December 25, 2015

Reflections at Christmas

We have been pretty absent from the blogosphere this year, but as we see holiday greetings from our furry friends, we can't help but reflect on the joy being a (albeit infrequent) part of the "cat blogging family" means to us.  We still visit all of you when we can, we don't always have time for comments, but we do try to peak in, cause, well, we love and miss you.

So even though you may not see us much, know that we are still here, still well, and still cherishing the friends we have made as a part of this pawesome community.

We're pretty sure Dexter is reflecting mostly on a certain ginger princess, but we couldn't help but think that his wistful and contented look kinda sums up how we are feeling tonight.

However you celebrate, we wish you joy, peace, merriment, good noms, headbonks and mostly all our purrs and big, big loves....

Your pals at Cherry City Kitties... Harry, Dexter, Tipp and Willow , Mom Carolyn and Dad Mark.

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