July 16, 2015

The Big Reveal

Welcome back efurrybody!  It seems like it has been elebenty squillion years since mom let me pick the Tarot cards, and I have be so impatient and such a naughty good girl waiting for the Big Reveal that I just can't stand it any longer!

So here were the cards I drew with Mom on Tuesday...

(I swear that kitty is still staring RIGHT at me!)

I picked card number 2... c'mon mom... turn 'em over... you know I can't wait any longer (and that I don't have thumbs or I would have done it already myself....)


Oooooo.... these are some interesting cards.... each one represents a different mind set or situation. Purrhaps it describes you or another kitty (or purrson) in your life... hmmm.... lets see...

Card 1 is the Knave of Swords. Most Tarot decks call this face card a "Page" for all you Tarot fans out there.  The Knave is often representing a young purrson, a purrson who may be somewhat unskilled or immature (like my brothers) or someone who new to, or learning about something.  And Swords?  Well the Sword cards are all about the mental, internal conflict and change.  What I think this card represents is trying to figure things out. You know, like you know your Mom left out some chick-hen on the counter and you've got to figure out how you're gonna get up there and get it and sneak off without her knowing (hey, no wonder that Knave looks like my brother Harry, that's his style!).  Or maybe it's like when my dad is trying to figure out how he's gonna fix somebody's phones that are broken, or how my mom is gonna figure out what she's gonna be when she grows up (hee, hee).  This card symbolizes that this learning is going on inside your head and it might even be making you a little crazy, so if it is, take a step back and put your learning into the physical world and things may smooth out a bit.

Card 2 is about a different kind of knowingness all together.  This beautiful House Panther-ess is the High Priestess, and she is all about intuition and deep soul level understanding. She sees beyond the realms of the mundane world and is tapped into things on a much deeper level.  Where the Knave of Swords will set his mind to work to figure things out, this kitty - she knows.  This card can indicate that it may be a time to trust your inner knowing, for us girls our "womanly intuition" or for you mancats you might say your "gut" instincts, even if the outside world doesn't make things so obvious.  Look within, you already have the answers you are looking for - like how I already know if I sit by the backdoor, even if I put on my best girl face that Daddy will still tell me I can't go outside...and that it IS for my own good.  (Just because I know it, doesn't mean I like it.)

Card 3 also seems to remind me of my brothers, it's The Fool.  Just kidding boys, but it's kinda neat how this card can really be another kind of mindset too.  The Fool is clueless. And I mean that in the nicest way!  Yes, mom, maybe innocent is a better word, but clueless is accurate.  The Fool just goes about doing what he is doing without a real plan, maybe somewhat aimlessly, certainly with out focus, and while we don't always have to have it all figured out, certainly stepping into situations without some care can wind us up in trouble sometimes (gulp, I wonder how steep that cliff is...)  The Fool doesn't tell us not to dream or not to reach for what we want, but it suggests that maybe some care should be taken, a bit of planning or forethought might do us some good or like when my brother Dexter thought he'd go exploring the closet the other day he might shoulda let someone know he was heading in there and he wouldn't have got trapped in there for a whole hour before Mom let him out (see, clueless).

So think about the card you chose. What does it mean to you?  I hope it gets you thinking in whatever way you need to for the best outcome!

Come see us again next Tuesday, I think it's Tipp's turn, and he has another pawesome deck, his purrsonal favorite to share a card from.  Bye for now!  ~ Willow


  1. I got the fool- not surprising. Funny thing, Stinky got trapped in our closet yesterday. I love this pick a card, I hope you do it again.

  2. I got the Fool... it must be referring to Boodie...

  3. I got the High Priestess. My mum is always telling me I think I know everything.

  4. We picked card #2...and Ernie says picking the house panther was appropriate.

  5. Wes picked #2 - The High Priestess. Funny, that is always the first card Mommy gets with a new deck and the most common card she gets as signidicator!
    PS wes LOVES what's yous guys been doing!

  6. Thanks for the info. I chose 2 and it does resonate with me!

  7. We chose card 3, which is purrfect for our sweet Zoe. She is so happy-go-lucky, always exploring and going about her life without a plan. :)

  8. We do our tarot on Instagram. I'm the Queen of Wands or High Priestess depending on the situation. How about having a card or theme of the week?

  9. We love the "kitty" tarot cards!


  10. We think card 3 is like Lucy and card 2 is more like Hannah!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. We like these cards! Our mom picked card 1 and that definitely fits her today!


Mrrrrrrrowwwww, kitty likes to know what you're thinking!

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