maybe it's like when my dad is trying to figure out how he's gonna fix somebody's phones that are broken, or how my mom is gonna figure out what she's gonna be when she grows up (hee, hee).  This card symbolizes that this learning is going on inside your head and it might even be making you a little crazy, so if it is, take a step back and put your learning into the physical world and things may smooth out a bit.

Card 2 is about a different kind of knowingness all together.  This beautiful House Panther-ess is the High Priestess, and she is all about intuition and deep soul level understanding. She sees beyond the realms of the mundane world and is tapped into things on a much deeper level.  Where the Knave of Swords will set his mind to work to figure things out, this kitty - she knows.  This card can indicate that it may be a time to trust your inner knowing, for us girls our "womanly intuition" or for you mancats you might say your "gut" instincts, even if the outside world doesn't make things so obvious.  Look within, you already have the answers you are looking for - like how I already know if I sit by the backdoor, even if I put on my best girl face that Daddy will still tell me I can't go outside...and that it IS for my own good.  (Just because I know it, doesn't mean I like it.)

Card 3 also seems to remind me of my brothers, it's The Fool.  Just kidding boys, but it's kinda neat how this card can really be another kind of mindset too.  The Fool is clueless. And I mean that in the nicest way!  Yes, mom, maybe innocent is a better word, but clueless is accurate.  The Fool just goes about doing what he is doing without a real plan, maybe somewhat aimlessly, certainly with out focus, and while we don't always have to have it all figured out, certainly stepping into situations without some care can wind us up in trouble sometimes (gulp, I wonder how steep that cliff is...)  The Fool doesn't tell us not to dream or not to reach for what we want, but it suggests that maybe some care should be taken, a bit of planning or forethought might do us some good or like when my brother Dexter thought he'd go exploring the closet the other day he might shoulda let someone know he was heading in there and he wouldn't have got trapped in there for a whole hour before Mom let him out (see, clueless).

So think about the card you chose. What does it mean to you?  I hope it gets you thinking in whatever way you need to for the best outcome!

Come see us again next Tuesday, I think it's Tipp's turn, and he has another pawesome deck, his purrsonal favorite to share a card from.  Bye for now!  ~ Willow

July 14, 2015

Tarot Tuesday

Hello efurrybody and welcome to my special edition of Tarot Tuesday!  I asked mom if we could do something different this week and she said if I promised not to try to run outside efurry time she tried to go out the door we could! (good thing she didn't see that I had my paws crossed , heh, heh, heh)

This week we're going to use the Lo Scarabeo deck "Tarot of the Pagan Cats".  I like this one cause it's little like me and I loves the handsome kitty on the back of the cards,  I think he's was looking right at me when I picked these cards.  Cards you say?  More than one?  Yes indeed!  Mom told me I could pick three cards this time (ha ha, the boys only got to pick one!) 

So here's the fun part!  Efurrybody that wants to (kitties and peeps alike) gets to pick a card... ANY card!
Leave your choices in the comments below, and then come back and visit us on Thursday for the big reveal!
Go with whichever card you are most drawn to and we'll see what it reveals to you.  I already have my card picked (and mom didn't let me peek) I can hardly wait to see what the cards hold in store for me!

See you all on Thursday!  ~ Willow (a.k.a. Naughty Kitten)

July 12, 2015

Easy like Sunday

Still working on our bathroom this weekend, but daddy took a moment before he got started to share a little easy with us...

Thanks for the snuggle daddy! 

Hope everyone has an Easy Sunday!


July 6, 2015

Tarot Tuesday

Today it was Harry's turn to draw a Tarot card to share with everyone.  After much scattering shuffling, he stood on carefully selected his card...

Today's card comes from the beautiful Baroque Bohemian Cats' Tarot by Alex Ukolov and Karen Mahony.  I love the digitally combined imagery of real cats, incredible costumes and European scenery that recreate in a rich and fantastical way the imagery of the original Rider-Waite Tarot.

Todays card is...

Swords are the suit of the mind, of intellect and mental force.  They can also be cards of struggle and conflict, especially within one's self.  This handsome ginger mancat looks utterly spent, so deep in slumber that he doesn't even seem to realize he is laying on top of a d-o-g !  But rest, as we know is restorative, and the Four of Swords is telling us that it may be time to just do that.  Perhaps we have been struggling with outrageous work issues, frustrating time crunches or emotional upheaval.  Maybe the energy of the long summer days (or the dark of the long winter nights for our friends on the other side of the globe) have disturbed our normal rhythms.  Or perhaps we have just simply been burning our candle at both ends.  Whatever it is, it's time to slow down, regain some balance and there is no better way to do that than to give ourselves a little break.  Allow yourself to separate from the struggles, and just treat yourself to well earned break.  Do a little something for yourself that brings you peace.  Meditation, a walk in a quiet place, sitting on the beach watching the seagulls, a glass of lemonade and that good book you've been dying to read... now is the time.  Go deep, let it go, play hookey if you have too, but get in some well earned "you time".

Harry took this cards advice to heart.  After a delicious tuna feast, he headed up to one of his favorite spots, up onto the cat tree, high above the hub-bub below and went off to dreamland.  I'm sure he'll awaken, refreshed and rejuvenated (just about the time we try to crawl into bed for the night... sigh).

July 3, 2015

Still Life

Mom said that this one was a "piece of cake".  I held reallllllllly still for her so she could "sketch" all my best features.

(really she just used Pencil Sketch in Picassa, but hey, it turned out pretty good anyway, huh?)

Thanks to Athena for the wonderful Caturday Art Blog Hop.  I hope mom keeps up the good work and creates some more cool artsy-fartsy (tee hee, I said "fart"... tee hee) pictures to share with you.

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