July 28, 2015

Tarot Tuesday

Decisions, decisions,decisions.

Sometimes decisions are simple.  Do I want the dry, crunchy kibble in my bowl, or purrhaps a bit of that pulled pork that dad is making a sandwich out of?  Or, which litter box shall I use today?  Oh, well, mom's right here, I'll just nudge her and she'll let me outside where all of nature is available to dig and scratch and bury in.  Easy peasy.

But sometimes, we are faced with more serious matters, and that is what today's Tarot card is all about.

In this deck, Lunaea Weatherstone's Mystical Cats Tarot, the suit of "Sky" is the same the suit of "Swords" in more traditional decks.  The Sky cats are cats who deal with conflict, and lots of it.  They trust little, and operate from their basic instincts and nature as cats.  We've seen the face on this kitty before.  My Dad calls it "Drinking the air".  This kitty knows that there is something out there, and it might not be good.  So he's putting his senses into overdrive, to gather as much information as possible to make his decision on his actions, because this is quite likely a decision which may be over the "lesser of two evils".

If you are drawn to this card, you may be facing a very tough choice, neither of which is what you really want to have to choose, but may come down to what you have to do.  This card is telling you that you alone can make the decision, and that you may have to really dig deep, rely on your own resources, inner wisdom and gut instincts to choose wisely.  This is a big one, and it is yours alone to make.

Geeze everyone, sorry if I seem kinda heavy in this post, but sometimes life is like that.  Mom says I picked the card I picked because someone out there needed to hear the message it has.  That's the way of it sometimes.  I hope if this card drew you in, it helps you know that you have it in you to do what is best.
We'll send along our best wishes for good outcomes. (And hopefully something a little lighter next time around).

~ Harry


  1. That is a great card. And a good message. We like how the cat is smelling the air. Have a great day.

  2. That is a very interesting card. I like the kitty flags. :) My life is always full of tough choices. I'm not sure that this is speaking to me though. It's great to meet some other Michigan kitties! :)

  3. My human is not a fan of this card! MOL. I love the kitty imagery, though.

  4. Uh oh, my mum was drawn to the picture on the card.

  5. Well, this is a very interesting card, Harry. We like the kitty on it and how he's drinking the sky. We hope he gets his fill.

  6. I don't feel drawn to it, but I found this very interesting.

  7. sending prayers for whomever this is meant for!

  8. It's a lovely card, but then, I am drawn to any card with a cat on it... Purrs from Deb and the Zee/Zoey kitties

  9. Listen to your heart and all will be ok. Thank you for visiting us when we lost Julie, we appreciated it. We also apologize for taking so long to visit, it upset our mom to write about her and her loss, we're sure you understand. Best always, purrs!

  10. Sorry for being so late :(
    It´s a lovely tarot card <3
    Drinking the air I guess means sniffing in the air :)


Mrrrrrrrowwwww, kitty likes to know what you're thinking!

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